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  1. Torumba

    Ok so, i'm a gamer, and love killing rbs just for fun,i know its a bit silly but when i kill a rare rb, i feel happyness :D, this rb its useless on drop but i want to kill it at least 1 time this rb will make me happy when i kill it, cause i failed to many times :D, my last time was make 40% hp, some1 tell me how to kill this rb, was search video, but only ru lang video was find. Some1 help me how should i kill, cant understand this rb tactic, vs normal and transform, in transform wasnt make any damage or to low, and the poison, make the tactic worse
  2. not really free, 440x5m will need so around 2.2b you still need
  3. you guys fixing to much thing, when ncsoft fix business model? normal player who cant pay 50k dollar, just losing time for try make adena, you guys del all profit maker quest and rb drops, i'm ok for making adena, but starter get bored and quit after 1 week. and not because of bots, because of your changes. realize it already. you smart enough to realize it. Just 1 that started do, zaken, you guyst remove vesper drop, what next? ge on oly quest?
  4. What you mean player abuse? you mean ncwest abuse, not player, 1 normal player in 1 hour farm, can make 100m a day, and this is only 1 toon, on that quest. 1 more thing, i see adena seller toon ages ago on town, there is not much rmt player on naia, really rare now, you can stop saying bot, only macro players who farm brooch jewel for get 440 insane number of powder. ncsoft cause this problem and now force all player to pay more, to get brilliant brooch. at least try to modify the cost number, 1 slot not worth lv5 brooch jewel price. max +2 radiant brooch price.
  5. 15th Anniversary Reward Items deletion

    i think i have some event freya, but wasnt get it on this event, still delete it?
  6. wrong Oly and COC can make profit IF he have 2 toon, that in 1 week its 40m, with a little time he can make more oly toon, so can make 100m a week, with 5 toon around 2 hour need to get noblesse toon,
  7. Alligator/Tanor boss exploit

    he was talk to me and yes those box give eternal parts and bloody and dark armor stones, need around 35 box. and all boss spawn fixed time, 2 hour after killed, in low work if you know the right spawn time, you pick 33 on tanor each 2 hour. right now i cant farm it, zzzw all time pk me, and every1 else on farm in near chieftain on tanor and on alligator Swamp Tribe. just wondering max and dh why not farm this bosses :D, zzzw farm it like 20 hour a day, wondering when he work on rl
  8. Server Status Where?

    @Hime @Juji not even reply?
  9. Server Status Where?

    then we need a official server status. in past was 1 on website. @Hime @Juji Plz make a Server Status on website. we need 1!
  10. Server Status Where?

    Before you write a smart post, Laby + Kaifas its dead Is there other website?
  11. NCLauncher 2

    so happy for 1 client was logged and launcher not delete any files after install so lucky
  12. Adventurer guild bug compensation

    easy, lvl your main, and keep dual on 99.
  13. Alligator/Tanor boss exploit

    make billions why not pick the box? you can do it, max who kill it, will pk you.
  14. Elven Village 300% EXP

    you guys wrong, i mean, my othell exp on tanor canyon, and its easy to farm there, no immune no resist at all, and 1 mob give 4b exp, the point i type this message, you can auto macro this spot with pt, so what you guys say, its not true, they just make safe area for low geared toons.
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    just great, no message for false message for maintenance, at least i was use 1 w chat for message every1 for no maintenance, but now, who log out, cant log back Juji I feel every1 want to see you on fi after maintenance