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  1. i live in eu, right now 21:32 so in 5 hour, its 03:30 am Almost all naia gamer will be have 3-5am when server up
  2. i like your communication bro, half of of the gamer probable was on instance or in time zone and pff 5 min before maintenance get the message New record bro
  3. To be honest, i dont understand you NCWEST, i mean you said in this thread, fixing bugs, but you wasnt meantioned the enchant rate neft, Can be SUED NCWEST cause wasnt write this! Paying real money, and you guys change the mechaninc without say it, THiS IS FRAUD CHEATING
  4. bro, this is not the first time, juji not check changes he cant learn it.
  5. really? you have a secret test server, why you wasnt test it? why you surprise just now? your job its to check the change its ok or not, to leave a clan, its just 2 click. you failed in basic action.
  6. @Juji @Hime You guys forget to say, why you remove the Greedy Treasure Chest, what problem have?
  7. still need proof for this bug?
  8. nothing at all you will not see 100 bot train in aden in each 10 min. its really nothing, dont mind me ok?
  9. its not obviosly for you? go check ah for lv5 jewels, the first min after thread opened, all lv5 jewel selled or canceled, who was buy it want to make huge adena profit, this action almost all time its rmt action you will see, price already up, next action will be sell bot agressivle messaging for selling adena
  10. guys prepare yourself, the lag not over, trust me about this, now the next log wave come, who have the jewel will sell it on higher price and log huge among rmt bot in all town for selling adena. nothing will change , and ncwest know it, they test chronos and naia will next :D, you not surprise why only chronos allowed to create character, cause of this , its part of the plan.
  11. 1 question you guys replace all hardware? or still have something that old?
  12. because rmt keep items in high price, for all idiot buy a lot adena and they make hugh among money where is the fair in here? tell me? hm? keep game live? where? they just greedy. Naia die cause all price its high, because all item you need its rmt control
  13. sure sure and pig fly to the moon, go core and check prices there, rmt increase cost on pixel, its not keep live the server, more like killing it.
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