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  1. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    what i think, if i type it here, i get perm ban for sure even if i pm juji with it, still get banned forever 1000% sure Just 1 think i say @Juji Leave ncwest, you are the only 1 who keep this game live, sace was do the right thing in past, you smart enough to realize, there is no fun on this game anymore, no fun quest, no fun instance, only pay to win, try to remember how much quest was when you was join lineage 2, and instance. and rb in low lvl. now only insane geared player can go normal instance no1 else. if you not leave soon, you will not find a better game job, why? cause you choice money instead of players base.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

    at least you guys test it before install it in current game
  3. Redlibra Event

  4. you can see all quest they remove, check it. for example all faction quest will be removed, like the 1 daily need to kill 100 mob on ev and give you 1 elcyum powder check the remove list on pn
  5. @Juji 1 Question: i have a loot baylor entrance passes, after update still can use it? and reset the instance?
  6. questions

    1 so on othell if i increase skill power like 1% i see 2% damage on skill, so this is the most way to increase skill damage, 2nd place its skill critical damage, 1% skill crit damage its 1% skill damage i see, and last 3% patk increase, its 1% damage on skill, so if i have br, i see 30% more damage on all skill, the question, was this increase i tell you, its same on yull as well? or on yull have diff result? like 1% skill power = 2% damage on yull skill 1% patk= 1% more damage on yull damage skill, i want to know which type of increase make the most damage or 2nd one and 3rd one. 3. on damage skill i need to enchant break, what else i need to enchant not on damage skill. 4. i dont know to be honest will reach 105 in no time for sure i want to farm on stronghold 1 and other drop spot.
  7. Rune Stones

    i know what will happens rune stone farmer will kill a lot balok tiat istina and ekimus easiest 1 its balok and istina
  8. right now yes, after update, can be changed to 3.
  9. last question @Juji you show we need 85 circlet scroll to make 1 radiant circlet upgrade stone, but you forget to show how much stone we need to make 1 radiant circlet, need 3 stone?
  10. so what i see right now on mentor guide npc to exchange mentee mark, will be same after update? ah ok @Juji Can you make a screenshot for what we can get on mentee marks?
  11. its pve weap, there is no holy resist mob on field, be happy with it.
  12. how about bloody weapon r99-r110? stay in same cost?
  13. i think was mean to exchange scroll to noble upgrade circle stone, 6 enchant scroll = 1 stone
  14. questions

    to many questions
  15. questions

    So i thinking to change my Dual Titan (101) to Spoiler or GS, atm i think GS better option. But Before i change it, i have some questions 1. i know on othell the damage increase its like this, 1% skill power = +2% damage on skills, 1% skill crit damage = 1% damage on skill, and 3% patk its 1% damage on skill on yull its same amough increase on skill damage? 2. what balance i should do between dex and str? or what dex should i reach and then start increase str? 3. i see i need break enchant on skill, what else should i enchant? 4. if i have around 30b, what weap is the best to buy? r99 or r110? PVE YULL