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  1. Remove Wizard and Warrior Harmony

    just 1 more thing, With same gear i have i make nice damage agains on healer, mostly i make 20% hp but then i need to wait like 4 sec, this 4 sec, healer will gain back his/her HP+Cp, and my boost skills, stay like 15 sec, if the healer keep my damage like 20 sec, will won the match. How about you? you have chance to beat same geared Healer Feoh Sayha? Just think Healer have 2 cele panic heal that heal back so fast you cant keep same damage, so with criers harmony, at least your cd its lowered. My Stab have 3 sec reuse heart to, stun have 5 sec reuse same for bluff, if i get wizard harmony, i lose like 30% damage. So your mesaage have no sense. 1 more thing, was watch match between llllllllulllll "Othell" with top gear + stage 2 dragon weap vs DH Iss the iss was have less gear then this top othell, and the iss won the match by damage. So can you stop crying othell damage? othell not the top on oly at all. healer iss sayha feoh is, with same gear.
  2. Remove Wizard and Warrior Harmony

    You also need that little boost you can use all your skill fast like your stun and jump attack and armor destruction :), so all Physical Class can benifit it. not just othell and yull. Just think about feoh and sayha, they have better cd cause of Wizard Harmony.
  3. Remove Wizard and Warrior Harmony

    Remove the old boring Wizard and Warrior Harmony and add criers harmony on oly buff npc
  4. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    that was i pointing, read my full message again, there was no damage increase, i create this topik for every1 realize, dex its not good for othell.

    you can create 10 or more and with virtual pc you can log more if you want, no ban.

    you think there is bots here? nah who was use 3rd prog before now they use auto ingame macro.
  7. Prophet + DC

    My Pom Iss its 101 and DC 99 What skill setup would be perfect for both? on ap and on dual and revelation skill What i have right now Ap Dc:lv3 HP + Attribute lv1 Pdef lv2 Heavy + Light lv4 HP on Heavy Prophet same + CD Dual Skills Lv1 Condition + Defense + CD Revelation skill Undying Will + Disparition But i feel Dual Skill its not good, and thinking to change to Light of Protection + CD So what is the best for my Box Iss.
  8. Giveaway 20b

    ah nice giveaway IF you still log on your account, pm me ingame, i'm a collector, if some1 quit gaming, i mostly ask him/her to give me 1 item that want to keep safely to some1, i keep it forever ever till game closed When i was start playing here "Teon" was pay a karmian set and homu for my sts still have it even my moirai set so again if you want to keep something drop me a pm ingame.
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    how much time this herb have?
  10. [News] Golden Compass Event

    the problem isnt the strong mob, every1 can prevent it, the problem, is the rb spawn mobs to fast and rb spawn time its not on stage, like on kartia, why not spawn rb on stage 3 and stage 5? with my gear i can reach stage 7 till rb spawn, and 16 on next rb. for me easy, i just use fake death to lose agro on group mobs, Who not have target cancel use bsoe easy But rb spawn mob each min, that to fast, low geared toons cant kill all till next come.
  11. Items that grains 0% EXP gains

    to collect drops?
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    i dont know i success 3 time to stage 17 and always was get 40 mark.
  13. [News] Golden Compass Event

    you think that enough? nah even if i have bloody set, still die on mage mobs.on last rb. there is no aoe on othell that i can use again group mobs. as i said 1 mob 4 sec, so to kill 5 mob that 20 sec, even top gear cant stay so long i know i have fake death but still 1 mob its 4 sec.
  14. [News] Golden Compass Event

    wish my stab have less cooldown like 2 sec, almost failed on 2nd run, was like 50 min long, this 5 sec cd ruin my damage. its not easy to be a othell on aoe instance like this. My tactic its chase + bluff stab and run and hope i not die. I have ok damage to all mob but because to many mobs i cant do nothing till i clean it up. Juji can you ask dev team for do this instance with a gh? with bloody gear?
  15. XIGNCODE3 Launch

    can you tell me how many account got banned? till now thx to this awesome program? on live game?