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  1. so no more 7 day drop rune, but 1 hour stay? and with same price? how about 30 day drop rune? will added? i mean alone to purchase it
  2. good idea automacro pk problem solve if ncwest add this. + if they add 1 day cd on rep point removal scroll will be perfect hm can solve that problem to, just add + cd on rep removal scroll, like 1 day cd.
  3. Enchanting Elemental Shirts

    Oo safe to what? normal broke after +3. blessed not broke just go back to 0
  4. Herphah Quest

    but the minimum lvl stay as where now?
  5. Herphah Quest

    Just want to know, this quest on this npc, will keep all the reward after update? or some will be removed?
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    so if we get same rates like on korean server, then all will be good thx for the fast message
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    1 question, this Event was on korean server as well? before fufarion update? I mean the Beleth’s Forgotten Spellbook
  8. Immortal scrolls

    atm there is no +21 sry bro, i know cause i have 1 skill on +20 and no option to make +21
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    no worries bro, only scroll you can get, no skill at all juji was make miracle not add skill juji with you
  10. Immortal scrolls

    Better if you ask Event that give this, or add it to NCStore More chance for you this way. Btw i think they cant change item that way you ask. max they make a tradable version only, but the current scroll they cant change to tradable
  11. Cant login xingcode error 0190266

    try support team more help there, if no info on net, then only support team can help.
  12. I have Problem?

    what IP Address or Host Name i need to add there?
  13. I have Problem?

    4 5 min delay? really? cant be, i was check my CPU Load, and all time was around 25% CPU Load only, so no problem there. Always Like this, if i do something i have 25% CPU Load, right now to, and have no lag at all.
  14. I have Problem?

    who said i play on classic? no i play on Naia Why i say Classic server on my first post? cause naia always on low trafic, so its not on naia for sure,
  15. I have Problem?

    Ok So. 2 week ago after Maintenance:All classic Server was on High Trafic, was experience 3 4 5 min delay lag in 17-22 PM GMT1 time zone 1 week ago after Maintenance:All classic server was on High Trafic, was experience 2 second random lags in 19-22 PM GMT 1 Time Zone Today after Maintenance:All Server was light except Giran was Medium Traffic: Was experience 5 6 min delay lag and dc like 5 time on between 19-22 PM GMT 1 Time Zone Was check my Ping on speedtest website between texas and me, was 200 ping, i dont think 200 ping make so bad lag, download and upload was max I cant see cry for lag and dc on forum so i feel only i have so bad delay on naia. i mean i start attack a mob and 5 min later see its died, if i use a skill, 5 6 min later see on dispay for i using it.