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  1. interesting 4 min ago was opened this thread but Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
  2. if you want something for free, work harder, with your own hand, go resell item, buy it in cheap price and sell it higher.
  3. Beware of Death cause he can lick your ass https://i.imgur.com/uy7ZM3V.jpg
  4. guys stop crying for more exp boost, when they not act fast on lags, you cry, now they act fast, cry more! really? be happy for they try remove lag as fast as they can.
  5. @Juji Plz dont make other maintenance today or wait when all wake like 9 hour later In EU right now 00:01 am
  6. ? i can still toggle abundance, can you light me up for what you rolled back?
  7. @Juji you said server reroll it back to before maintenance, i still see Abu can be toggle it.
  8. why so late maintenance? all eu player already sleep, max rus player still wake What you guys give for compensate for the player who sleeping already? and when they wake up will see queue on login ><
  9. @Hime @Juji When you guys add pk drop? we wait so much for this, why take so much time to fix the problem/s?
  10. if you mean you damage monster in front with stab, yes no damage in front. Heart Shadow Chase <---- Then Stab.
  11. you make my day better, who said pro pve noob cant make funny post on forum you try to be negative to my count nice try noob. Now go back to naia and kill some field rb and forget forum
  12. i know only 4 pk chars m0le coldweapon nun and last fastbak , mosty he try to pk me with Coldweapon and fastbak, but low chance to pk me, so he bring the top yull and 1 shot me. But you right
  13. so many shy player really? +1 on list Nephilim clan Come on guys, post if you have problem with cl0ud
  14. I just wondering i'm the only enemy for this clan or there is other clan who he pk daily i know some clan that have problem with this guy on naia like TNT and RoninsfromPS but who else he hunt for pking or try accepting wars Post your clan below :), if you have question, just pm me dont spam on this thread thank you!
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