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  1. lv3 440 lv4 +50 lv5 +100 so yes 590 1 gemstone powder its around 110m, so fully its 65b adena , and you have a tradable brooch
  2. And the worst part they not add the free greater jewel option on west, probable they say its because its usa business model. Nop its not, the usa business model more like sell everything cheaper so inv more costumers, so the profit go higher, that the real usa business model, not what ncwest do.
  3. Dual class Rogue

    ah ok, now try pm fataldeath"Titan" and me on naia, and ask both of us how fast we kill mob on field, he will say more time then me, and he have better gear then me.
  4. What is the most op class?

    bro you forget MasterCard
  5. Dual class Rogue

    i dont know which dimension you play,or in illegal server, but on official, with same geared classes, othell its on top 2 minimum, stop trolling on othell section, you dont know anything about othell at all. Evisch? really? just use hide with sm on, and you kill it faster then you say 10 word. tyrr? dream on, if you spawn chase, he not even damage you.
  6. [REQUEST] Istina's-Octavi's-Tauti's BOTTLES available

    Oh was wrong, only can change the stat type, like str to int or dex to wit. cant make the +4 or +3 without bottle sry
  7. [REQUEST] Istina's-Octavi's-Tauti's BOTTLES available

    hunters >>>> black cat you can make the +4 stat bracelet with rb point, on this npc.
  8. [REQUEST] Istina's-Octavi's-Tauti's BOTTLES available

    really? i'm the only 1 who know, you can get this bracelet with rb point? really?
  9. Yul Range

    all skill range nerfed even exalted exp buff, and my grim reaper possession
  10. show me, i have a tank on 102 and i see description on lv5 passive https://ibb.co/gDbtGN5
  11. you mean server upgrade? try not to increase client to 7 client plz, go with 4 or 5, just increaee by 1 or max 2, if all good go higher client limit, if you guys see all ok.
  12. calm down bro, korean business manager its a genius, and they finaly realize if they lower prices for games, player will pay more, but in usa, still on the proccess to realize this, just take time, i hope 1 day the west business manager get the point, for cheap payment make more money for the company, more player come back and start paying real cash.
  13. New Exalted quest information

    so hard to check patch note? same npc and this 1st Exalted Exalted, One Who Faces the Limit Lv. 100+ Main quest Reach Lv. 101 and collect 40,000 Proof of Disposal 2nd Exalted Exalted, One Who Overcomes the Limit Lv. 101+ Main quest Reach Lv. 102 and collect 40,000 Proof of Resistance 3rd Exalted Exalted, One Who Shatters the Limit Lv. 102+ Main quest Reach Lv. 103 and collect 40,000 Proof of Preparation 4th Exalted Exalted, Reaching Another Level Lv. 103+ Main quest Reach Lv. 105 and collect 80,000 Proof of Reputation 5th Exalted Exalted, Force Bringer Lv. 105+ Main quest Reach Lv. 107 and collect 80,000 Proof of Pride 6th Exalted Exalted, Master of the New Power Lv. 107+ Main quest Reach Lv. 110 and collect 160,000 Proof of Strength
  14. Othell GH - Poison Swarm

    i dont know what you try to saying, but you know what, if you play on naia, come to silent valley, i'm on near port spot, you will see how to play your othell.