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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    all ok on my launcher now, not stuck on loading screen or get a isp error. and find out, i wasnt the only hungary gamer who was have same problem, was a ban on hungary ips?
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    i have a launcher problem as well, i stuck on loading screen on launcher, or get a ISP error and i live on hungary.
  3. you dont know how this list system work? check player in 1 time, each day in reset time only, its not active all time
  4. LOL Vs L2

    different server less money
  5. really? i do my own atlas mentee in 1 account, can you lower your calculation? i just dell 2 character on 1 old acount, so no new account here, just dell 2 toon in 2 account 1 on main and 1 on iss, main account was make a yull and in iss account a new iss, that it, stop your nonesense no need new account, just 2 free slot on account, 1 its active and 1 for wait deletion. on the same account.
  6. Don't Fish anymore

    i dont know you are genius or just fooled, let me explain. 3 reason i can come up with your post 1. you try to lower fishing player with a lie fact, to elcyum powder price go up 2. your friend have your items, and want to keep it, so he/she lie to you for keep it 3. he lie cause who fishing only for 3 hour a day? he/she can stay online all day long without problem, so why just 3 hour? because exp with other toons on that account with third program. i vote 3rd
  7. L2 remastered beta release date?

    Forever and +1 day
  8. Spoilers comprehensive guide to making adena!

    you not a true rogue, i fight for my strong, not give up and move to better class, cause its better. Look your heart, no1 give you 1.
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    guys i'm so happy, you make this move, only the first 100 player can log in game, its genius bravo guys bravo keep it up forthe good work dont fix this plz all exp spot its free even coal mine, thank you guys
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    so your guess its 3 hour if ncwest was buy a better server, and they need to install it, then it will be not 3 hour maintenance
  11. Items Removal

    i think he mean, in inventory, remove all item that was get with daily coin? not on npc, on inventory
  12. Aden Treasure Chest x100 Test

    tevas you sure how all gear, and open all box and get nothing, seems you out of luck, try to stop open box chest for 2 mont, maybe your luck come back
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    1 question why we get Circlet of power, if we can get scroll by free? what the point?
  14. vit rune question

    was reach 95 and get the vit rune on that lvl but not worth it, after 94 vit ended, so the exp was slow to slow, i guess i get vit rune on 90 then i awaken it. probable 2 3 day will be enough to reach 105, if i find a good time to do coal i feel. not worth waiting 99 for sure.
  15. vit rune question

    he know me, he never troll me or will gonna be hurt he know me :D, seems i have to test it out, if mixa right, will not search him