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  1. that was funny, was enter to kama after message and finish it in 30 sec message
  2. About karma (PK), changes are essential.

    better if gained exp not decrease karma we have so many solution to remove karma, have scroll + exp and losing exp as well.
  3. i dont want to say this, cause i love cry messages to read, but on naia player cry to much for your buff, except me, so if you can, satisfied your loves on naia plz to make people happy
  4. why you guys forget to meantioned it on this thread?
  5. request party invitation

    No no, i meant reverse you not in pt and you click the inv and the pl can accept it.
  6. Lag.....is back!

    just move the character when you see the lag and will end

    nice solution you guys make, look naia world chat messages even heros crying there they lose potions
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    i hope you guys have backup plan if the lag come back
  9. you player here since 2005? really? and you missed the most contract in 5 years ago? really? go back to your cage
  10. just 1 question, why not remove the waiting list? better confirmation
  11. Find Store Action button

    Its a really good ingame feature, but not really a search engine, would be awesome if search inside store not just in title
  12. Ability Skills

    Was talk to juji about this 5 min ago on FI and wanted to post it to here to We have a new harm, that give all old type harm together in 1, so the suggestion i think now, why we have 3 type on here? why not make just 1 type that give all i know its hard to make this so many available skill on ap but i feel can make it. @Juji can you send my suggestion to dev team? maybe they make this change will be awesome if we get just 1 tree instead of 3
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    i wondering, can i sue ncwest for put server commercial on waiting list? its ok for make queue list, but to put commercial there is not allowed right?