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  1. What about the Bug on Castle Owner in Aden in Chronos?
  2. then check the link to see its stack or not
  3. still cant believe this but thx for ruin my thread completely one of my friend was give me wrong info about blessed anthy and normal anthy its stack. Anyway i'm really sry who was start to make this setup, really cant believe for i was wrong, why its not work? in creation ring and rulers ring its stack. ok case close
  4. new rookie on live section did you see in banner LIVE and Classic? Click Classic.
  5. in my next 3 lvl i will learn Magician's Elemental Shot +40 Attack attribute its good
  6. This is my Current AP Skill on 110 if you focus on damaging, this is the best, if you want to learn Blessing then dont learn Binding Attack
  7. new guide its on the way but the current you can use it, its not a big change on game mechanic, only new item and other thing its new you can use ability Point Skill, its same like before. Just need to prove some infos before i post new thread, like Dlessed Atlas and normal +12 Atlas its stack for example. I know its true, but i want to proov if with pic
  8. I see only Problems in all Thread in here mine its not so you can like my post Ok so Blessed Atlas its stack with +12 Atlas make your day better now? if you are normal damage class like tyrr or evisc, go make blessed and then +12 atlas for +5% more Crit damage or if no lind earring, try make this earring set its cheaper and if you othell, be happy +10% more crit damage on skills what you waiting? just need 1.3m mentee mark and 120 Hero Coin
  9. thx for react to my post, but keep your idea to yourself! Not Like idiots who make profit for a 1 min work, but soon they have to lower price for all lv5 jewel, r they stuck with huge amough lv5 jewel that no1 buy. Anyway keep your idea to yourself.
  10. I talk the Exe Live Stream that afri link yesterday. and you heard the beep sound at 1:45:28 https://youtu.be/u0h5FzKSerU?t=6330 <--- Healer Target Melody Error Sound on 1:45:28
  11. Every1 know me, for i dislike Cheaters, but i have to guard Exe for you guys being mark him as a cheater. He not cheat this time, he was legit with the warning sound, its totally legit sound was, so what he was did its like this. He was move a Mentee Healer on chest spot, start a macro that target Greedy Treasure Chest, and in next macro line was add Healer Melody that all he did, the sound you heard was the Error sound for melody cant give it to Monster.
  12. i believe if you show me pic Who cant upload a pic to prove it? show me a pic for you have the blessed atlas and open this ls
  13. it say can augment it, are you sure you use the right life stone? maybe need diff 1 You was check with all LF like aria? and other like the 1 that you need on r110 armor.
  14. @Juji What you talking? Shouts also? its created with Soul and Spirit Ore, so now every1 need to craft Shots? Oo
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