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  1. i mean look in are side every1 can pk any1 in anytime, i know my suggestion kind of bad for war perspective, but to be honest, no1 give a for war, this type of reqeust, i think can suit for this game, free time and then killing time, when every in pc or you know when player mostly active and can do something about game teritory siege comming , its a good idea, to have a time when we can release stress and kill who attack be D, or enemy who not like, for example, why you guys not add free siege when cursed weap on? i think that the right time. or similar time
  2. Ok so its really patethic for the current game mechanic so i think a new way to prove game play better So the concept its like on gainak, why you guys not change the whole field like this? peace zone everywhere and in time, we have allowed to kill any1 like in gainak. and with this will be no pk anymore, just pvp. and no exp lose in pvp anymore, just like in gainak or siege or like in fortress. think about it guys
  3. @Juji why no npc in all town that tp player to giran near libra npc?
  4. i'm a bit confused. some1 said if i use Stone of Destiny and choice same class, all skill enchant will stay that is same in the choiced class. @Jujiis that true?
  5. you mean naia merge to chronos so 1 its closure
  6. everything 1 week? something big come 1 week later i feel :D
  7. its obviously he/she is Race 1 His/Her name doomcaster and its a yull about to pk a random noob pt Naia Kissmyknife thx for the 5b.
  8. in before ls upgrade, when i was used top grade stone, i was get maxed stat on augmentation, dev team probable forget this 1.
  9. Welcome to the rabbit hole I wondering, how much your post limit in a day 3?
  10. kidding me? i leave pc like 10 min. when i back my main dd standing and auto hunting was on, and in option all my account was have pc setting on next target, did you check right time? right now my time its 4:21 am, and the change was at 12:10 pm yesterday raw calculation its 15 hour and 50 min
  11. @Hime @Juji Can you guys tell me what you was do yesterday? all my logged toon at 12 pm, change next target option from Monster to PC, what you guys doing? all my toons died, im probable not the only 1 who experience this unfair gm action, at least say sorry.
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