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  1. Winterfell

    i know only 4 pk chars m0le coldweapon nun and last fastbak , mosty he try to pk me with Coldweapon and fastbak, but low chance to pk me, so he bring the top yull and 1 shot me. But you right
  2. Winterfell

    so many shy player really? +1 on list Nephilim clan Come on guys, post if you have problem with cl0ud
  3. Winterfell

    I just wondering i'm the only enemy for this clan or there is other clan who he pk daily i know some clan that have problem with this guy on naia like TNT and RoninsfromPS but who else he hunt for pking or try accepting wars Post your clan below :), if you have question, just pm me dont spam on this thread thank you!
  4. Windows Crash

  5. Windows Crash

    cant read? i said Blackscreen, not disconnect,
  6. Windows Crash

    I was go to sleep, and was check the game back, and my monitor was no see singal on pc, i try everything, but nothing happened, so i reset pc, and everything was ok, then i check my box for when i was leave game, was 2 hour ago, the client just crash my windows, i'm the only 1 who experience this? if i was have power down, then my pc its turned off completely, but was turned on, just was no windows.

    those mobs not agro now? try Tanor or FOM
  8. Website Log in is not working

    delete all cookie and try again
  9. I just realize it, was no libra before update, so it means, we get libra in update
  10. oh thanks 1 question, the patch note you post, can be changed? like remove something, or just add more infos?
  11. wrong, i see a bit slow on my othell skills, soo can be good
  12. maybe its tradeable lets wait
  13. skill power for othell and yull. learn gaming Patk for Evisch and Tyrrs
  14. Almost 1 month passed, the thread have 4203 view, 1 Forum member love your post, 3 laugh at your post and 8 thanks your post "by sarcasm or truefully" i think was sarcasm. and 4191 member not like your thread at all, or ignore your post cause already disapoint about NC West, or ether way, i just want to point this out, not even 1% was vote to this thread, think about this update, you are a smart guy, make a new thread with pole, for players, you respect them right? so make a pole thread for this pk update, to see the better picture, for who like it or not.
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    dont tell this to any top geared player They will get only Fragment. nothing else, in mid section, probable you get other reward then fragment