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  1. Afk macro, and dropped items from pk

    Speak here a victim of forced pk The NC does not know how to fix this Bug that other players force you to give PK and also do not know how to evaluate if you are a victim or a stalionatario, this is fact! I propose that the NC give a considerable amount in adena to the player who teaches them how a forced PK is done, After testing, prove that the BUG is real and that the NC can work on a fix, the reward is given to the player without reimbursing him for knowing the process. Thanks NC for fixing the SS bug
  2. PK BUG BACK...

    a lot people its saying the same, I even noticed a suspicious player on HB, summoner low lvl (85+) attacking me, but no effect due to items and buffs
  3. doubt about Sharing Equipment

    a doubt the skill "Sharing Equipment" when used, does it change the status of the pet? so if it shares the status of your set with the pet, it should receive more p.atack due to the STR of the set, plus P.Def, critical and etc ... however when I use this Skill, nothing changes.
  4. P.attack boost

    that is a good question @dvpKAKdcp I did a test about 3 weeks before the orfen update I was "elemental" 102 and switched to "spectral" I realized a gain of 700 - 1k more in the critical with the "spectral" (without skill burst, br, savave), normal critical in the boss of K99 many say that the elemental is the best, but honestly I do not know what to say
  5. Etina's Fate Known Issues - October 2, 2018

    @Conguero I think this is the summoner problem, the lack of damage comes from not being able to use that buff. Look, the Blessing of Giants buff is acquired from the 4th job, it is not the 3rd job so that Iss buffs will replace it, at level 99 you upgrade to level 4 In my opinion this Buff should work
  6. Security vulnerability in XIGNCODE3

    great... @Conguero dude, if you allow me to comment on the issue of bot ... if this XIGNCODE3 is no longer reliable, not the arm to twist ... Can not you put the same of the European servers? I heard good comments about this anti-cheat. Something you can do to ease the situation is to remove all the benefits you get from Mentee's Mark, the bot is favoring those takers who are ultimately involved. Disable these items from Mentee's Mark
  7. Hello this is my doubt do I change my main from doomcryer to dominator with the chaos essence item?
  8. Nova wins Aden 4/15/2018

    nice Siege... congratulations to all
  9. I can not believe they took me away from the place, unless the guy bothered to put me in the same place again ... (because I was where I left off) I just did the test, I went in a clean area around girian and I activated the macro I put the other char to hit and the main one did not catch the target of the flag (I was about three minutes beating) some feat / failure the staff discovered to achieve this activate the war Well, I hope you're right and tomorrow is corrected ... in any case the registration is for the NC to test
  10. Hello Guys! my question is, how do I start a WAR with macro and next target monster? I use that macro: /targetnext /summonattack /delay 2 in gameplay system options i`ve checked next target: monster I logged another account and flagged my char with macro, several times I hit the macro and it did not catch the flagged target, how did those others manage to do it? and i dont know how, but i kill today 5 players, making a clan-war
  11. What happened to Eviscerators?

    I have Evicerator lvl 102 weapon bloody +12 2 SA, set light bloody +8, ruby lvl 3, cloak PVE +7, red cat lvl 2, full buff 65k of p. atak, average damage in kamaloka 99, 1k - 2k critical with only cloak on, and I am thinking that my damage is not in accordance with the current equipment and levels, what u say guys?
  12. Doomcryer - Weapon Hero Test Results!

    Guys, I'd like your opinion on the weapon. (in dual class) I am doomcryer, with COV ... what is the best weapon, dual tauti or dual enhanced shadow?
  13. WTB Dual enhanced or WTT

    Hello, WTB a dual enhanced shadow or WTT by Retributer ty
  14. How can I improve PVE dmg? I'm wynn 104

    to we know, just take two same weapons, one with element and other without element
  15. How can I improve PVE dmg? I'm wynn 104

    complementing the topic, I have a set Blessed R95 +8 FE. Will it make a good difference if I get a Bloody +8 FE?
  16. No wynn class in discussion?

    my main class is wynn 101 and my dual is iss spectral 99 my iss with the same teams of Wynn (weapon also "retributer") causes a similar damage of the Wynn actually the summoner is a class that was not updated correctly a while ago he was a monster, today he is a poop
  17. Hi, i'm hunting in hellbound with my dual iss spectral lvl 99, when i use Battle Rhapsody Dance, the game say: not enough MP, but i have 2.4k and the skill consume 628. ScreenShot only after a few minutes I was able to use another situation, I'm not sure, but I realized during a kamaloka ... I ask you to test because I do not have healer the resistences (elemental, debuff and mental) of iss are substituted by two buffs of healer (Clarity and Resistence) that is correct?
  18. Battle Rhapsody nerfed?!?!

    its the not same problem but the herbs of power p.attack and m.attack have the same problem... after COC, the buffs who you received dont alterne the status.
  19. NcNeutron LF k99 video (Chronos)

    hahaha nice... i'm on video!! out of Kama99 of course