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  1. Seriously, why don't you guys remove everything from the game, and put it in l2 store? If you have problem with bots, just ban the bots. What about refinary? Isn't it considered as abuse? What about cursed weapons? Isn't it considered as abuse? It looks like anything a player could do to make some profit and buy some decent gear to enjoy this game, turns to be "abuse" for you. Exception ofc is the l2 store, right? Why don't you put a limit on the times someone can enter instances like istina, octavis, balok, tauti, and their epics? You can count what great amount of profit someone can make of these blessed armor scrolls and rune stones, right? Also you can make dragons one time entrance for everyone. And dragons drop way too much things that brings profit to players. All these profits players make of that "abuse" of the game are against l2 store. I don't know, i just dropped here some ideas to increase more your income from the store. Isn't it what you want? Honestly, was that @Conguero idea? 😂

    Try get our of instance, enter again, 1st thing speak to npc, and then start killing. I had the same problem, and that worked.
  3. Anyone get toon(s) teleported to town?

    I don't think that could be reported as a harassment... Cursed weapon should work like this, it's a part of the new update. But let's say that you're gonna make that report, who are you going to report? As long as you don't know the name of the player carrying akamanah/zariche at that time... It could be anyone 😁
  4. Adena payments for services

    Well, that would be nice idea, but i can't see how it could work, as the clans size had been reduced in this update, and lots of people are left without clan. Just saying... 😁
  5. Well... We got new clan advent Skill with boosts depending on your clan level instead. That's something...
  6. In Greece... But i thought to write the date in American format, to avoid any confusion hahahaha
  7. Any news about the patch notes? Isn't it 05/14/2019 today?
  8. Fafurion update!

    WTB patch notes! Pm me 😂
  9. Tip: Common sense, isn't so.... common ;P
  10. There should be at the patch notes, when will be released.
  11. I really do not want to be sarcastic... But i hope we have the fafurion patch notes before the update.
  12. You know, you can be rewarded with a ban for that, right? Harassment ;P
  13. So... Now, what? It is a bug? I'm really confused... https://paste.pics/ad46e4d16aab33c2d929c3d538fab648
  14. The next Target is working as it supposed to be. The auto targeting makes it possible for you to take someone in your Target. For example try hit your toon with another char while you don't have any Target. After a few hits you will have on your Target the one who hits you.
  15. There is not such thing as "proper macro" Eventually every kind of macro gets bypassed, some people learned it the hard way 😁