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  1. Get an archer, make sure you just hit 1500 attack speed Then do BR or quick fire - check your casting speed on AOE skills AFAIK its only relevant for skill casting, not melee hits
  2. Its not related to the skills you use. Attack speed can reach 1999 - its just capped to 1500 in the status window. So generally if you have alot of items/boosts that gives attack speed - adding BR wont do anything as you already reach the 1999 limit without it.
  3. This thread has been nothing but "YULS DONT CRIT AT ALL ANYMORE, I HAVE TO AOE 30 MOBS TO EVEN SEE 1 CRITICAL HIT" - hence my comments. As i've said previously, this "nerf" is not felt by anyone other than lower geared people, top chars are will hitting at 100% crit rate, whilst lower levels will suffer (especially in PVP). But I dont agree, i just showed that a basic char with literally not a single "skill. critical rate" item still has a ~45% chance for critical hits with AOEs, normal hits is much higher. Is this not enough for people? no gear and still hitting 50%? Feoh is capp
  4. As I show in my video, even a 105 yul with basic equipment is able to hit around 50% mark (as I said previously). My main class with all my (basic) items equipped and +20 skills have 85-90% crit rate. // I had 100% crit rate on all skills prior to "nerf" Feel free to check out options > chat channel, you might find that you're able to change the name/type of channels on your message window. Really loss for words, but as said previously, the lot of you that are crying have absolutely 0 idea how this game works or how anything functions.
  5. You're clueless of this game, and this topic. Just for you, I did some more AOEs on a naked characater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn8V0WVi0lc 162 hits total, out of which 71 was critical hits Which equal to around ~45% critical chance. Dont know what else I can say, all of you crying about critical hits being non-existing, please make a video and prove it, oke? Oke, fair enough, stacked people AOEing in hellbound might be an issue but so is stacked tyrrs 1 hitting mobs, or feohs, or even healers Most yuls are laughable at best, and this
  6. Every single exp or pvp party have POM/Victories, wtf are you even saying? You see archers in a spot you like? Get rid of them, easy done deal PK them
  7. Why? POM is always used, or victories (small diff), get out of here Why not say "now go without DEX dyes" while you're at it lol
  8. Cant edit my post up ahead (good, new forum) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI1zU8fL1Lk Cant be arsed to check the amount crit hits on main class, but 80%+ by looks of it 105 dualclass without any charm/agathion or any other items increasing crit rate = 22 hits, 10 of them crit hits aka ~45% Now i want ya'll to do the same, show me your stats, weapon, cloak and dyes - buff POM and go pewpew some mobs in a video. Show me your 5% crit rate or whatever you advocate in this thread
  9. Im just a weak, trash archer - poor me ;( My crit rate nonetheless is 90%. +10 skills, no fancy items. 50% crit rate. wow.
  10. you missed my post of my dualclass archer with +10 skills, still doing 50% crit rate without agathion charm OR artifacts equipped, that dualclass is FYI running lv. 1-2 giant/ancient DEX dyes i bought in AH for 50m total, lol. Learn how to play is my advice to you!
  11. Bud, come to Chronos and I will show you. As i said, basically +7 artfiact, +9 charm, lv. 9 kain, +20 focus. Nothing else, no augment for crit etc. and ofc around 100+ DEX. basic yul stuff.
  12. https://imgur.com/a/OLosdGx Really. those mobs are 6 levels higher than me, and that is 90% critical rate. You're welcome! This is with pretty normal gear. +7 artifact, +9 charm, +20 focus on skill. I also ran a test on my dualclass. Sagitarius with +10 focus and with my charm+agathion UNEQUIPPED I still had 50% (yes 50%) critical chance with my AOE skills.
  13. Holy bleep you guys are 1. Clueless about this game 2. Clueless about archers Also Daikon always sucked as a yul. This nerf is a fail because; In PVE, the chance for a critical hit is almost 100% even with this nerf on AOE skills. Same in PVP with people in "decent gear" It only protects the very top of the server, people running top gear with REDUCED chance of p. skill crit hits, i.e +7 shirt, heaven etc etc. So if the nerf was to balance the game, it failed badly and is now just another thing that will protect the top of the server
  14. Just explaining! not worried. Since iAfum quit i am the last legit.
  15. Aint no secret people are using restoration on their broken items, aslong as this is an intended feature on the support page - regular use cannot be punished, if you're salty you can go right ahead and do the same, im sure you already have. About rings, as Uzume said, the % rates are so high that making a ring straight from +3>+7 w/o any kind of "abuse" can not be considered spectatctular or even difficult, let alone the two +5 rings I've made (from +3) If people are abusing the system to repeat restore the SAME ITEM, they deserve a straight up perm ban.
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