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  1. Siege Time Change (Summer)

    You do realise that the only siege (etc) time change is because of your country using DST, correct? The hours within the game does not change. I suggest you re-locate to a country that does not follow DST.
  2. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    Let us know what they say! : ) Because me connecting straight to texas doesnt give me a much better route, however me connecting to NL does, not that hard to understand if you knew how it worked..
  3. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    You have no idea what leatrix is, what it does and why it might work m You have no idea why people use the tunneling services. Its not fake nor a placebo, it doesn't work for you because you already have a good route, doesn't mean every person have a good route,even if you live in the same city. You cannot be banned by using tunneling services on ncwest, majority of games will not ban you either, why would they? Thousands if not hundreds of thousands use tunneling services with great result. If i use battleping on ncwest or on LoL, i use the same software and servers so idk what you're talking about.
  4. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    Version 1.5.3 here too (as on my screenshot) : )
  5. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    I personally got some kind of automatic update "stopper" on my laptop, so unsure how many security updates and such my laptop have downloaded - if possible (like on Win7) check the automatic updates your PC have done lately (around the time it stopped working..) & uninstall them possibly? Also, version 1809 did some changes to security features, maybe those turned themselves on automatically and those in junction with battleping might cause xigncode to go haywire? * there is no version 1804-1808, went straight from 1803 to 1809. Look through changelog here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/whats-new/whats-new-windows-10-version-1809 and see if you can verify that theyre off?
  6. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    Leatrix have no effect on your ping if you're on a crappy route, its like saying your car will drive faster if you put stripes on it. Yes there are alot of these services around - battleping works GREAT for me, I have NO ISSUES with it, It is more expensive than others but IT WORKS GREAT. You will not be banned by using these services, even if you change the connection location. Im from Sweden by the way and my route to the server is pretty awful, so I connect to the Netherlands (which have a strong route to the game server). Please explain why it works for me, is it because I live on the other side of the world & thus have a bad route? Exactly as I said on my previous post? that people with a bad route can expect good results? Anyway, you're going completely off-topic so you should probably be quiet, especially since you have no clue of what you're talking about. /still laughing about the "leatrix is best just need to configure it"
  7. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    Heres mine : https://i.imgur.com/qaSVmv6.jpg
  8. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    No errors with xigncode at all, I can load all three clients with no issues. Going to load up my laptop (W10) and see if it still works there too, will post an update in the thread shortly. Dont ridicule yourself, im running 300 ms with spikes up to 1s+ without battleping. With battleping, I push my ping down to <100ms & spikes never go higher than 300ms. Its not a placebo effect, i keep a close eye on my ping & it is the same story all the time, i will NOT work for everyone however. A high-sped VPN (like these services) CAN (not WILL) give you a better and faster route to the server, in those cases you WILL receive a better and more stable connection. If you ALREADY HAVE a good route, you will not receive any benefit of using these services.
  9. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    Being that paranoid is not good, with your sense of logic you can not trust anything. And FYI, Battleping & similar services do work. Battleping works fine for me.. but im on windows 7 if that matters.. been using it since it "stopped working" months ago. Havent done any tweaks or anything at all, just start it & connect, done.
  10. the name of the entry music?

    On the same topic, it is easy to "decrypt" the .ogg files (they are not playable as is from the music folder). Doing this you have access to all of the music/sound that the game uses.. Manually, copy your music folder (so you do not mess up any of the game files) & paste it somewhere, download any hex editor & edit the .ogg (music) files, First four bytes need to be "OggS". Automatically, copy your music folder (so you do not mess up any of the game files) & paste it somewhere, put oggpatcher into the folder, click it & you can now open the music files. oggpatcher = https://uploadfiles.io/lcpvm
  11. Further more, while i doubt you're able to solo Superion like a breeze, but let's pretend you can.. As you said, only 12+ pve wep needed... Skip your cloak, skip your oe set & la vie jewellery, skip talismans and so on... Now go try your party stuff again and tell us if its a breeze.
  12. Wynn hits hard, but will always hit less than a tyrr, evisc, yul or dagger.. Your hits of 5 million from master is nothing special, neither is your "normal" dmg on tauti. On top of that, wynn need OP gear to do so unlike other classes.
  13. You're looking at "Sharing equipment" skill, which obviosly only transfer PVE/PVP bonuses of weapons/armors, just as designed. However if you look at "Ultimate servitor share" you'll see "For 30 min., shares the following with your servitor: 60% of P. Atk., 50% of P. Def., 30% of M. Def., 15% of Max HP/ MP, 10% of Atk. Spd., 30% of P. Critical Rate, 15% of P. Critical Damage." ""15% of P. Critical Damage"" > so the passive P. Crit augment does transfer over, 15% of the 15%, just as designed. - The test you're linking too is just poorly made, clear example of when the staff have little knowledge of the game & spread false info. (Im aware that the test was regarding "Sharing equipment" skill, but they should add the info of Servitor share skill to prevent confusion, assuming they know about it.) PVE Damage boost from cloak wont transfer over AFAIK (easy test tho if someone is willing) which is a shame, that it should. That said, I dont think pets should receive every single boost that the character is using (cloaks, belt, pvp reduction from tauti ring and so on so on), but that is another topic.
  14. All chat goes to general chat

    That sucks, I use that method to read messages through party/clan/trade/hero chat while macroing. I think the issue here is people spamming trade shouts using macro, then they get /blocked by too many people. This issue occurs when you receive chatban that way (the old anti-RMT you released years ago), when you type out a message it looks like it goes out in "All" chat (but in reality nothing is sent, and noone can message you).
  15. XIGNCODE3 Launch

    Are you stupid? How does my firewall make my ping higher when im at home, but when i move my pc (and get a better route) to another city, i get better ping? * ive actually traced the route and verified the issue. Even using the exact same router. Same pc, same software, same hardware, how do you explain my ping? If my isp makes me jump through a shit route, my ping will be significantly higher, the 300 > 60 is cause im going straight to Netherlands, which have a nice route. If i switch to Germany or France for example, my ping jumps to 100+,Netherlands makes it 60. Are you dense??