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  1. Lag issue when using macro [LOW-FPS]

    Optimize performance have absolutely 0 impact on this. And I currently play with optimized performance turned OFF, and it is OFF - so not sure what you mean its always ON (Verified too by selecting a different window) Anyway, anyone found a fix? Someone mentioned they reduced their lag by turning off ALL kind of Damage text (including heal, exp etc) that pop up on the screen - this does seem to "slow down the decay" by a little bit but does not stop it at all.
  2. Why would it? Doesnt take a long time to make a few characters to level 85 nowadays. If you put some work into it, you could do 10 chars per day without difficulty, so say 2 weeks to get your 110 chars to appropriate level Then all you have to do, is log them and do the kartia solo quests which pretty much completes itself - done.
  3. Erupt/maint vit pots not working

    The first time you arrived on Chronos, it drained about 200 "vitality uses" in a minute or two (when you had the wrong file/script). Other than that, each rebuff does drain 1 vitality use, if people was around for each buff phase & stayed around for entire duration, very possible. My friend is unable to use vitality items cause of that :-)
  4. Was hunting in alligator island, she jumped to me straight from fantasy isle after receiving the GM Buffs
  5. Thats because we had adena drop rate, and drop rate boost, for a month before the update.
  6. Was hunting last night, invited my friend to party & had her jump on me - was receiving 0 XP / 0SP per monster, restarting party etc did not fix the bug. - issue was fixed upon relogging. Could be an annoying bug if you enter an isntance & end up receiving no experience at all from it... Just another small bug i noticed.
  7. Thanks for the info! Any chance for a quick visit to give us buffs once more? love the boosts!
  8. Nerfed Exp

    I just never understood why its so hard for people to check THE BASE EXP on a monster. Its not that complicated. then look at old screenshot, or video whatever and see the old base exp on same party #.
  9. Could you specify which issues will be fixed?
  10. Unlock your hotbar. Youre welcome ^-^
  11. Transformation Missing textures

  12. The best ever (Reminder)

    Zembla who?
  13. Chronos Castle seige

    Population is smaller than ever, the game is dying & NCWest is only speeding up the decay by further increasing the gap between top-clan(s) and the rest of the server. Really simple math. To slow it down, let the smaller clans fight for themselves at sieges, dont interfere when they have their low level clan wars and so on, also simple math - so many times you see MS, Nova, Sunshine or LB wiping a full party of random lowbies because 1 person in the party is an alt of their war - what do you think happens after a month? they quit, then you complain there is no people left.. or one of the big boys see a group of flagged people, ofc he will kill them to show his dominance, same story there.. they will end their wars because they see no point of keeping clan war open.. you get the point. BTW. Before this offend some special snowflake & make him go on a rant of "well good, get rid of the carebears" and so on, the game is not like when you started playing a year or two after launch of GoD, back then the gap between a normal player & top player was being hit for 30k and hitting back for 8k dmg.. The gap now is being hit for 5 million damage, and hitting back for 300 damage - go figure if they go carebear. Furthermore, the gap is huge between new players, "old players", middle clans, and top-clans - One party of a middle clan will wipe a whole clan of "old players", whilst one person of a top-clan will wipe a whole middle clan. So even if MS decided to stick with only Aden & Giran for example, you'd have Sunshine ally trying to grab 3 castles or more with their full force, you'd have Crows, p1ratas & other clans trying to occupy 1 castle each for their entire clans so in the end, even if MS "stops siegeing every castle", it will have no real effect because those clans would do what MS is doing now. Basically long story short, unless... 1. Every larger clan decides to fight over specific castles only & leave two or three castles for the growing clans to actually enjoy the game (you know, fair pvp! the thing that made you guys like this game in the first place) 2. People stop being assholes and let new players fight their own PvPs.. The game will die faster & faster. So, if leadership of the larger clans would talk to eachother and decide to leave for example Gludio & Dion for the "lower" clans, it would greatly improve the activity of both the server, and sieges. Its really not much harder than that, but good luck with that between the ego of some people..
  14. You don't know what you're talking about, or how the "exploit" works. macro char puts nexttarget to monster, think hes6safe, put a dumb aoe which attack both monsters + players, i.e non-target aoe, or aoe which leaves an effect in the area. Macro char turns flag, "exploiter" pulls macro away, uses agression to make macro target him. Now, if the macro char is using a bad macro he will not leave his target, thus making him vulnerable to PKing if "accidentally" using a skill as the other char is flashing white. No exploit involved, ive pked MANY times in pvp because my opponent is running and i use a skill just as they pop to white name. Should i report those players for "using an exploit"? Or killing a "red" just as he dekarma, making me red in the process.. Lmao. The bug you're talking about is this : Player flash purple to white, takes 15 seconds to fully transition between purple and white. If you use a skill at 14.9 seconds, it will initiate cast while purple - finish while white. Same for red, if you start a cast as they're red, then they turn white while casting > you will flag or pk. There is NO EXPLOIT REGARDING AOE ATTACKS, just simply using game mechanics to make THE MACRO TARGET THEM. Then they USE THE EXISTING, 100% WORKING PVP SYSTEM TO TRY N MAKE YOU KARMA. Read above. Long story short, dont afk macro if you don't know game mechanics.
  15. You do it on your own risk, dont go AFK when macroing - problem solved. Sucks you lost items, sucks that there are people with no moral running around. But its part of the game, until NCWest goes out and say - "AFK Macro hunting can now be done without fear of losing items!" - you have no right to complain, you're using the repeat function in a manner which was not intended. All in all, learn how the game works & you will have no fear of accidentally turning red. The "scammers" are able to do this, because they have some amount of game knowledge.