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  1. You're looking at "Sharing equipment" skill, which obviosly only transfer PVE/PVP bonuses of weapons/armors, just as designed. However if you look at "Ultimate servitor share" you'll see "For 30 min., shares the following with your servitor: 60% of P. Atk., 50% of P. Def., 30% of M. Def., 15% of Max HP/ MP, 10% of Atk. Spd., 30% of P. Critical Rate, 15% of P. Critical Damage." ""15% of P. Critical Damage"" > so the passive P. Crit augment does transfer over, 15% of the 15%, just as designed. - The test you're linking too is just poorly made, clear example of when the staff have little knowledge of the game & spread false info. (Im aware that the test was regarding "Sharing equipment" skill, but they should add the info of Servitor share skill to prevent confusion, assuming they know about it.) PVE Damage boost from cloak wont transfer over AFAIK (easy test tho if someone is willing) which is a shame, that it should. That said, I dont think pets should receive every single boost that the character is using (cloaks, belt, pvp reduction from tauti ring and so on so on), but that is another topic.
  2. All chat goes to general chat

    That sucks, I use that method to read messages through party/clan/trade/hero chat while macroing. I think the issue here is people spamming trade shouts using macro, then they get /blocked by too many people. This issue occurs when you receive chatban that way (the old anti-RMT you released years ago), when you type out a message it looks like it goes out in "All" chat (but in reality nothing is sent, and noone can message you).
  3. XIGNCODE3 Launch

    Are you stupid? How does my firewall make my ping higher when im at home, but when i move my pc (and get a better route) to another city, i get better ping? * ive actually traced the route and verified the issue. Even using the exact same router. Same pc, same software, same hardware, how do you explain my ping? If my isp makes me jump through a shit route, my ping will be significantly higher, the 300 > 60 is cause im going straight to Netherlands, which have a nice route. If i switch to Germany or France for example, my ping jumps to 100+,Netherlands makes it 60. Are you dense??
  4. XIGNCODE3 Launch

    Good for you, you use a different route than I do. Tele2 för övrigt, tele2 hos min syster fungerar suveränt.
  5. XIGNCODE3 Launch

    My ping is fine (100) when I use the same laptop (or if i move my desktop pc) in another city just 200km from mine. Firewall? Nope, same software running hell i even use the same router (i bring mine & use that when i house-sit). Different routing. Stop acting like a smartass, you obviously have no idea how this works, hurr durr im in the eu and i have good connection, hurr durr everyone in the eu must have a good connection hurr durr.
  6. XIGNCODE3 Launch

    300 ping normally, 60 ping after i route through Netherlands with battleping. I live in Sweden. Just unlucky with my route to tge server, with battleping i choose my own route,somewhat. Now stop being dumb, even people from EU, in a country with good infrastructure need these programs.
  7. This have been happening for aslong as I can remember (7 years+), and its not only at :00, its also at :30. LOL at the people complaining "its been happening since last week.." So xx:00, xx:30. i.e 15:30, 18:00, 12:30, 00:00, 5:30 and so on. It also only lasts 30-60 seconds. Server is doing some kind of backup every 30 minutes, this causes certain server functions to lag for a minute, if im not mistaken one of the staff confirmed this on the old forums, only new players remain & thus this "old info" is forgotten. lol. 5 years ago, noone complained & everyone knew exactly what was going on. Logically I would assume it is doing a backup of player data, as inventory/warehouse/AH is the only thing that lags. Way I see it, I'd rather have server lagging for half a minute every 30 minutes, than losing XXX if something messed up.
  8. Old Forums Being Removed

    How about you postpone this by a week or two, allow everyone to save what they want? There is 15 years of history on those forums - you must realise not everyone knows this decision to delete the forum and have not been able to save what needs to be saved. Please. 1 week notice before deleting 15 years of history is a slap in the face.
  9. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    Go stab someone with high evasion on your low accuracy char, then repeat with high accuracy. You wont land your stabs more often. Around 70 dex is all you need for 3x skill critical damage, even at 65 dex you have like 95% chance. Fact, go check it, its not hard to hit a NPC to compare. Dex is only meaningful in pvp cause you want to reach 1999 atk speed to increase your skill casting animation, just like tge reason a shaper is better than dualdagger in pvp. Shaper = faster animation Dualdagger = more dmg Str = more dmg Dex = more atk speed, thus faster animation (unless already capped on 1999) Thats all there is to it, in most cases STR > DEX.
  10. Nope, and your chars would not be deleted if they thought you were cheating, simply account ban. You must be logging the wrong server, or using the wrong account. If not, make a support ticket & ask what the heck happened. Is possible someone hacked you, then deleted your chars while at it. it happens. Using VPN wont get you banned.
  11. Purchasing from AH

    Yeah, it does take a long time to apply the "order by lowest/highest price", i mean it takes two mouse clicks @ 0.5 seconds each.
  12. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    RMTed toon, RMTed gear & zR running on full auto mode. Damn son, you were a great player back then, tell us more about your achievements you did back then. LMAO. lmao. Right now, RMTed toon, RMTed gear (sry, was a gift from Lokeren right?, still RMT nevertheless) & supporting people like Truffle in group, lmao. a braindead monkey could do what you're doing, "olympiad skills" is 6 skills on repeat, touch, stone, tanza, barrier, topaz, kelbim topaz. repeat. lmao. About neutral clans & how they should mind their own business so they can compete later on.. are you believing your own lies or are you just that stupid? Do you really expect a mid-tier clan to lvl up to 105, gear up completely from l2store, then compete? If yes, you're dumb AF. If no, only solution would be 1. farm raids > interfere with Truffle/HTH etc raid farming = MS business 2. Gainak > MS business 3. Dragons > MS business They touch one of the things above & theyre no longer neutral. All of the clans helping Nova on siege are not nova pets, they are anti-MS. You're the most toxic clan in this game, have been for a long time. Players that have been hating Nova for over 5 years are now playing with them to fight against MS. Maybe you should stop being so stuck up & try to think for once?
  13. Kelbim Dagger/s -VS- R99 +12 Dark Dagger/s 3SA

    Example - hitting 10k base damage, after applying boosts damage would be.. Dark - 1.15*1.1*1.07*1.15*1.05*1.05*1.084 = 1.85 > with lv. 5 soul crystals, and 15% dmg augment > 18.5k damage. If you get lv. 7 crystals for your dark dagger, it will hit ~19.2k damage. Kelbim - 1.15*1.15*1.15 = > Assuming 150 dark attribute equal 15% dmg boost > 1.52 > 15.2k damage. TL;DR you will hit 25%* harder with a decent dark dagger *Not taking into account the (much) higher P. Atk from dark daggers which would further increase damage.
  14. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    Kelbim daggers are sort of useless in PVE, only grab it if you have the adena to spend + do some random PVPs. Low budget grab an 7+ apocalypse weapon with 2x decent SAs & use high-grade stones to augment it for a decent augment, it will hit slightly harder in PVE & should go for like 1.5 billion adena so on a tight budget skip the kelbim dagger. "High budget" you can buy a 12+ apocalypse dagger for the same price as a kelbim weapon, and will be much better in term of PVE DMG. For PVE an othell does not need stun, even without stun necklace/rings you will land stun almost every single time on monsters. Grab tautis ring (5% skill power) + ring of authority/ring of creation. Necklace stick with tezza soul, can use valakas necklace (normal one) for the P. Atk boost which will slightly increase your DPS if you want to give up some speed etc. Other than this, Listen to what Alb said.