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  1. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Just explaining! not worried. Since iAfum quit i am the last legit.
  2. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Aint no secret people are using restoration on their broken items, aslong as this is an intended feature on the support page - regular use cannot be punished, if you're salty you can go right ahead and do the same, im sure you already have. About rings, as Uzume said, the % rates are so high that making a ring straight from +3>+7 w/o any kind of "abuse" can not be considered spectatctular or even difficult, let alone the two +5 rings I've made (from +3) If people are abusing the system to repeat restore the SAME ITEM, they deserve a straight up perm ban.
  3. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    Easy troll though, aint no bug or abusing to bypass the rules in the making of any rings on chronos
  4. Indeed, there are many ways to go at this and I think Divekio raised an important topic - the current war system is like a decade old at this point.
  5. Simple example; 14 man clan joins PVP = Can PVP freely. 15 man clan joins PVP = Can PVP with fear of war, if they have a declaration going. The war system was changed to force wars to activate on 5 deaths for a reason. This is an exploit of the current system as it is meant to gain an unfair advantage, this is obvious to anyone and you cant really argue against it. //edit: Just so we're clear, an exploit doesnt mean I think they should be punished. It definitely needs looking into as this old system feels very outdated at this point. Dont care for the drama between MS//Nova/LB/FS/ProPVE and every other small clan people jump into, just my two cents on this specific matter. /Znipo
  6. Enjoy playing the game without boosts, to everyone who is cancelling their packs. The rest of us will enjoy our farm, thanks
  7. Skills have never used arrows. The reason you're using the equipped arrows are because of normal hits between skill casts.
  8. Lag issue when using macro [LOW-FPS]

    Optimize performance have absolutely 0 impact on this. And I currently play with optimized performance turned OFF, and it is OFF - so not sure what you mean its always ON (Verified too by selecting a different window) Anyway, anyone found a fix? Someone mentioned they reduced their lag by turning off ALL kind of Damage text (including heal, exp etc) that pop up on the screen - this does seem to "slow down the decay" by a little bit but does not stop it at all.
  9. Why would it? Doesnt take a long time to make a few characters to level 85 nowadays. If you put some work into it, you could do 10 chars per day without difficulty, so say 2 weeks to get your 110 chars to appropriate level Then all you have to do, is log them and do the kartia solo quests which pretty much completes itself - done.
  10. Erupt/maint vit pots not working

    The first time you arrived on Chronos, it drained about 200 "vitality uses" in a minute or two (when you had the wrong file/script). Other than that, each rebuff does drain 1 vitality use, if people was around for each buff phase & stayed around for entire duration, very possible. My friend is unable to use vitality items cause of that :-)
  11. Was hunting in alligator island, she jumped to me straight from fantasy isle after receiving the GM Buffs
  12. Thats because we had adena drop rate, and drop rate boost, for a month before the update.
  13. Was hunting last night, invited my friend to party & had her jump on me - was receiving 0 XP / 0SP per monster, restarting party etc did not fix the bug. - issue was fixed upon relogging. Could be an annoying bug if you enter an isntance & end up receiving no experience at all from it... Just another small bug i noticed.
  14. Thanks for the info! Any chance for a quick visit to give us buffs once more? love the boosts!
  15. Nerfed Exp

    I just never understood why its so hard for people to check THE BASE EXP on a monster. Its not that complicated. then look at old screenshot, or video whatever and see the old base exp on same party #.