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  1. inocent of me, i pay the 1 nc to saw , what that compast event about, and ,no event for me i think , im 101 trickster and duuuude its way difficult i ran like 30 min fight like hell agains the 1first boss and still kick my ass so hard, go for lvl 5 buff pom , scrolls and sh**t and bleep me ,nothing to do here, maybe in 2 year when i save money for the kelbin shooter a can play the event !! , o no , why buy nc, better bought adena for those fuking "ncbots" and thats it, i dont want to be , overpowered but dude, i have to watch the instance for stream? hsjasjhaksjhajk. insn't difficult
  2. hsjashhasjhsj tickets are just spam for they , better to send a letter to their's home , +10% chances
  3. u want something right do it yourself https://us.ncsoft.com/en/careers/#all :P
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