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  1. @Juji @Hime you guys do a weekly update. The update is screwed up on multiple levels. Your exp chart is a lie with the 0 penalty. And you guys literally updated the launcher which was a complete was of time. What else are you guys going to do? Every time there is an update there’s about 10x things wrong
  2. @Hime dude this is absolutely trash. All the items in the store you’re adding are garbage and not even a big discount and you guys have yet to make any decent updates. It makes no sense. You guys are going to lose all your customers faster and faster. This is absolutely a joke and idk what the hell you guys are doing. What’s the point for people posting thousands at a time per week and this is the stuff you give us. Do something better. This is unacceptable. Specially for the vip players that spend plenty of money on this dead ass game.
  3. So you guys discussed stuff but aren’t doing anything about the changes. And when you do make changes you’s completely do the opposite of what people ask. You’s single handily ruined classic. Please since you just replied within minutes show some light on the situation.
  4. There’s nothing these classic servers have to offer. It’s all raid bosses with shit gear unless you’re apart of a Zerg. They need to open more things in the game and merge all the servers lol it’s so useless with have limited activity with each server. @Hime @Juji
  5. This event minus the “5min” exp buff is absolutely useless. Way to begin the new year with nothing but issues. Maybe try doing something for the customers not screwing them. You didn’t even give it the big exp/sp bonus like the Christmas event. Then people wouldn’t be complaining as bad. But this useless event requires everybody to be afk. Lol way to fail yet again. @Hime @Juji you might as well give out adrenaline subscriptions for people to go afk exp then this useless shit.
  6. @Hime might as well take off permanently. It’s not as if you guys or your “customer service” does anything for any of the players lol. You’s ruined classic which was the one thing saving lineage 2.
  7. They sit here and talk about they want the longevity of the game but yet won’t do shit about it besides this literally 24hr exp,sp,adena boost lol.
  8. and yet with all this bullshit going on we wont hear a word from @Hime and @Juji comes to no surprise they just want our money and that's that. ncsoft will cave after Lineage dies.
  9. This is even more hilarious cause the higher level you get the less chance you have of sustaining your ablility to exp. do you realize how stupid this shit is. It’s not like there’s a high drop rate for weapons and armor and spell books to be able to make some money.
  10. You do realize how stupid this sounds don’t you? I’ve been playing this game for 14 years strategy about how to spend their adena? This has to be the dumbest bleeping shit I’ve ever seen. You guys continue to do nothing and just take our money. I’m a VIP 4 player and there isn’t anything useful that we get. Adena drops aren’t the same spoil drops aren’t the same drops for spellbooks definitely aren’t the same. You got to be bleeping kidding me. Leave it to NCSoft to come out with a game for quick cash. Might wanna go back to the developers and do something about this before you have to shut do
  11. It’s amazing how all these people give you their input and you literally ignore it and don’t say a single word except to people with bullshit issues with complaints of the adena spammers. Big bleeping deal it’s just a chat issue. Maybe try fixing the real issues.
  12. So another week goes on with nothing being done. Kinda ridiculous with the money that the vip players are spending. Good thing classics been open for sometime now and no results. @Hime @Juji when can we expect something to be done with the current situation of all the issues. Exp rates,adena rates,spoil rates,spell book drop rates.
  13. Honestly it’s been weeks and nothing has been done. GG the free teleports but you haven’t fixed the drop/spoil rates. It’s next to impossible to farm certain weapons/armor and spell books. Then the people that do get them sell them for a crazy price which is fine that’s their business lol. But the entire game is messed up
  14. @Juji @Hime are you guys gonna fix the drop rate, adena rate, and spoil rate? I mean the way it stands almost 90% of the people investing money for “VIP” get nothing in return. We might be able to possibly get up to higher levels but without any sp,adena,spoils, etc nothing is really gonna get done.
  15. Typical useless updates from ncsoft. They screw you over on free teleports. No adena drops or spoil drops. Is there anything they won’t bleep us over on. It’s absolutely amazing. Then they expect the game to live on.
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