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  1. pro question . how much time do you play and do you play without shots ? couz if u play 15h a day with no shots yes you are making money . doh most ppl work and can only play 3-4-5 h a day . in those 5 h of play time you want them to stay in town and enchant and speculate market ? what game is this ? market tycoon ? solo players are not supposed to be top geared and rich, but they shouldnt have a problem with sustaining their 5 h farm .
  2. before Dgrade weapon event ppl were sellin all kind of parts for every weapon D . during and after u couldnt even sale pieces at 1/2 price . not to mention that with spoil fuked mats werent introduced in market so it was more profitable to make chars for event than craft a d weapon . if exp scrolls are a part of this good server design model then why does it fuk u ur char if u use them ? if spoil is good and afk with free weapon ng/d/c is good for the server than why does the market only sell full wep and enchants from events and not mats/parts ? seems like u played more illegal servers than o
  3. u mean like the afk free ng weapon or d grade weapons that fuked the economy ? nice help from gm to improve the economy.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnp1jDTMU5k that is how spoil should look .
  5. No . What does lvl matter ? If i am lvl 40 + and can easy farm 40+ areas i should not make less adena than a char 35 farmin in 35 areas. It rly doesnt matter how fast u level if u can farm next lvl area . Ye we would have had more adena and more sp if xp boosters would not have been added but the concern here is not the adena we lost leveling faster or the gear we would have had now without xp boosters, the concern is that higher lvl areas are less rewarding than lvl 30 areas. Its more rewardin to delevel ur char than to actually progress with it . And that my friend is retarded. Spoiler has
  6. My cp already left guess its time for me to hit the road also . See you @ next week maintenance i guess . Burn those calories boys.
  7. Red Rock Ridge IS FULL WITH BOTS PARTY. 4 man party of spoiler se ee mage . pt near pt near pt near pt
  8. All lvl 40 skills cost 100k sp each. Meaning all ,Even fast casting. And u got about 5-10 important skills to learn just at lvl 40 . I had 700k sp at 41 and still didnt get all skills i needed from lvl 40 . GL on your quest to get sp .
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