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  1. Server population

    this is your chance to level up without fighting for mobs! hehe hurry!
  2. no Eu time line server :(

    That is because NC Soft is NCSoft West - the North American company that publishes for NA Lineage 2. These servers will all be in Texas.
  3. Any english active clans here? Its quiet.

    Visit the Aden Discord: Aden Discord: https://discord.gg/8dnavjJ
  4. VIP Status not cross server?

    if the VIP level 2400 came with the pack then it should be included... point blank period.
  5. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    Just added an Arabic section: 1. عربي 2. دردشة 3. عشائر 4. فريق
  6. aden at over 3100 players now

    Make sure to join the Aden Discord too! Aden Discord: https://discord.gg/8dnavjJ
  7. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    We are at 148/150 for our NCoin Giveaway! help us grow! https://discord.gg/8dnavjJ
  8. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    Hey Community! We are running an awesome Discord contest for those who join! This is not affiliated by NCSoft and sponsored by the Admin of this Discord! Be one of the first 150 to join for a chance at 800 NCoin!
  9. Aden Discord: https://discord.gg/8dnavjJ JOIN the Aden Discord!
  10. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    An example of our welcome lobby and users on Aden Discord Join us! https://discord.gg/8dnavjJ
  11. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    Sim, existem muitos jogadores portugueses.
  12. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    Currently looking for a Portuguese moderator for the channels <3
  13. Aden Discord Server - Why You Should Join It!

    Also looking for a BR, Espanol, and Portuguese moderator who can help with those channels <3
  14. Hello Aden Community! The Aden Discord is an amazing place to grow within the community and here is why! Important Channels: Quick Lineage 2 Links Patch Note Links Announcements & Community Updates Server Channels For Discussion English Chat & Voice Rooms International Chat & Voice Rooms Looking For Clan Channel - Help grow your clan Trade Channel - Find what you are looking for Community Channels Share your guides and articles on Lineage 2 Promote your livestreams and YouTube videos in our specific channel Join the ADEN Server Discord and help grow the community! Discord Link Here: https://discord.gg/8dnavjJ
  15. Hello Community, I have played for about a day now and all I can say is wow. It seems that most american are trying to cram themselve into talking island server and the brazilians/spanish speakers AKA latin america is fitting themselves into Aden. Unfortunately for us WEST COASTERS, the english speaking population seems to be the minority on this server.