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  1. thank you L2mommy for detailed explaination. yes i agree with you that gear is important but i would like to know if you can use paulina R set 30 days to reach lvl99 if you have dualclass thats 2 sets. so its within 60 days one must reach or keep playing till the sets expired. i think Auburn saying about easier to lvl at 99+ is to find more party in party matching because most players are in the lvl range of 99-103 and past that is consider a serious one.
  2. any other update beside what posted in this topic? i seems cant find any info on korean page site
  3. if 85 can try pavel ruins for adena other than that i dont know where, just make many new chars and you sell gemstone powder or make ruby or any jewel to lvl3 or lvl4 and sell them to make adena
  4. no more chronicles we now in tales of aden and soon prelude to war
  5. easier if have gear or can do with crap gear?
  6. I think it will be the sayha talisman. we did not get that yet
  7. kkkkkkkkkk


    they will use it i think in their upcoming projet. if blizzard didnt update wow with new graphics why would ncsoft do it? lol
  8. what i can do with tank class is just instances that really need them like ashen revolution in gludio, atelia fortress and higher lvl instances. below that nobody cares for a tank, i am talking about random party of course.
  9. with other items u can reduce alot of cooldown with eva rune i think it useful for feoh or yul to macro in 101-103 areas so if no other items its not recommended to get eva rune
  10. u mean paulina 30 days? i dont think they will change that but if u open paulina box with dualclass from fighter class u get fighter set and weapon.
  11. not easy if you wanna make iss buff and assist coz with buff alone u will put delay on macro and that alone hindering it to assist effectively. but u can make another iss for debuff and assist if u want that
  12. just to add 1 more class for example tank. if you wanna make it try make orc then pick dual as tank. it got the highest con. elf got highest wit/dex meaning for class u want the max for atk speed/cast speed. ofc if u have good gear atk speed and cast speed will be maxed out from gear alone but if u dont have many items its another choice to consider. many ways to customize your toon
  13. i dont think its true but then how they gonna publish new game from ncsoft in the future for example Lineage Eternal? or they gonna license it to another 3rd party publisher? lol
  14. eva rune is great on yul and feoh or any class that rely on skill to kill mob. if any class using auto attack its not worth it.
  15. i think no need to buy that. if you have party then party cake is more reasonable to buy. just buy rune 200% if u plan on macro afk alot
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