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  1. Maybe because you assume they cheat? I'm 100% legit, and i was banned. on a lv 30 Dwarf in robes selling B crystals and POB. Both my main account and support account are fine. The only difference is my bank account was VIP lv 1 and lv 30, while my two unbanned accounts are VIP 4 and 60+. Get your shit together ncsoft. Honestly i'm probably gonna quit now, i highly doubt you will reinburse my XP rune that will go to waste now cause my SS money is locked on that account. And as if i was gonna buy a new one after this bullshit.
  2. Long time l2 player. Affect of low adena rate, especially in solo zones! Will just make the game less friendly for new or solo players. All but one of my friends quit already because adena drops didn't support them and they felt forced to buy adena from 3rd party to sustain SS and port fees, there is nothing to learn about the game, it's math.. and we are all experienced l2 players. Only way to be successful now is to be lucky with aden daily or full drops... and the game was NEVER nice on that part. l2 always rewarded hard work and grind, and now hard grind punishes your wallet
  3. Sieghardt - DA Called Micke Sayha - Same DA renamed MaDai cause someone stole my name :,( Currently play on Giran, Ond. Nice to see some of ya playing.
  4. Lineage 2 was never about achieving everything, you never did. And i doubt anyone ever really did top out his char. And being top decked out on a illegal server, fighting over raid bosses and doing sieges was great fun. I never left a illegal server due to achieving everything. L2 is one of the few games where you actually enjoy the content and pvp more when you are endgame.
  5. Better that the bulk of the population quit and let those few earned parties stay at top. Wonder how many of them purchased adena to be able to afford it thou.
  6. This is l2 casual thou, nothing about it is hardcore... It's just watered out and chocked in on points they want you to get stuck on. Books where hard to get, but not this hard. This is making server progress unbalances and favors mage groups in the higher tiers. THIS IS CASUAL L2, XP Scrolls, Daily events that gives Top Cg and 1.1m SP + Enchants. Grinding not needed, fighting over spots not needed. All you need to do is the dailys and enough accounts and you solid. That's casual l2.
  7. Right! Two of my friends quit the game this week, because they can't get their skill books. Myself i'v been trying to get deathwhisper for over 3 weeks now, constantly chocked out of farm by nukers and bot trains that want to sell for profit. Playing a dagger and SE, this buff is basicly my Empower, My Might.. and honestly i'm considering giving this game a rest now aswell. Am i crying? Meh, i wanted to like the game again... But honestly did i want a slower version of the old l2 game, back with bugs and flawed game mechanics. Adena and droprates made for no life korea
  8. Great! Happy to hear. Balance is important.
  9. The game was hardcore in Open Beta all the way to the destruction of l2 classes, that's where it died. Just make the game as it was, and i'll play it until i die. Lots of stuff you need to update now, backstab not landing in back, stuns not breaking on hit, root landing 90% of time with NG weapon on geared people with mental shield and many more things. I hope you will jump up to a better more balanced state of the game. I have my hopes /Micke from Sieghardt
  10. Low iq detected.. Bruv you ain't got no gear. And u got half the money to buy the weapon you shouldn't be using anymore. And you got it by spamming a quest they tried and failed to remove/nerf like the rest. Spider quest is supposed to give 1k. You ain't learnedizzled for shit. They are bleeping us all right in the A by removing adena quests (effort needed by them). And then tweaking down our rates to milk us for soulshot money to make the game a financial success for some bleeptard individual at the company that obviously does not care about making a legit l2 experience. Some people like
  11. I'll give you one more week, after that I will do a full PayPal refund. Go with your mastermilkplan and get nothing.. or make the game good and have a playerbase willing to be VIP.
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