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  1. @Juji oh wow never thought you would support such changes! You changed the fixed dragon spawn because of script klicker that got all dragons. After random spawn they got just 1/3 of dragons! Now the change back to fixed spawn AND open the pk system are just epic fail even from you. The big spender will get now again all dragons and many will quit because of free pk system. Gz Juji you did what the big spender asked for
  2. Chronos Castle seige

    You have fun to kill ppl without gear? Yes, thats the real weiner
  3. Chronos Castle seige

    LOL i bet, 80% of this shouts are not from Apex member. All on server love to see when MS dont take a dragon. You need some balls if such trash talk affect you.
  4. Kingdom Cloaks Event, When?

    We had already 2-3 cloak events but only one Radiant Circlet event
  5. [News] Golden Compass Event

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvNe34wVlNo&feature=youtu.be&t=284 At this Video 13:25 min you can see, he get 851b XP. We get just 141b XP from this instance. That cant be just a NA server version thing. Why we get such a big cut???
  6. So i lost full day of my 7 days 200% XP Rune and all i get back is Angel/Dandy buffs??