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  1. Complaint about update

    yea i feel you there now its 10x harder to even make adena you cant make barley any adena killing at all higher lvls because all the zones you kill at drop nothing and the ones that do the mobs are so hard you need top geared lvl 86s to even kill at with a whole party or 2...Giant Cave DV Varka Ketra all these places cant kill so only way for anyone to make some kind of adena is the mats..the one good place forgotten island that drops good adena and loot is glitched out and you fall threw the map everytime you go there so only archers or range people can kill there and you kill under that map...Theres no way to assist period so noway buff period why make game auto play like that then take it from us ...Most toons cant even use auto moves 24/7 they have to put a delay on them so it dont burn there mana down all the way while auto hunting as a archer i cant automove bow moves 24/7 and half the moves you made automatic dont even work the heals dont work the mana heals dont work none of that only certian attack moves work at all...No way to assist people at all so whats the point even auto play you might aswell take l2 back where it was months ago b4 all the auto play cause everything messed up now without the macros gone, cnt make no adena since cant sell no mats recipes nothing barley any adena drops off mobs at all the only way to get adena is to buy ncoin now pretty much but now this update you done lost so many players and money i guarantee you lost alot of people and money because of it ...less toons people gonna be playing and buying stuff for ..since they cant assist or none of that and gonna be playing 1 account if not none...because what i have seen you lost alot alot of people went from every zone filled with people killing to barley anyone killing anywere so think of how much money you loosing now ncsoft ...So please bring us back our macros so we can make delays for our moves and bring back the money from mats and bring back our assist and the longer yall take to do that the more money yall loosing forsure...the mats isnt a big problem aslong as you gonna make places drop way more adena cause its almost bs.....Like you cant do nothn unless you paying to play cause the few places there is to kill you cant kill there period you get 1 shotted by every mob pretty much in all those top zones i said..like you gotta make it fair for your players ncsoft some what the more love you show to your fanbase in the game the more $$$ you gonna see in your wallets from people playing but this is not a way to go day by day people are quitting..So please fix something do something because this update was not it ..if anything you should did something for the zones for us to kill and make adena and places to drop more adena period or atleast another zone to kill n make adena and fix the one that is glitched so bad you cant do nothing..And maybe added a few things and fixes because i see tons of bugs to the regular game people complain about all the time and you add some crazy stuff that makes people quit...as a player who usually plays 24/7 like litteraly its turning me off and ive been here since l2 game was prelude wayy back..I was farmin elpys i was dropn mad gear,i was greifn people like crazy and this is nothing like the classic i played so long ago so much stuff is different the auto play i loved it but this update took it to the extreme so thanks ncsoft for turning me off of the game i love so much n dear and have played for many many years Since Day 1 I played l2 beta 1st or 2nd day it came out been playing ever since then.And if you dont wanna believe me i can tell you everything about prelude and up Sincerely The OG Elpy Farmer Ps NcSoft Fix This Update PLease

    ADMIN GM OR SUMTHN...Can you please make it to where the ponys do not have unlimited range literally only ponys can do it not the cats its not fair at all...PLus fix it to where summoner ponys can not use there pet while on there mount because have the time summoners are pking people while on there mount running and sending there pony 100miles to kill you..You cant do a thing about it period how you suppose to catch or kill anyone who can hit you 100miles away and u cant even see them...Yet they ponys do super super dd and crit got unlimited range and they can ride mount and use there summons at the same time which is really highly unfair ..As a donater who pays 1000$s It would be nice to make it fair for the people who do not play summoners because its bull..I can bet its even making people quit the game ...Because summoner ponys are so op with unlimited range and ridn mount pvp..the players who pk all the time are summoners and u cant do shit about them pking you half the time either because 1. you are standn near gludio and they sent there mount to hit you while standing in giran....2.There wayyy to op way to op.....3.Able to ride mount and kill and pk and everything while still on mount so your not able to see them half the time or even catch them cause there on the mount and got a speed buff like how is that even fair to all the people who dont play summoners????
  3. ive played l2 since the actual game was prelude ..and ever since then i have played and it's not normal for ponys to hit top geared toons for 15k damage from unlimited range..you could litteraly prob stand in gludio and send your pet to kill someone near giran and not have to move litteraly
  4. Juji Ponys Need Nerf Way To Op Got Ulimited range and ponys do crazy crit and dd ....And i swear the mdef is way off because mages do wayy to much dd ...You could have top gear and jewelry and mages still do crazy damage its like archers,daggers to weak for anything because always get 1 shotted by either pony or mage it never fails even with top gear.....Ponys Need a nerf and archers,daggers,tyrr etc need a boost ..Cant event compete half the time with pony or mage.... its crazy how everyone might aswell make a mage or pony because magic attack is way to go its seems because toons that are archers,daggers or anything sword wise like that dnt even got chance half the time
  5. Waiting to play

    Then by the time you wait in line for those 2000 people and ur bout rdy to play it wants to pop up n close client so then have to wait even longer just to play like the hell are yall doin ...
  6. Waiting to play

    Like come on people waiting for 400 people wasnt bad like 10 15m now over 2000 people shit just makes me wanna quit an not even play and i been play l2 since it was beta prob one of the oldest players u got even b4 u didnt have to wait n line that long ago so whats the difference now ?
  7. Waiting to play

    Is this really the best you people can do if you want to play l2 u gotta sot in a quene of over 2000 people are you serious you gonna have people quitting cause this is bullshit gotta wait 2 hours to even get on cause u got mad people botting n you people dont do shit to them or wanna spend cash to make ya server bigger ...The only way you dont have to wait in quene is if you purchase or a vip like how the hell that suppose work you gonna loose more people b4 you know it cause its nonsense
  8. Your client will close?