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  1. in classic we shoud have Kamaels - next cronicle, in L2 KR kamael will be implemented next month http://lineage2.plaync.com/classic/board/update/view?articleId=21501
  2. @HimeActually XIGNCOD3 probaly is doing smth but it doenst do the job WE NEED ACTIVE ADMIN ONLINE, @Jujiand @Himeand the rest of NCSOFT Team your aproach must be proactive and not reactive, if you lack the resources i dont know but the issue is not fancy XIGNCOD3 new version we NEED HUMAN INTERATION.
  3. Not really @Areola there are allways people selling adena/items/etc... for real money, take in example some big illegal server´s, there many people selling stuff for real money but they gring themselfs for those adena/items they earn, ofc they are bots too but nothing compare to official server´s. The main diference is that illegal server´s Owner are a small company that cares about his players and have allmost 1/2 admins online to take care of server and give support, NCSOFT is a huge company and the efort/asign people to watch server is just a nickel, dont blame @hime or other staff men
  4. There are some law´s in US that can be apllied here to make a law case agains´t this situation. Let´s face it it´s NCSOFT part of the agreement to force people to stop using 3rt party software, but in the other hand they dont do much to stop this appening. This is stupid im trying to farm books for SE and ivory full of bots targetting only that mob
  5. For me my big problem is not adena rates but trying to farm some books for my se like Death Whisper at ivory tower and i can´t farm it because im a melee and that place is full of mage bots targetting the same mob, but there we go again the bot issue.....for me it´s not like NCSOFt can´t aford to place an admin 24/7 it´s 2 option: 1 - They dont care. 2 - They don´t want. In some zones you can actually do a MASS AREA BAN and no real player is affected.
  6. if you can´t fix the issue you should provide a software like wtfast or smth similar so we can connect to the server.
  7. Allready did that, i hope they will give me VIP 4 for doing there job.
  8. Lineage II Operations‏ @LineageIIOps 24 h24 horas atrás All #LineageII and #LineageIIClassic servers are back up! Have a great week! have a nice week too NCSOFT reading all those tickets.
  9. if this problem is account related than NCSOFT is going to have a big issue here...if 1 account need´s to open a ticket they are gona be flooded. Let the tickets start rolling: Request #23236950
  10. My wild guess is this problem is only afecting some countries plz responde witch country you a re trying to login. Portugal Here
  11. same problem here, flush dns, repair files, etc and still nothing
  12. I´m stuck at the server selection screen, can´t login with any of tmy 3 accounts
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