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  1. Hi Juji , my friend send mi be Viber ticket number :23432999. If he is correct player pls unban . Best, KROCERA
  2. Dear Sirs, For a week now my party friend has been banned for being from Belarus without his bot being his name is SecondHand Clan NNM, IT'S Banned For Belarus how is this possible , Please chek the question and why legal ppl are banned and bots go play free >?? I am a very old player here its time of Teon ,but i dont understand , how many ppl yuo want lost ? Best KROCERA created 15.09.2005
  3. Server is full ,tnx NCSoft , tnx !
  4. Hi NCSoft ,i see too much d/c and i lost many time and Markios'mark from yuor's d/c,hmm Just continue this "Golden compas" for one more week ! Best !
  5. Hi NCSoft ,plzz stop this non stop lagg and D/C ,and one more thing , continue Golden Copas event one more week ! Best !
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