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  1. WTB Work Hammer 400k

    Work Hammer or Hand Axe!
  2. WTB Work Hammer 400k

    The title itself. (price locked) pm ingame: 4aNMiAx/4aNMOx/4aNM0x
  3. WTS Blessed Gloves (C)

    Price 420.000 adena. Message me in my profile. Also selling recipes saber gastraphetes and blessed spiritshot d grade.
  4. Spikes?

    I'm asking because I'm thinking it could be the internet provider company.
  5. Spikes?

    Hey guys anyone else getting huge fat spikes in server random times for no apparent reason? Yesterday I started having them i restarted computer + router just in case though nothing changed. Today I seemed to play fine until now. Am I the only one? This is my point, I have to know, as I've seen no thread about it so far.
  6. Thanks NC. Good news!

    You should tell the people that read this thread that your clan/cp recruit only VIP4 since you told me once.
  8. Disconnect

    I did my start in Aden, I'm there now for good, ain't nobody got time to waste in a login screen. And the point that I was here posting this was actually "believing" that NCsoft will fix something, or check the bug report section. Aden and again Aden, few people there. Can login no problem and play without lag. All perfect.
  9. Disconnect

    Well, they are VIP, only this I know. Listen I won't stay get fked in the arse by NCsoft, I'm going to Aden if you want can join me, I'm giving up Giran server, even though im Lv.25+ I can't play on a server that don't let me login
  10. Is Aden an actual good server for english speakers?

    I am level 25 tyrant on Giran but I'm giving up since I can't login since yesterday night. I'm starting in Aden today hopefully I can login. Don't know what kind of countries exist there, but I'm going.
  11. Disconnect

    My clannies be logging in without que
  12. Disconnect

    I actually feel like someone's making fun of me because pay attention to this printscreen ---> It actually this time let me write my PIN and before I click OK it kicked me.
  13. Disconnect

    I know that it's been hours since i've been trying to login.. and I know i'm waiting on computer and when que is over it kicks me.. At the same moment there are others logging in and playing without any problem.
  14. Disconnect

  15. Disconnect

    My friend logged in withotu que... Instantly logged on.