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  1. Is it only me tired of bots in locations , messages in private to block them? cant read chat in towns to get buy sell messages ? like wtf , i started to think quit this sh1t , worse than illegal... rly ...
  2. Atleast will be only people who actually make money from botting now even 12 years kid can join 3 accounts and free farm server is that right?
  3. Look what happening in servers bots are destroyng servers they dont care to create new characters they dont care about bans they just spam new accounts! make it pay 2 play server please bots automaticly will be destroyed !
  4. if i will see event for christmas top c grade box i quit this non sense pvp server with 1 exp rate (OH NO SORRY P2W x3)
  5. Please disable global chat its annoying kids cry all the time and demotivate other people , please sort out fishing like 6hours per 24hours then you get kicked and fishing only from +45lwl because now alot of people leaving accounts for a months , que will be sorted ! thank you @Juji Innova made like that and everyone was happy
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