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  1. Buenas, Actualmente hay alguna movida o futuro intento de clan hispano en Talking Island? Pero la pregunta es seria, algún clan grande con intenciones de intentar pelear en el end-game y no solo unas cp's perdidas por ahí. Saludos. Kastyan, Cleric 30+
  2. PK is not how it was back in the day

    I do the same post in other section. Is insane because people is trolling out there and you can't kill any one because the game defend they. I want to save a spot and people just come and hit my mobs. Thanks ncsoft.
  3. Hi I really need a solution for this problem. In some places or maybe everywhere exists trolls. The problem here is that i can't do anything against they. They can troll me and I can't Pk him, because the game defend they but not me. Im making crazy because of that and other problems in this server. I really need to kill those people but is insane 740 karma for only one pk and get down 1 or 2 points by mob. Excuse me for my bad english. Bye