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  1. Cant log in to server

    Many people have made complaint as well and they said they're working on it, but it's been going for awhile now and I really can't tell you what is really happening. I'm trying to remain patient. Download BattlePing and select West Coast 1 server, then connect and sign in like usual. Hopefully you'll stay in the server.
  2. SpellBooks

    Yes, it is wrong. I played the original way back in 2001 and it was a lot easier to find them back then. This isn't really a classic version of the game though, a different take entirely.
  3. The bots rule the servers. This is a game that encourages bots. I literally find them in every single crevice on the map. I don't know how your guys are fighting this but it ain't working at all I'm afraid. I'll still be playing because I find the game relaxing but this could be a lot better.
  4. Can't get past server selection

    And now I have the same problem. I hope those elven wizard bots are having this same problem