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  1. This is just something to think about later on in the future,.. Faction (red vs blue) type partition: Capture the flag, zombies, castle siege battles, battlegrounds, multi-team death match (green, orange, red, blue) etc. Players can either go in with their clan, be automatically teleport in with a random party, or can fight solo. Players vote for the next play type. My suggestion would be pvp server(s) with the award system. Players start out at level 61 with second class transfer and A grade equipment. Max level 76 and S grade (for now) with ALL LIVE classes. The award system is there to award players for so many pvp kills for materials to make higher grade equipment. The best way for players to level up would be killing other players (PVP's) for experience to get materials boxes, adena, etc. GM buffer can give you certain amount of buffs, dances, and songs for an hour. To get PoF, PoW, etc players would have to level a healer. Players can get small amount of experience through killing monsters to spoil for materials, killing lesser raids in other areas. Achievement system progresses through the TITLE of each player. (SHIFT - LEFT CLICK) players can look at the player's achievements, look at their equipment, dyes, etc. For example: White title would mean the player have NO achievements, darker red title would mean SOME achievements are finish, and darkest red title would mean MOST achievements are done. Some achievements include: total amount of lesser raid bosses kills, total amount of epic raid bosses kills, total amount of pvp kills, flags captured, olympic wins and kills, total amount of resurrections, total amount of times having hero status, total amount being the last man standing, so on and so forth. In game community tab you can view top pvp kills players, clans with a castle, top achievement players, etc. In game ncsoft shop: hair accessories, hair styles, suits, etc,..you can pretty much customize the way you want your character to look like. (If you want red tallum light set, with a red hat, and a red pumpkin head with a red mask you can do that) Thanks, ~Brett
  2. Old NA servers

    Bartz - Infury (SH) *I still have this character* (His birthday 2/21/2005) https://imgur.com/a/9010b Devianne - Rapid (BD)
  3. Classic Server

    It's my birthday in game today! 13 years strong! https://imgur.com/a/9010b
  4. Classic Server Please

    There shouldn't be a ncstore in classic. We didn't have it back in the day. So why should we have it now? That's what I meant classic server DONE RIGHT. Obviously the way ncsoft could make their money back by all of the players on low rate 'classic' private servers right now. All those players can pay monthly subscriptions. After all that's what made retail,..official. Take care, Brett
  5. Classic Server Please

    I understand completely what you mean, Quitted. I've been around for years. The game started to change somewhere around Interlude for me. The current game doesn't do anything for me now. I know many players who have been asking for a classic server for quite a few years now, but seems like ncsoft continue to ignore us. I wouldn't quit very easy. I remember how hard it was when I only had mithril past level 40 back in those days, but that's what I loved about the game. Nothing was given to us. They must fix the adena issue. Everything earned should be by us farming it minus all of the hand outs. Adena shouldn't be the most important in other words. Adena should be used to buy simple items in every town shop. Anything above D grade should be spoiled for the materials and crafted by our clan's warsmiths/bounty hunters. Full drops can't be traded, dropped, or sold. You could trade crafted equipment with your clan, but can't be traded, dropped, or sold with others outside the clan. Prices can't go up if the prices are already set in each town shop. Private shops could be changed into private trade shops for whatever material is needed. There's ways ncosft could make this work. Take care, Brett
  6. Classic Server Please

    "Your region is not supported."
  7. Fix to current p2w

    The issue would have to be ncsoft moved so far away from what this game used to be that players can't even recognize it anymore. Back in the day you could hit max level without having to stand around in town all day hoping to find a party when there's not enough players online to begin with. Those players moved on to low rate private servers because they want the same experience like we used to have. The issue with those low rate private servers there's donations, etc. ncsoft could easily make their money back if a classic launch is done right. Take care, Brett
  8. Classic Server Please

    Well that's the thing, I shouldn't have to play on a European server. I shouldn't have to change my ip address to play any game. I would like to see us have our own classic server right here. I've started playing this game way back for beta, prelude, bought the game, and paid the monthly subscriptions. I'm only asking for the game I used to love. We know what caused the issues, so why not go back and try to correct them? I'm not only asking for a classic launch, but asking for it to be done right. If they do what I'm asking from them how could it be destroyed if it's entirely player based? Again, all for the love of the game. Everything earned is what you've picked up from drops, exp earned, or crafted by your clan members. Adena should be pointless to have and not the main focus. Built in-game anti-bot protections could help, obviously if there's a exploiter running their bot for over two days period with non-stop farming it's pretty clear what's going on. Take care, Brett
  9. Classic Server Please

    There's so many private classic servers out there right now it's unreal. NCsoft could easily make the money back if they would only listen to their fan base on what us veterans/players really want. I've made a post, none of you might agree with my ideas, but it could cut out a lot of bots/issues in game. No donations, no play to win, no bullshit behind it. All for the love of the game. No doubt we would have the subs, but if the classic launch isn't done right players would leave the game all over again because the server would be flooded with bots. People selling adena for real life cash, scammers, players purposely killing other players for their gear. The list could go on and on. That's why my main focus was everything that we do in game ONLY you should be awarded for whatever blood, sweat, and tears you've worked hard for. Take care, Brett
  10. Classic Server

    I know there's many of you who are a bit annoyed over the topic, but try to put this into consideration. If a classic server launch would happen and if it's done right, I can see many of the players who've played back in the day would gladly come back to roots of the game. Right now many of those players are on low rate private servers, but they tend to move from one low rate private server to another because of donations, etc. Here's what I mean by done right: If only NCsoft could set adena to be pointless. If only NCsoft could set it to where equipment can't be traded, dropped, or sold. This include full drops. If dwarves could actually be bounty hunters and/or warsmiths again. Players in the same clan with bounty hunters, warsmiths are able to craft their entire clan gear. How to do that? Go out there together, grind together for whatever material that's needed, and craft the gear for their clan members. Armors and weapons should be crafted by the clan's artisan Only way you can enchant your gear should be through the clan's scavenger. Non-grade can be bought from the town shop, but anything above D grade should be crafted. Enchantment scrolls can't be traded, dropped, or sold. If the scroll fails by the scavenger, it fails. It's called working together as a team. If healers, buffers, or any other of the classes go back to the true roots why they were even thought of in the first place players would come back to the game. Make it to where there's a monthly subscription, exploiters are known to the public, each log in and log out are on record for you guys to keep track of for each and every little thing that we do in game. Here's only some of my ideas..I have so much more..I'm going to end this with a video that means a lot to us veterans... Take care, Brett