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  1. Hime is an Inactive Member?

    This guy said it all. There are plenty of choices around. Creating new topics in the forum complaining WILL NOT make them act. Just stop playing and stop wasting money in L2 Store. Simple.
  2. Is this server officially dead?

    Indeed, even for bots. Two weeks ago I couldn't get an empty room in Forgotten Temple of Ant Nest. All of them were taken by bots. Since last week most of the room are empty of bots, it's actually insane that even the bot community started to give up
  3. It's much worse in Giran. I feel exactly the same as you feel: I wouldn't mind wasting my money in L2 Store, but they don't really deserve it for the product they offer.
  4. Pendent lasts 30days..

    Yap So reroll a tank, get a Earth pendant +10 and be taste immortality you mortal
  5. Respect YOUR money

    +1 Pick the money you were about to invest in L2 Store and buy some beers. Way more useful
  6. You're going to have real life. It will pay off Gz for the decision if you go ahead with it!
  7. Pendent lasts 30days..

    Let the guy breathe. I'm 99% sure that much more people had this in their mind as well
  8. I normally don't reply to topics in which I'm not going to add nothing really new, still, I'll do it because the problem is here and none cares as we all know. I also believe that moderators normally patrol the forum so eventually players are heard, but no actions are taken to fulfill the needs. L2 is an old game and lots of changes have been made in the last years to try to keep up with the community and making money out of it (which is ok), so NCWest could actually do something about the problem. As an end note, I've been playing L2 since official C3 with some interruptions. These new Classic Official servers are a blessing for old school players The only way for legit legit players to make a change is with the only thing that empowers any client: their money. In the end we are are customers. So I really think that NO ONE that is impacted by the ridicoulous amount of bots in the game should spend a single euro/dollar in the L2 Store. I understand that some benefits of the VIP system are really desirable, but buying in the L2 Store you are just feeding a beast that does not care to provide a good service. Complaining about the bots and in the following month go and waste money in the L2 Store is just stupid Would you go over and over again to a restaurant that does not provides a good service? Simple answer... As a disclaimer, I DO NOT incentivize the purchase of ingame adena, but from a outter perpective, I can understand the players that are feeding a beast (also known as "adena sellers") that is just taking advantage on another beast (also know as "NCWest"). It's NCWest that has the power to stop the cycle and make legit players to use their money where they want it to be used and where they would have the most income: in the L2 Store. During some years was unthinkable for me to waste money in a free game! That scarse money had to be used for more important stuff like getting drunk and having fun in the university parties Fortunatlly all those parties payed off at the moment I could easily afford to have VIP 4 in all my accounts (have some boxes as everyone has) and don't even think about it in the end of the month. Guess what, I don't have a single VIP 1 in any account: I don't like to go to a restaurant where the employee don't care about providing a good service, specially since it would be really simple for him to do it... Bottom line, I feel that there are several hundreads of active players that think exactly as I do and wouldn't mind to use their money in the L2 Store if some respect was shown towards them, plus all the players that went inactive because they cannot handle the existence of bots. As lots of people have said in innumerous posts, putting a single GM ingame could clean the game of bots and that would directly make customers more open to actually feed the right beast (also known as NCWest, which in this scenario would not be considered a beast ) . So Mr./Mrs. Moderator, take (or not) this long and concise post to the responsables above you in the hierarchy and that have some power to do stuff
  9. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    I do have some old school pictures from you there I wonder if I can post them here and don't get the accused of advertising other servers...
  10. Dion Area! Killing "silent players" !

    You played in DR long time ago am I right?