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  1. No answers. As usual. In other MMO games, when community is upset, dev teams are trying to do something. Here, nothing. We should have the 16th event on the same conditions as others had. Doesn't matter when, just do it. Can be the last week, just do something. And no, dandys balls are not the solution.
  2. @Juji @Hime Are these coins useless or not? This is not a really difficult question. Are you still planning any events with them or not? Yes or no?
  3. Not to mention, they just ignore everyone. During the week they respond to maybe 2 posts, I suppose carefully selected, in which there are no critics in terms of the game and the way they treat players. How many people asked about 16th anniversary coins? More than a dozen. How many got answer? See the point? I'd rather get a response like "you won't get anything, everything you need is in NCstore" than none.
  4. Are you really that surprised? US servers are based on NCstore, Korean ones on having fun. https://lineage2.plaync.com/promo/lineage2/191211_speed You have informations about this at the bottom of site. Use translator, but I think context is enough.
  5. It is simple. On korean servers they got offer for Maestro Chests, each 180 16th Anniversary Coins. These Maestro Chests contained similar rewards to Marph's Boxes, but here we are. Normal community with normal devs got these chests in exchange of items gathered in game. What we got? Chests for real $, leaving us with useless coins.
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