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  1. Eternal improvement

    Amazing stuff, thanks :))
  2. Hello, would be please possible somewhere post table with required material for the upgrade of b. +6,7,8 etc. eternal equipment parts? l2 wiki doesnt work with protection crystals. Or at least if somebody remember this values for upgrading +11 gear thanks
  3. Zariche: Prisoner Of Soul

    I think its written in description :P....500 hits in 2 minutes - so you need to have somebody who still isnt in prison
  4. Bot festival ^^
  5. Feature that was hardly banned 3 years back now becomes official part of game. -No need you people anymore-
  6. Would be possible to put somewhere prices of exchange of Krishna weapons? eg. blessed ama +7>>>>to standard +5>>>to enchanted+5>>>> to bloody+5>>>>to limited +5 blessed ama +8>>>>to standard +6>>>to enchanted+6>>>> to bloody+6>>>>to limited +6 blessed ama +9>>>>to standard +7>>>to enchanted+7>>>> to bloody+7>>>>to limited +7 .... Just to find out which route is cheapest :-)