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  1. how often should we expect a "freya card"
  2. they wont read the post in either case. last time community manager said a thing was two months ago. Outside of weekly maintenance and patches we had one reply from an NCsoft rep last week sidestepping a eula breach. for further activity see https://forums.lineage2.com/discover/6/?&before=1519266590&latest=1516063336
  3. they do not have the time to do that. Too much money to count for their small team.
  4. thats why i was asking for a quicker patch update sooner rather than later
  5. to be fair conguero it takes a lot of effort to convince your lower level GMs to look at any logs.
  6. this works like salvation from a healer. Since you don't actually die this doesnt work since the activation function is death
  7. new SK aura gets pdef/mdef/crit damage reduction on top of the run speed /pattack/matck boost...its basically +10% to your parties basic stats and that's not bad at all. you lost some good party cd but outside cooldowns you should be tankier.
  8. you get 100 rep per quest after you complete the 10nth quest you gain another 100 rep you can only do this quest 10 times for a total of 1100 rep
  9. level up the clan to 9 gets 1 more, 10 another...so on so forth
  10. when you level up the clan you get more points
  11. if you insist on soloing as a tank, go hellknight they have a base 25% crit damage that the other knights dont get....but like the previous poster said tyrr is more what you want for solo....knights are aoe/pvp
  12. can we get the new macro forwarded and implemented on NCWest servers sooner rather then later
  13. healer or wynn..but a healer is wanted everywhere.
  14. 200 ncoin for ONE enchant.....plus you need a legendary scroll at 2000 ncoin for a 5% chance that you can now spend 240 ncoin enchants after going +10...wheres the holiday spirit give us a starter pack of this stuff for 1 ncoin then you can do this sort of gouging...
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