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  1. answer our questions, do not neglect it, you have no right! raid boss with no level restrictions, full buff olympiad? is this classic? when are you going to fix this?
  2. @Hime @Juji Could you confirm that it is normal not to be petrified by being above the boss's allowable level and in addition to being able to kill an epic like Orfen, for example, and not have any nerf in the drop? If this continues, I believe it will be untenable to stay on this server!
  3. I'm close to triggering legal means through a lawyer! NCSoft is shitting us, that's the truth! I get tired of sending tickets, and I was already answered by GM's Bea, Samantha, Sokka and a few more. I'm tired of this situation! My coins are in the transaction history but are not available for use, apparently it's an easy problem to solve! @Hime @Juji Until when?
  4. I'm sick of receiving these messages that seem automatic!
  5. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    in Giran is possible, in talking I doubt very much
  6. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    I'm pretty sure that NCSoft did not expect this hype at all
  7. I really do not know what's happening, I sent a ticket, I got an answer that had already been solved, but ... Where are my coins? They are not here yet.
  8. I made the purchase of NCoins more than 30 hours ago, and I have not received it yet. I would like to know what happened, because the payment was approved, I already applied the PIN on the site, it appears in the transaction history and the currencies did not appear! http://prntscr.com/l6du7r
  9. Bank slip l2 store

    Yes, i did it
  10. Bank slip l2 store

    I've been waiting for my coins for over 30 hours! Frost answered my ticket saying that the problem had been solved, but it was not! I need my coins!
  11. i dont take my NCOINS (FROM REEDEM)

    I bought my NCoins but have not been credited to my account yet! Because of this, I could not activate the VIP and unfortunately I was disconnected for no apparent reason, that is, I lost the rest of the day, because it has 1.5k in the queue and it takes much more than 12 hours for this to happen! Unfortunate, nor when we pay for the service are we served