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  1. LoL this made my day. For the OP, previous merges didn't bring the effect you are hoping for, after the every merge this game lost more players, what makes you think that this one would? Ppl are bored, waiting for the update or simply just playing other games and a merge won't help this mad online casino simulator.
  2. 1) What is the "cooldown" time for reputation points to be transferred again (after the 1st kill)? I think its 1 hour but not sure, can't remember what update this was in to look it up. 2) What is the level difference allowed between the subject and the object of reputation points drain? maybe 10 lvl's but really not sure 3) Are there any other rules and regulations given I forgot to mention? I think you got it right 4) If I switch to my subclass, will I be able to drain the reputation of other 80 lvl bad guys? Yes you should be ok with this, since I've done
  3. I have noticed this behavior as well, I am running 2 PC's one for shops this one has tendencies to DC quite often, the other pc is my home PC at which I am playing. Last night I was runnig shops on both an my home pc was w/o DC in the morning but the 1st one at my work got DC's on all 3 clients. In the past 2 - 3 weeks I get DC's on the work PC almost every day. First I thought it got something to do with classic and their maintenance etc. But yesterday there was a maintenance only on classic and Live server were running fine. Just my shop PC got DC's. Can't figure it out either.
  4. @Neutron We would really appreciate an official statement to this affair. Thank you.
  5. zLOsyn

    Roadmap 2018

    Well ye, I'm really thrilled and 1st.
  6. I bought mine +12 r99 bloody retri 3SA for 30 bil on chronos, 2SA is maybe 20-25bil. Depends on server /market and ofc seller, but prices are dropping.
  7. The elemental defence of mobs got boosted, mby that's why. And check your AP setup since the AP trees were changed too.
  8. There was, Partisans hideaway this friday. It took my lvl 100 titan about 5 mins to kill one mob, so me and my friends abandoned the effort for now. My titan had a tauti axe with and +8 tw la set + sos. Gearwise not great but was fun do that RB before. Now I need upgrades if we wanna do this again. Since this wasn't mentioned to hit us in Salvation, I didn't prepare for this rewading content to be nerfed.
  9. Did I miss something, or "someone" just "forgot" to tell us, the RB and minions lvl gonna increase? Pls tell me who should do the CH siege now a full stacked party of lvl 105 toons, who belong to a top tier clan? P.S.: My questions are rhetorical, just stating the facts, that another fun part of the game is gone. HF spending in store and do nothing, but stand in town and trashtalk in worldchat. Nice game development.
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