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  1. The problem is, alot of randoms are running around, griefing with the bot button for people who are multiboxing. I myself have two computers sitting next to me, and can effectively run 2 toons almost as well as live people doing them.
  2. Just a thought, You are banning many people for "account sharing" and "billing differences" causing people to lose 5+ days of being behind the curve. Meanwhile you have top "spenders" who are sharing accounts and logged in 24/7. I understand that you are purposefully hampering the XP/Adena rates, to slow progression somewhat, but it's not really working anyway. There's several CPs that are already in the hardest area and in their mid 60's. So either ban the bots and fix the adena/spoiling rates so the rest of us who aren't getting "driven"/"rmt" can catch up, or just keep ignoring the problem
  3. They pretty much made the SwS to need macro for the new way debuffs work. Its always gonna be a double edged sword. With it you get live "botting" and without it, you have almost no activity. The people with many pcs and keyboard macroes will win the day now. (Obviously its coming back to live, i mean for anywhere where it wont exist because people got used to it.)
  4. Double XP both started 24 hours early (thursday night) and ended 24 hours early (saturday night) on stated times. It is off as of 15 hours ago. @Juji @Hime This is messing up the average player for weekends. Any chance you can turn it back on?
  5. Do people look at this through rose colored glasses? Bots have been at every level of L2 since right after its inception. They will be there on Classic. They dont care if they get banned, they will just restart another toon. Macros is a leveling the playing field type of thing. I can play with hands, I can play with keyboard spam, I can play by macro. I don't bot, won't bot. I want everyone to be able to compete with them. If they remove macros, have fun paying your russian overlord for the adena you will need for anything. kthxbai
  6. exactly. They just don't understand what removing macro will do to the server. Don't understand poor kids in other countries play this as a job. No macro = death of competition unless you pay for it by RMT. period.
  7. regular "solo" players won't be competitive without RMT anyway, comeon bro, get real. Have you been playing the game for 14.5 years too? Its ALWAYS been this way. That "top" player you are talking about will drop $$$ on top C/B, powerleveling, etc. Do you want the P2W wallets to be the only competition on server? The problem is, I know many of them, people who have zero issue dropping tens of thousands of $$ a year into L2 just to be top. I know a person willing to drop $5k on top C armor/weapon as soon as it's available. The average joe/family guy cannot compete with that, the poor count
  8. They, I REPEAT, will not keep up with them (the RMTers), When these groups are dedicated, unless they have a GM who will be online 24/7 to ban them over and over, they are a persistent thorn and will be around, 100% guaranteed. Again, taking away looping macros will do more to stop legit players having full parties leveling than anyone else. This has become the norm of part of how to play now. The curve of XP is already HARD, most wont survive that alone, taking away looping macroes, you lose even more. I want the community to be as big as possible for as long as possible. Please con
  9. @Juji I completely understand both sides of this argument. However, you have two distinct groups of RMT farmers incoming to this server who will be using illegal 3rd party, and account sharing to farm RMT 24/7. Looping macros can assist them, however, it benefits live/legit players A LOT more than them, as most of them will be botting. The kind of grind times that will be needed to be TOP level and relevant to server is insane. Your average player base (those of us who started in teens/20s without families, have families now and most will not be able to "nolife" for 10-12++
  10. Somebody that has played this on other versions, did mobs "leash"? or can you pull giant AOE trains like back then? If no ability to do "trains" like before, then I can't see how this will survive for anyone that can't play 12+ hours a day.
  11. @Neutron, Considering the failed attempts at deploying XIGNCODE and the ninja deleting of our Chili Stews without fair warning (when these were paid items). I have a solution alot of us would probably be ok with, What about extending the event another month? That way everyone can cycle through the rewards twice? With the new update, everyone is constantly XPing. Catbuff and Attendance would be excellent for another month. Thanks!
  12. Xp rates are nearly half Conguero. Everywhere i checked, xp was less.
  13. Its still good in OIympiad, but there are items for defense now, compared to before, there were much less.
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