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  1. Someone can tell me how many stones i need to evolve and someone have a spirit exp table?
  2. Opening many large i passed 3-5 days without getting ieaa, days ago i was getting 3-4 per day, than 3 days with any ieaa is shit, ok, but this say something
  3. Is just so complicated bealive that is luck someday i get 5 cloths, any rune or a grade box other day i get 5 box and any cloth other day i get 5 runes
  4. @Juji thx for awnser, now i have just more 1 question list of drop most probably like to drop change each day or each n period of time?
  5. Who open many know that 600 seeds give like 5-7 gemstone a grade, i got 1 till now, with 600 this is ridiculus @Juji ofc u can change rates, but tell ppl before do it
  6. I think i will lost atleast 100m in this session by my projection and it is very sad
  7. I am atm opening 1800, opened 400 yet and got nothing good, i will give more info when i end with a print screen
  8. HI guys, i am from server ti, i open more than 1500 seeds everyday (110.000 nectars) and i know who in server open many nectars too like me, last 3 days all of us, in total opening more than 6000 seeds in total noted a change at drop rates, drop rate got big lowered without ncsoft sayng anything to us empeor is comming less than before and drops like cloth piece, ieaa and other got lowered and many others ik ncsoft dont give a bleep about ppl losing adena because they changed rates without telling anyone, but i care with ppl like me who just want enjoy the game by doing things that b
  9. I am lvl 55, 9 days ago i was with 22m, today i have 800m in itens and adena, just trading, no luck, just trade the problem is u are dump, not ncsof i am free to player, no bot about sp, i did lvl till 55 em cruma, now cake will allow me jump to 61. 55-61 is hard for mages, than i will go to a secret place(where in can be just in lvl 61) than i will take 80 in 2 mounts without the cake pure xp still good if u are not gready
  10. I opened 10.000 larges than i did a post about jowels low chance, now i opened more 1k and.... and nothing, lost more gold i broght nectar for 1.100 adena each, in total, considering the work to sell the drops, i losed 184m in the process, nectars are a scam, dont dream, u will not get a jowel boss, u will get nothing but sadness for have the hope the only people getting money in nectar event is who buy for sell for highter price, hope this post make nectar price go very very down and than they lose they money too, like me
  11. I alaeary opened 10.000 large seeds and no baium or zakem formula to know the probability of drop happen atleast one time is <1-(1-chance of baium+zaken)^n>.100 n=number of trys n=10.000 if chance is 1% so the chance of getting in 10.000 is near 100% if 0,1% the chance near 99,995% of getting atleast one in 10000 large if 0,01 the chance is 63% of getting atleast one so i want to know how many is the chance of getting it cuz i think the drop just dont happen
  12. a p2w event instead of cake, no thx, u need stop now
  13. frist to trade me or wisp win the itens for low price, 22kk in all, u can sell for 30kk easly, i want just stop play this game faster i can to never lost my time again
  14. i am in center of giran, target abortoobrigatori
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