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  1. Suggestion, Eva/Aden talismans for adena + a lot less l2coin to reduce inflation
  2. i would agree that in server this old with so much end game content its weird we still have no fast level to 70...
  3. probably 50% of newbies alt +f4 right there
  4. I see admins fixed ruin of agony quest issue, and lowered the number of quest items required. But still economic issue is not addressed. WHY IT'S STILL PROFITABLE TO FARM WITH 100 LOW TOONS 24/7 THERE MORE THAN FARMING HIGH ZONES? there is no real newbies there just farm toons WHY NEW promotions, events does not include any transformation stuff. Mythic and legendary transforms give more impact on pvp than epics and they are not obtainable from game in this version, only from events/ promotions, so whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh whyyyyyyyyyyyy you can't add them to events.........
  5. anyone else having troubles connecting?