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  1. Support Classes (Knight and Healer) can obtain more points per monster kill. It was related to a server that stores information that was becoming overloaded with redundant data. The fix removes the redundant data to prevent further overloading and outages.
  2. Yes, you can enter from Level 100 and higher into any of the Rim Kamaloka Dungeons.
  3. Chronos Down?

    We are investigating the issue now. Server is being restarted immediately.
  4. We have more quality of life changes coming in the next content update.
  5. We have a potential fix for the Auction House issue that will be deployed during the Wednesday maintenance.
  6. The dev team is still looking into this issue for Naia and we should hear more from them on Monday morning.
  7. Thank you for the feedback and information! The dev team is now investigating the issue from their side to develop a fix. We will give an update tomorrow morning regarding this issue! Apologies again for the inconvenience!
  8. We are investigating the issue with the Auction House bug on Naia. Please let us know if the items that are failing were previously registered before the maintenance or crash yesterday. Did you previously have an item up for sale on the Auction House that ended? Does the 1st item still show up in the search on the Auction House?
  9. Birthday code removed?

    It expired 7 hours early from Midnight on 6/23 due to a timezone issue. We have added another day to allow for redemption. Please try the code again immediately. You will have until 5:00 PM PDT on 6/25 to apply it.
  10. In a few months. The code expired 7 hours early due to the time being set in UTC. We are going to extend the coupon code redemption by another day, so you will have until 5:00 PM PDT on 6/25 to claim it. I highly recommend claiming the code ASAP.
  11. The event and regular version of the Lv. 2 Dragon's Special Elixir will be deleted tomorrow. The Dragon's Special Elixir from the Night Market Treasure Chest is Lv. 1 and is not included for deletion. There is a red notice on the tooltips of items that are scheduled to be deleted along with the countdown.
  12. <Merged additional threads into the discussion topic> I will repeat this again. We are not enabling the PK item drop/destruction for the 6/24 maintenance until the griefing issue is fully fixed in a future update. There is no cause for concern about losing items from having +4 PKs and negative karma after the maintenance this week.
  13. Items will be safe if they are already in the Dimensional Merchant and can be saved for later.
  14. Jump Glitch-Bug-Cheat

    We are aware and are currently investigating the issue that occured during castle sieges yesterday. Please hold off from calling out certain players or clans on the forum regarding this issue. Thank You!