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  1. We are investigating the issue with today's server transfers now.
  2. A new client update has been released today that fixes the localization issue with the 100 Million Adena Chest.
  3. The Damage to Dragons only applies to monsters with a Dragon type icon and works with Normal Attacks.
  4. We are currently investigating the issue with the 1 Billion Adena Pack.
  5. The server has been restarted and is now available again. We are closely monitoring the current respawn status of NPCs on the server.
  6. We are currently looking into this issue!
  7. There are no current plans for introducing the class change ticket at this time since the server is only 4 months old. Other regions have had their Aden servers up for several years. We do plan to introduce the item in the future.
  8. It was a typo, the Black Friday Kit is the item that will be removed on December 8.
  9. Typo in the maintenance notes, it will be removed on 12/8 as planned.
  10. Apologies, this was a typo from the live server maintenance notes.
  11. No bug as there is only 1 version of the Lv. 3 Onyx gem and I was able to verify that the yellow hit effect is still working.
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