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  1. We deployed a fix last week to resolve some issues with the Sayune Jump. Can you try again? Let us know what area and what happens to your character?
  2. This issue should be resolved. Please try applying again to see if you are eligible.
  3. Server transfer eligibility issue should be fixed now. Can you try again? We are performing some backend work that affects all titles and has considerable downtime.
  4. We are looking into whether we can fix the issue by tomorrow, but if not then we may have to wait a week.
  5. We are still looking into this issue. Is anyone receiving the WinLicense error and does NOT have an Intel(R) HD Graphics card as their main GPU?
  6. We cannot offer the race change for Ertheia at this time until we have fully tested the race change process on Ertheia characters that recently changed their main class to a new one using the Stone of Destiny. The Eviscerator/Sayha's Seer skill animations completely broke our characters in previous race change tests, so we want to make sure these issues have been fixed before we can add Ertheia to the race change service.
  7. Please submit a technical support ticket.
  8. We are still waiting to hear back from the Dev team on the cause of the issue, but the maintenance itself should resolve the problem with items on the auction house.
  9. We are aware of the issue and are currently investigating!
  10. Afraid not, but we may have more upcoming GM buff events scheduled in the future with additional time slots.
  11. Send me your details and when the packs were purchased in PM.
  12. When skill are you trying to learn that is disconnecting you after changing from Evis to Yul with Stone of Destiny? Nevermind, I found the cause. Will report it to HQ.
  13. Can you share screenshot of the message you receive when trying to equip it?
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