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  1. The dev team is currently looking into the issue with the item properties preventing it from being deposited into the warehouse.
  2. Mobs not droping anything

    Drop Penalty starts if you are 3 levels higher than the Monster level. There are also monsters that have no rewards on them, but provide more XP.
  3. Shameful this attitude

    The server crash caused the item to be removed from the store. It is now available again in the store.
  4. There is no command to display server time, but the time zone of the server at the server selection screen should give you an idea on the server time based on your local time (can use /localtime to show this). e.g. Aden server is GMT -8. If you live in a timezone that is 3 hours ahead (GMT-5) then you would add those three hours to the server reset time at 6:30 AM or 9:30 AM if you are living in a GMT-5 area.
  5. Balthurs knights supply

    Did you update your client because the Balthus Knights Supply is the old name for the item? Talk to Oriana and get the Oriana's Lucky Draw Supply Items (must be level 20) and open the pack to get x3 Oriana's Disguised Clothing to participate in the Lucky Draw.
  6. We will still have the 15th Anniversary event that ran in Korea coming, but it has to go out a little later according to the Dev team because there are a few components that are not available in the current version of the game.
  7. Clearing your browser cache should resolve this issue.
  8. More DC than bots

    Unfortunately, we are receiving external network disruptions again that are causing disconnections.
  9. PM me the ticket number.
  10. We are currently working on implementing a fix soon for the Prestige Pack issue. If you applied a Prestige Pack coupon code and did not receive all the items, then please submit a support ticket.
  11. We made a change in the back-end last week that affected the delivery of items for the Prestige Pack. Our team is working with HQ to resolve this issue immediately. If you are currently not receiving Prestige Pack items after applying the code, then please submit a support ticket.
  12. Still monitoring and will determine once we confirm the issue has been resolved.
  13. Consecutive Disconections

    The Classic Servers (mainly Talking Island and Giran) are experiencing external network disruptions. We are investigating these network disruptions and trying to prevent them from occurring for longer than normal. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  14. It is not related as the Classic Servers are experiencing external network disruptions beyond our control. We are working to prevent further disruptions to the Classic Servers. The incidents happening on the Live servers are not related to the ones on Classic Servers, which are external network disruptions that are beyond our control. We are putting measures in place to prevent these disruptions from occurring for longer.