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  1. The World Olympiad will NOT be disabled prior to the server merge. We will make the changes to the guide to reflect that. Apologies for the confusion!
  2. Blessed Weapon Appearance Stone

    The removal of the appearance stones from the store was included in the patch notes. The dev team specifically told us a week before the update to stop supplying these items and remove them immediately. https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-of-war-update-patch-notes
  3. Heartthrob Box - A Grade Wep

    1. It will be fixed during the maintenance next week. 2. If the box was opened, then the weapon will be changed to the tradable version along with any enchantments. 3. We are working with the Dev team to prevent the broken version of the supply box from being introduced in the future.
  4. As we mentioned in the maintenance thread, character creation will be disabled from 2/13 until 2/19!
  5. Olympiad Bugged, OMG

    We investigated and found that players who had more points than the current Hero did not participate in the minimum amount of required matches for that week's cycle.
  6. Heartthrob Box - A Grade Wep

    We are aware and have already reached out to the Dev team to get this issue fixed.
  7. Fix Event

    The debuffs not displaying on monsters was intended according to the Dev team, but I have sent in a request to them to add it back. Changing low level epic raids into high level raids is a big change that Dev has not signed off on yet as it affects all regions with Classic servers. The Goldberg instance glitch is currently being investigated by the Dev team. The maintenance tomorrow will address several of the issues that have been present since the Winter of War update launched on 1/16.
  8. Timed Instance recharge stones

    Yes, they can still be used if you have them. We just temporarily removed the ability to purchase more stones.
  9. Hello All, We have read your feedback regarding the login queue and will be removing it before the end of the day. Character creation will remain disabled until 2/12. Please note that latency issue may worsen during this time with the login queue disabled. We are working as fast as possible to secure new hardware to improve the performance and stability of our game servers. The Timed Hunting Zone Recharge Stones will be temporarily removed from the L2 Store after we found an issue where players can use them multiple times per day, which can put additional stress on the servers. The Timed Hunting Zones were never intended to be accessible for more than 11 hours per day. We will have additional updates regarding this issue and character creation next week. Best Regards, Juji
  10. Character Creation will be disabled on 2/5 and will be enabled again after the maintenance on 2/12 to help reduce latency on the server. A login queue has also been enabled during this time. Thank you for your patience!
  11. The maintenance has been extended by one hour. We will be adding the login queue back today and the character creation will be temporarily disabled until we have some additional server changes/fixes.
  12. apprentice adventurer's weapon coupon

    We currently have a bug in to Dev for this issue.
  13. Bugs/Changes/Typos need fixing.

    1. This is working as intended. 2. Different armor sets have different bonuses. They are not the same. 3.This is working as intended.
  14. Goldberg Instance bug

    This is currently a known issue we have reported to Dev.
  15. After today's upgrade, the CPU usage is lower than what we saw prior to the Winter of War update. We are seeing the latency in-game and are checking with the Dev team now for more solutions. Our server specifications are currently higher than Korea, so something else appears to be amiss.