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  1. There is no fail rate on upgrading the Forgotten Spellbook skills.
  2. Bring Back XP Boost

    We will have a major XP/SP and Drop Boost event starting next week for the Live servers only! More details to come next week.
  3. Hello All, We are investigating several issues with the XIGNCOD3 update after the maintenance yesterday. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  4. I was banned?

    Temporary sever outage.
  5. Hello All, We had a technical issue with some server hardware a few moments ago that caused an temporary outage for all our games. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  6. Gludio Castle Siege

    The Castle Sieges start at 8:00 pm Server Time. The Gludio Server is GMT-4. If it is currently GMT-5 where you live, then you would show up at 7:00 pm your time for the siege. Your screenshot of the siege time also confirms the same time. If you lived in a GMT-5 location, then the siege date time would show up as 20:00.
  7. I checked the logs on your bid and it registered 2 seconds after the clan hall auction officially closed, but you are still registered on the bid for the next auction round that is set to end on 2/7.
  8. The XP/SP +50% is an increase to the base value, not the bonus you receive.
  9. This is for the Live servers only. The Classic Servers will need to be down to implement the fix.
  10. Clan Halls >>>> NOT RIGHT

    The Dual Weapon Stamps have a chance to drop for the Clan Hall items. The rate is higher on the Giran and Aden clan halls.
  11. We had a mix-up in the event server setting files for the XP/SP +50% boost event. The setting for Adena Drop and Item Drop +50% is also present with XP/SP, but we will not be removing it from the boost event. Enjoy!

    Auctioneer NPCs have been temporarily disabled. Apologies for the inconvenience! Our team is still investigating a fix.

    We are investigating the crash issue now.
  14. The XP/SP Rune does not stack since it is the same one from the L2 Store.