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  1. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9350-december-2018-preview/
  2. Recipie: Spirit staff (60%) Bugged

    That is correct. It should be fixed in the next maintenance.
  3. All chat goes to general chat

    This issue only happens when you right-click with your mouse on chat tabs. The dev team has it on their list of bugs to fix.
  4. I will check into the 64-bit version for XIGNCOD3. Dev was looking into the server transfer name issue, but have not followed up yet. Will have to bump it again.
  5. Apologies for the delay. We are working with the Dev team to get the Auctioneer NPC back in-game, but I do not currently have an ETA yet. I have added this issue to the Known Issues list for tracking.
  6. Server Transfers were briefly down for a period of time on Monday, but have been back up since Monday 2:50 PM PST. The Dev team looked into the issue and are still trying to troubleshoot it. Last update from them was a week ago. I will bump it again.
  7. bug when u swim

    This might be a geodata issue. Where did this happen on the map?
  8. lvl 55 exp bug

    Dev is investigating the XP table issue for level 55.
  9. Bug After Maintenance

    Looking into it.
  10. Post-Maint Bug: Sin Eater

    It looks like it was reverted back in the last build that was deployed during the maintenance. Bug has been submitted/Added to Known Issues list.
  11. Recipie: Spirit staff (60%) Bugged

    This is a localization issue with the name of the recipe. It has already been submitted to our localization team to fix.
  12. Maximum level was not 70?

    Apologies for the delayed reply. The game is currently content capped at level 70, but you can continue to progress through until the XP level difference penalty is reached. We are verifying additional details and will clarify them in another post and the patch notes as soon as we can.
  13. Constant disconnects

    Where are you playing from?
  14. Where are you playing from?
  15. Orfen Earring lvl3

    The localization on the item and passive skill is incorrect. It is not a functional bug as the item is still working as intended from the patch notes.