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  1. @Hime @Juji Any answer to my question above? i can't report bots and i have 20 videos to upload; also need to know if we can report a bot party or we just have to submit separate your support will be appreciated; and no worries about the time you take to answere my question; just mention that each minute the bots gets more and more adena. If you wish to see by your self go to the dervi tracking race and there is always a few parties there killing silenos. (i know is just one spot) Regards
  2. Dear GM's: @Hime @Juji Please your support with a few problems that i have when i was trying to report a bot: First problem: The video was recorded by the in-game software and I try 2 upload a video with 1 min duration and other with 30 seconds; and i have the same problem. Second problem/query: In the part where you write down the "BOT" name and you are reporting a "Party" since it is quiet common; we can just write the name of all separeted by a , or we have to make a report for each player. Example: Your support will be appriciated.
  3. step by step report guide: For reporting go to the link: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Select the "Report a player" You can use your prefered program to record or the in-game recording. If you are lazy you can use this copy and paste: 1.- Subject: Illegal 3rd Party Software (bot report) 2.- Description: Player controled by a computer Illegal 3rd Party Software 3.- Game version: Lineage II Classic (you have to select this one) 4.- Why are you reporting another player?: I think they were using a bot or cheating (you have
  4. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/11446-easy-guide-to-report-bots-your-contribution-is-important/
  5. Today I woke up with the idea of being able to help make this game more entertaining for me, I know that it should not be my job and that GM's for different reasons are not as effective as we would like. The question to everyone, what program do they use to record bots? I was looking and found this, it is very simple I leave you the tutorial on YouTube and the download link. https://streamlabs.com/?s=59&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxeSRjvvH4AIVBg6RCh2lOwmlEAAYASAAEgKHdPD_BwE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g65UYegBEbM If you use other software/program that is more easy/simple to
  7. More and more crap, and the adena drop rate in high levels is not fixed, bots are runing free in all the hunting zones, the giran CH was a scam since you pay the same amout of adena than aden for 2gk and the funny part is that they are more expensive than the normal gk, everything is trying to be solve with exp runes and 50% drop events for a few weeks witout solve the core problem. The population of the servers is droping everyday and the NSOFT team is just ingnoring the community. If was not so in-love of this game and have a great clan/friends i would be gone a long time ago. NSOFT
  8. simple, they need more places to use bots
  9. Source? Since the only source i got is this page: And it say: In addition to being a private meeting place, Permanent Clan Halls also provide lower teleport fees, decorations, recovery function, buffs, and Clan Hall Production. There are three production stages and each stage can be purchased with Adena through the Clan Hall Manager within the Clan Hall. Each stage has different items that can be purchased. And nothing more, Everything you do they charge you more adena and it last a few days and the system to manage it is the worst. Actualy is funny since it say "provide lower telep
  10. First: ¿Gludio?, since wining a CH in Aden for 10k bid is great, I dont understand you point here but, congratz my friend. Regarding my knowledge of L2 you cant blame me since this server is a new "tipe" / "Proposal" from NCSOFT and theres a bunch of things that are new to everybody so you cant relate in the knowledge. Second: I know that NCsoft wont do nothing about it im just sharing my opinion and spreading the information since the only thing that we have left is the "comunity". I dont like your Irony, since we do not ask for how many squares the CH have (but for your information
  11. I dont agree with you at all. First of all the information of the Clan Halls that the NCSOFT provide was so poor (im not surprice), and the time to make a desition was also short, so we take a desition with what we have, dont blame for this. In my case I feel like i was scam, since all my clan put his effort/time to this proyect and here we are paying the same ADENA that you are for less benefits and a crap CH adminsitration system. NCSOFT why? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? to leave the server? why @Hime why @Juji Photo of aden CH GK: ty @slywashere
  12. @Juji @Hime @PhoenixMitra Here is the GK of a Clan Hall in Giran, Could someone share a photo of the CH GK in Aden?, since we have no feedback and we pay the same price. Best Regards
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