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  2. More and more crap, and the adena drop rate in high levels is not fixed, bots are runing free in all the hunting zones, the giran CH was a scam since you pay the same amout of adena than aden for 2gk and the funny part is that they are more expensive than the normal gk, everything is trying to be solve with exp runes and 50% drop events for a few weeks witout solve the core problem. The population of the servers is droping everyday and the NSOFT team is just ingnoring the community. If was not so in-love of this game and have a great clan/friends i would be gone a long time ago. NSOFT team if you are searching for money, please charge me a monthly fee i have no problem, BUT PLEASE give me a decent service and a GOOD and FUN experience that your commiunity deserve. Regards
  3. simple, they need more places to use bots
  4. Are the CH worth it?

    @Hime @Juji Any comments?
  5. Are the CH worth it?

    Source? Since the only source i got is this page: And it say: In addition to being a private meeting place, Permanent Clan Halls also provide lower teleport fees, decorations, recovery function, buffs, and Clan Hall Production. There are three production stages and each stage can be purchased with Adena through the Clan Hall Manager within the Clan Hall. Each stage has different items that can be purchased. And nothing more, Everything you do they charge you more adena and it last a few days and the system to manage it is the worst. Actualy is funny since it say "provide lower teleport fees" in the case of Giran they charge you more, since the ONLY TP to death Pass cost you 1k were the GK from Giran cost you 870 Adena. TO THE SAME SPOT Regards
  6. Are the CH worth it?

    First: ┬┐Gludio?, since wining a CH in Aden for 10k bid is great, I dont understand you point here but, congratz my friend. Regarding my knowledge of L2 you cant blame me since this server is a new "tipe" / "Proposal" from NCSOFT and theres a bunch of things that are new to everybody so you cant relate in the knowledge. Second: I know that NCsoft wont do nothing about it im just sharing my opinion and spreading the information since the only thing that we have left is the "comunity". I dont like your Irony, since we do not ask for how many squares the CH have (but for your information, they provide it actualy, but they do not provide the diference of the GK), we all know what information is more important, or do i have to explaint to you? Third: Regarding my proposal for TP's: I would like further TP in antaras lair, MID TP in dragon Valley. (we pay for this) I never propose a TP for Goddard or other part of the map, i dont know why you asume that, just reading this is stupid.
  7. Are the CH worth it?

    I dont agree with you at all. First of all the information of the Clan Halls that the NCSOFT provide was so poor (im not surprice), and the time to make a desition was also short, so we take a desition with what we have, dont blame for this. In my case I feel like i was scam, since all my clan put his effort/time to this proyect and here we are paying the same ADENA that you are for less benefits and a crap CH adminsitration system. NCSOFT why? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? to leave the server? why @Hime why @Juji Photo of aden CH GK: ty @slywashere
  8. Are the CH worth it?

    @Juji @Hime @PhoenixMitra Here is the GK of a Clan Hall in Giran, Could someone share a photo of the CH GK in Aden?, since we have no feedback and we pay the same price. Best Regards
  9. Are the CH worth it?

    nice resume
  10. Well, just want to share my thought about it, and i know that nothing will happend but i think is good to talk about it anyway. For the price of 10.000.000 (adena)+what ever you put to get it, lets say (4.000.000 more) = 14.000.000 (Total) + 1.000.000 per week if you are in the main city (giran/aden). For what: A few useless buffs that last 3 days for 15k A shop that produce a few useless items, like a Scroll of SP that give you 10k for 330k of adena. Unlimited teleport inside the city (I dont know why but, thanks?) 2 teleport to same place that the normal GK have and they cost more that the GK (WTF) And the managment of all this this is sooo bad build that make everything more complicated and not worth it. I gest that im not surprice of this since from the start of this server you have done your best to disapoint me. Again.
  11. Clan Halls >>>> NOT RIGHT

    Dear @Juji where is all this information came from? it there a possibility to share some of this confidential information?
  12. @Hime @NSOFTTeam Can you provide us this information? I saw that it the birds ends tomorrow; can we know till which time? Regards
  13. @Hime Could we know more about this? XP/SP +50% Boost event will start for two weeks. For the CH auctions, the bids are public? could we have more info about this, We need to make a strategic against the Adena buyers. Best Regards,
  14. I sell it for 24kk Trade for staff top C pm In-game name: Cocytus, Infineon. Send me an email.
  15. Just an Advice

    If you wish to report bots do not upload the image on the forum since you will get banned. (I didnt know that they send this kind of message, so my advice is read your inbox in your profile). If you wish to report a BOT you need to Submit Ticket. Best Regards,