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  1. Best BOX for SR

    PP all the way, serk+focus+dw and haste is a MUST.
  2. Swordsinger; Temple Knight

    Loving that reply. I do like the Swordsinger and the Temple Knight too. And yeah, my elf knight is lv24 and is a little hell since we don't have stun or debuffs, only "white attacks" and a power strike lv9 xD. I don't decide yet between Temple Knight and Swordsinger, the first is a really cool tank, but in this server u must be able to solo or duo and the most demanded is the SWS.
  3. Bishop IS really Needed?

    Here the summon doesn't take exp, and last "indefinitely" and can heal and heal the master MP, them they can "resummon" and keep healing, that is a problem for every low lv healer :(.
  4. Bishop IS really Needed?

    Problem is the mana... human and elfs summoners can keep and keep healing even if that's not his main job, as a Bishop u'll get OOM sooner or later. As far as I see there should be some balance fixes to address this. But, yeah, I remember from Interlude Bishop was great.
  5. Thinking in a Paladin

    Also, maybe the elf knight should be a sws, at least will be easier to get parties
  6. Thinking in a Paladin

    at this rate I'll leave behind my human tank... with Light Elf the problem is the very low dmg output and no stun... that's why I changed to human knight, due to the stun + heal + others tank skills. With light elf is leveling with full "white attacks" and lv9 power strike.
  7. Thinking in a Paladin

    Uhmm, so u are tellin me, make u dps or u won't be able to lv up? that sounds very sad. I like the idea to lv up in party with another guy + his/her buffer or solo with a buffer (box). I'm maniging to lv up till this point (earlys 20), I'll see how is going.
  8. Thinking in a Paladin

    Ok, big question (since I'm crazy enough to think in a Paladin). In lv43 u have both passives (holy armor and blade) and I think u can stack it with "Holy Weapon". If I go full undeads with a good blunt, I think I'll make decent pve (I'm sure the biggest tank dmg is the DA with that freakin panther). What do u think about it?, I use to solo like this with a sws (but with sword + focus) in interlude killing undeads all the day xD.
  9. Is the summoner good?

    I see a lot of ponys there, is the light elf summoner the best at the moment for solo leveling?
  10. TK vs SK vs DA vs PAL

    Hi, I have a big question for you all. I've read some posts saying the king of the tanks in classic is the DA (due to his panther and his fear and debuffs), is that true? The second strong is SK for the debuffs, cubics procs and aegis, and the last and worst are the paladins and the very rare TK. As fas as I remember, the TK was very cool in INTERLUDE, but, I know, this is not interlude, is classic, Did you see this in the servers? I mean, this rank (seeing how much people play a class): 1° DA 2° SK 3° PAL 4° TK Greetings, Lev
  11. Help please, why that

    A good option is: 1° Try to "file repair": 2° If that doens't works, try to unistall and reinstall the whole game. Greetings, Lev