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  1. Oh man what a intro.. i come to take a look there too.. he wont start there , no items there.. he will be a random even bigger than he is on chronos. Not sure how its working .. heard is more solo game than party.. never played anything else except than chronos..
  2. And its start from 0 or it continue like it was on 4game ?
  3. They are classic or how will be the level ? Thanks boys and girls
  4. 4k so far opened and still nothing.. i guess is time for me to stop this events
  5. Well this is my luck,i didnt get anything top 5-10 in any event. But got some friends who got zariche stained , dw weapons and stuffs from opening 50 chests. I opened 3k-4k untill now and didnt had anything better than Dye lvl 6 , angel ring +8 ... its all about luck and im never lucky. Thanks bro , all good!
  6. I don`t think is bad... with storms and roses.. dunno either.. anyway GL all
  7. verry well said. normal shirt and leather was easy even before.. .lmao
  8. I don`t know how they know who using and who isnt.. thats the main problem lol. should we all uninstall the drivers ?
  9. U can make your macro faster from your drivers aka "razer,logitech or whatever mouse/keyboard u using"
  10. The answer is " Thanks for contacting us. We currently do not support these macros and other similar programs. Our policy is that each keystroke or mouse click should equal one action in-game. Players should not use add-ons or programs that fully automate gameplay (such as bot programs) or that give you an advantage over other players (such as damage increase hacks, speed hacks, or auto-target hacks). " so many people saying its allowed, a few says isnt allowed, also most people use it.. so i dont know
  11. Funny as hell i heard innova got normal drivers macro allowed. Anyway not ok 50% or more players use it and others don`t since its a big difference. Just wanted to let you know ( i think im the only one who asked ) Be carefull and have fun
  12. Well anyway 80% of server using that aleardy,i just want to make sure since im a little more unlucky than any others.
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