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  1. I don`t think is bad... with storms and roses.. dunno either.. anyway GL all
  2. verry well said. normal shirt and leather was easy even before.. .lmao
  3. I don`t know how they know who using and who isnt.. thats the main problem lol. should we all uninstall the drivers ?
  4. U can make your macro faster from your drivers aka "razer,logitech or whatever mouse/keyboard u using"
  5. The answer is " Thanks for contacting us. We currently do not support these macros and other similar programs. Our policy is that each keystroke or mouse click should equal one action in-game. Players should not use add-ons or programs that fully automate gameplay (such as bot programs) or that give you an advantage over other players (such as damage increase hacks, speed hacks, or auto-target hacks). " so many people saying its allowed, a few says isnt allowed, also most people use it.. so i dont know
  6. Funny as hell i heard innova got normal drivers macro allowed. Anyway not ok 50% or more players use it and others don`t since its a big difference. Just wanted to let you know ( i think im the only one who asked ) Be carefull and have fun
  7. Well anyway 80% of server using that aleardy,i just want to make sure since im a little more unlucky than any others.
  8. well 3rd party software some1 told me in discord it could be..so that's why i ask always to don`t cry later Anyway thanks alot for making time to write me
  9. @Juji@Hime@LIME Can anyone confirm if its allowed or not ? U can make from drivers to spam f1 - f12 and its more faster than in-game macro ( people say ) and i just want to know if its also legal or not.. Thank you
  10. I used EWR was just too tired ( could use GEWR in case i had ) i just forgot about golden ticket lmfao https://youtu.be/5kzpJ9oh8QY If u question whos the most tard player in the game,it's me<<<< xaxaxaax
  11. Do it yourself,who stops you ? enchant your self and make profit. Gamble on wings , who stops you ? lol
  12. even Ando is not ok in many ways lol But im not agree with you at all.
  13. @Hime@JujiHope u wont nerf the rates on staffs we aleardy have tons of them. U did that on artifacts and all that. Dont do it again please. Thanks. Its aleardy hard.
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