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  1. Well whats the point of having huge ammounts of adena if u want to buy a set +10 and u cant find one,since u cant make new one and the old ones made before enchant rate nerf are in use or worth more with 30-50% . And soon u will find only when some1 will quit.
  2. every item not really cloaks is worth at least 2x than past months,angel ring from 60 to 80... etc
  3. I think u can farm way too much adena this days,adena is losing all he's power, price went 3x-5x higher on all items. If we continue like this a cloak +15 will worth 1T next few months. It's my opinion,just saying,i know "big guys" will cry but in the end is same if u make 300kk per day and a item worth 1b or if u make 1b per day and the same item worth 3b.
  4. Because 1800 worth 1200$ lol,omfg low iq players.
  5. 1200$ and not even a shining man...
  6. L2 [Chronos] 1700+ Pantheon Chests - YouTube Not even a shining lmao. GG wp
  7. Parts r110 armor from 1b each went to 500kk each lol. They all fail , i failed 30 parts in a row from +5 to any .. with 20% extra chance. Tryed 4x gold tickets all failed, lady luck gone. Rates gone,wtf? Isnt like before was a flood on market with parts +10 and weapons +30 lol
  8. They did the same on all items , ANGEL items, any weapons,armors,not sure why... but they keep nerf enchant rates and nobody really not saying anything, whatever. we all just give up on enchant and we stay with what items we have aleardy. And after a while they will wonder why nobody plays anymore when a +10 set will be 250b and a cloak +15 500b.
  9. I don`t have it .. its not good,but that was the point of event.
  10. was good because of upgrading brooch,wasnt really for compound gem lvl 1
  11. the change was stupid,is not like the market was flooded before with OE items,was hard enough and before. It's just a stupid update. For example if a event like agathion will come any soon i think +10 items will be just on 1% of people from server.
  12. Well on chronos not many are leaving for now... but i guess will be a mass quit again.
  13. This is a briliant ideea,i think no one thinked of it before The sad part of this event is u dont get even a fking dragon accesory witch is 10-30b clean even angel rings are RARE AF lol witch is 1b item or less even when any event isnt up. We aleardy have on YT uploaded by naia and chronos over 10k boxes and we didnt see a single item better than shining lol.
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