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  1. Best comment i saw so far haha Think that was the main problem. My fault what can i say .
  2. So i opened in total about 5k or more 100% , got them all on tape just lazy to make compilation never had anything rare except this last gem 6 and this one could be a garnet 6 or pearl 6 lol Video 1200 snowman chests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNlM4Lvfkrw I tryed 300 cloaks scrolls and made one cloak to +11 and give up. The rates are trash. U can fail 15 in a row, i had one 2 cloaks one +8 and one +7 and went both to +0 without even one success (lady luck dossent count ) . I just imagine ungeared people trying to OE their cloaks and also imagine an item more expensive in e
  3. I dont think they will sell too much,they really expensive,same price was on scrolls even before when event wasnt on lol
  4. I can pay for change to new server if you need any kind of help,just let me know,pretty sure some others will too, it takes 20 mins ( for me ) to log all chars and setup everything up.... it's really sad man
  5. Can you please fix the server disconnection ? Thanks. I mean .. wtf ? each 2 days we have 1 day we cant play ? @Hime@Juji Its back again the mass diconnection
  6. why does it matter the LUC if i made with same LUC tries without black save and with gear simple lol Gear simple works more % than with black saves. I didnt made any test, i said i will make, i just noticed today. I didnt use black saves untill now and i will not use ever again lol
  7. i got 3 milions crystals R , i tested via enchanting lmao. how else can i test it ?
  8. I will make a even a test , they fail more than GEAR without any stone or anything. Can anyone give a decent explanation?
  9. i dont think there will be anytime soon the cloak event.. anyway lets see. all people wanna buy cloak and most of cloaks are +7, we just need one so bad
  10. Since july i come back i keep wait for it,seems it will never come back again and the server need cloaks so much lol
  11. It worked for me since 10 AM Europe time untill now 1 hour, and than i got disconnected on 3 from 4 chars i had online without any reason.
  12. And i think about 30-40% are europeans on chronos....
  13. @Juji@Hime This seems to be a problem not only for 1-2 players , can you do a server restart or anything like that to fix this problem? in 6 hours i make 24 hours i couldnt stay more than 2 mins in-game. And now is 4 AM my time so the internet isnt overloaded at all. i tryed again and got disconncted after 2 mins on all 3 heroes.
  14. Yea man, that's a joke, i told them i didnt install anything,it just failed to work since 9-10 AM bucharest,athens time. It's not from Me I think they always have some problems with european people and another guy who said we have internet problems I have 1 gbs connection is one of the best in the world and i play other online games like dota and i never disconnected,like ever.
  15. waited in queue for 20 mins,stayed 1 min in-game , world shouted once than disconnected. Good job keep it up.
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