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  1. Keep getting disconnected.

    Didnt change anything and it was auto fixed.. not sure why. Many other people experience this lately... but don`t worry they tell you to call the ISP <3
  2. xmas cloak event ?

    It's ok mate.. i know that. I want it anyway.

    I experienced same problem few weeks ago,didnt made anything but it was solved.. by "ISP" i never called lol. Be strong,was sux.. i know the feeling. They can`t understand and wont admit they got a wierd problem. Didnt change anything,like nothing!
  4. xmas cloak event ?

    I just came back and i need a cloak.. and they expensive in-game to buy with adena. Or at least place some normal cloaks in shop and some normal scrolls 1-10. for guys like me who came after a pause. Thanks
  5. I had some problems few days ago. Now everything is working fine. Just random disconnects while my internet was 100% up. Seems i'm out of that zone and now works everything fine again.Glad they redirected the disconnection problems to you.Hahaha
  6. Hello guys i got uptime like really 100% i never had problems or getting disconnected from any game i played before.And didnt had this problem on classic ( left like 5 months ago ) i was online 7 days from 7 untill maintance. And now i get disconnected every 1-3 hours,sometimes getting disconnected only on a character ( got 2 online ) and sometimes on both. My speed test result - https://www.speedtest.net/result/8725613480 . Uptime 100% on router,my internet never goes down. If any 1 have any suggestions what can i do , should be cool. Since l2 support keep pasting me random stuffs and dossent help me at all lol. Thanks!
  7. Nova is so sad..Apex even more jaja
  8. Thanks , this is what classic means. Hard stuff .. who don`t like free to leave for LIVE SERVERS. Thanks and goodbye.
  9. Please fix adena/books drop

    I got it dropped on SoS , drops are fine,keep grinding :-) good luck.
  10. They didnt announce anything or do anything, i got 4 people from friend list who keep getting disconeted with me. No GM said anything that is fixed,why this shit happening. I mean i'm on 24/7 never disconnected untill today and happened at least 6 times and died 4... WTF ? i lost tons of XP
  11. Just fine !! Dunno why u all complain about this,the only problem atm in this game is the adena, since mobs at 20-30 lvl gives 200 gold and 50+ gives the same adena. You need to hard grind to get what u want. I mean i farmed Sea of Spores for like 8 hours a day for 4 days and got like everything. You guys want to go 1 hour and get everything. For that are Live servers to get everything in a short time. This is my first classic and i think too many items aleardy have been dropped lol. And u cry u want more,like wtf...
  12. Does anyone work here?

    Same problem. Well ... it's really sad for such a big company to reply and solve your problem after 3 days lol
  13. WTS +18 pve shaper

    sold in-game ..thanks
  14. WTS +18 pve shaper

  15. Heine Fishing Expedition Returns Wed, April 4

    Sad event ^^