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  1. @Hime@Juji I bring up serious issues on forum as GM's respond on ticket to make posts on forums, And there's no GM to give 5 minute a day to give an answer to all their customers. This is a big big Disrespect for the whole community. Never listening, answering, or giving people what they ask for.
  2. @Hime @Juji i want to get you guys attention because after i've talked with many people who opened over 1000+ pantheon chest some of the items in reward list, even "low tier" drop doesn't drop at all, and there's literally none in the market. Items such as "Authority Ornament" this item is common and doesn't drop at all from the chest. "Dragon ring, earring,necklace +0" Has minimal rate and there wasn't any that dropped on 10 000+ chest either, previous event were giving +3 at a way better rate. i seriously think, that something is going wrong with the odds of the pr
  3. First of all, People that are trying to abuse the restoration token by Breaking or attempting things on purpose and they try to make "sure" they will get their items back, i also think its an abuse, the restoration thing is mostly for Misstakes, and not for abusing just to enchant or try things at risk with "no risk" its not like that it should work. And second of all , what i understood is that they said its 90 days in order to get restored again, but once an item has been restored, you can't restore it ever again, 1 restoration per item forever, this prevent from any abuser who wai
  4. @Juji @Hime There's a bug where we can't trade Sayha talisman Please make it tradable or put the option to make it tradable like all other regions Thanks!
  5. +1 @Hime @Juji So many dc/Queue/ and There's no fix to not flag on pve with "Zone skills" like eruption,snare,sonic stars etc, it Slowed us alot due to griefers etc. 1 more week would be appreciated. !
  6. Looking for a 1 week XP event extension make 2021 great!! By the way @Hime Both naia and Chronos are lacking Cloaks/Artifacts/Gods jewel, it would be amazing to make the server more balanced and drop some Nice sale so everyone can get those item easier ingame in order to be more competitive, prices at this moments makes it impossble for alot of ppl And thanks for greedy chest it was a good step for the health of the server and more ppl can grow up now
  7. I think that this is the most Stupid Post ever Posted in this forum Are you seriously asking for a NERF when the game is already VERY expensive to play at its full potential? What you are asking at the end is that you would like to nerf the drops so prices of these jewels go up again so nobody can get decent jewels and be able to farm better What you are asking is truly stupid, no offense but you'r post should be Banned forever, this is the only great thing that happened to our servers. If you are unable to kill the chest and if you can't handle the fact other ppl can fi
  8. first of all i think you are just Complaining and Surely Lieing about someone offering u a stage 2 Weapons for 5000$ , and second we can check rates in Korea site sometimes, it gives u an idea, its like 1/100 000 1/ 1 000 000 for the TOP rewards, these rewards are made to be gotten by 1-2 person during the whole event only! it's a lottery, Many ppl got back their money from reselling all the loots from inside the boxes some ppl got back 50-60-70% ,, its gambling, u try ur luck and find out
  9. they never said ur % would move, they only said they will Reduce the XP needed to lvl up, means u'll get more % from mobs since u need less xp to lvl up ..
  10. In term of using a Logic brain with the info they gave its very easy to understand why we all see a huge "loss" of XP point the day after they changed the xp requirement... By exemple i lost 16 000Trilion xp at lvl 113 30%, That just means that with the new systems in order to get 113 30% u will need 16 000Trilion less XP (16 Quadrilion) to make 1-113 30%, since it became easier u will need LESS xp to get at the same point. So its a very good news, the lower lvl ppl will catch easier, and the ppl at 113+ like me will catch the 114+ easier too. its a win win for everybody.
  11. Hello @Hime Any interesting info about Christmas Event/Promos coming up or any exping event for the new year? Thanks and have a good evening!
  12. Hello Hime hope ur doing well! Can we have a proper reward list and all hunting zone concerned for the greedy chest sooner or later?
  13. How hard is it for ppl to understand, the guy said 100 time to enter the Dim Server it will Reset ur Weekly quest, i didn’t know that but now i know it as a clan leader ill do it also, its Simple and basic to Understand, he didnt talk annother language
  14. Focus Attack is an amazing skills if you'r setup make you use you'r skills to kill mobs or pvp, if you are focused on autohits and pole mobs then you will use sharpen edge of storm, Focus attack was designed to boost Skill dmg mostly and Add more patk , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOBh_QCTygg&t=1s With this "Skills" setup build Focus attack is doing an amazing job. if i was only focusing on autohits then i won't be able to use it bcz i'll only hit 1 mob.
  15. @Juji @Hime Hello, It has come to my attention to let you GM know's that The haunted chest/bloody chest are Absoluetely not dropping Zariche/Akamanah bloods. I have talked and myself opened more than thousands of chest, and all of my friends and ppl i talked with, reunited we opened 10 000+ Bloody haunted chest. Not one of those chest delivered an akamanah/Zariche Blood, not one, we need 48 for a weapon, and not one blood from 10k Chest worth 120 ncoin each (1,2 milion ncoin total) SO can we have a CLEAR explanation on why we have a Reward list (imaginary list) of
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