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  1. Tyrr Dreadnought pvp

    Enjoy Thxs all for fighting ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Em0vf7nTyY
  2. Hi @Juji @Hime Is there a way to bring back monthly previews ? it was helpful for ppl to know where to spend or keep their money Can we also have additional info on Sayha Talisman event? God Jewels event? Brooch enchant etc, we're missing those and we should know so we can keep money ^^ ty
  3. Subscription canceled

    Put this company in some ppl with knowledge in the business and in the game, ncwest would have 10 server Heavy and 10x more income from micro transaction, than 10 ppl paying for everyone. simple fact
  4. LUC?

    I will tell you exactly how LUC is working LUC is a Stat that does not Affect Enchant success Rate LUC is a separate stat That has a Chance to Proc in every enchanting system (No compound), It means that more LUC you have, More chance you have to proc The Green leaf above you'r head Even though you'r enchant sucess or fail, LUC can proc at any time, its the reason why it also proc when there is 100% success rate aka on +1-3 weapons etc By exemple: You have 50 LUC, it's low , u will maybe proc the green leaf once out of 20 enchant, More LUC u have more % chance the green leaf can proc The Best Number to get nowadays is approximately 90, i believe the cap is around that, i personally reach 100-110 LUC but doesn't see much difference than having 90 Let's say with 90 LUC u have a 15% chance to proc it ( there is no Exact Data and % rate posted officially) if you enchant a Dragon shirt +5 to +6 which has a base of (10% success rate) and u separately add (15% from LUC), u have more chance to success ur enchanting from LUC than actually succeed it from the enchant success rate. but Both stat does not stack, u don't have 10+15% togheter, u can succeed the 10% and still proc LUC, with 10% chance u have a big chance to fail this is why LUC matter so much, it's like a second chance, and that's how people managed to get their shiny shirt +10 in past, nowadays +7 dragon shirts,bracelet ... I've been using 90+ LUC everytime i enchant something and its clearly a MUST to have, otherwise you will most likely lose ur money annother exemple: Radiant circlet enchant from +4 to +5 is 15% success rate, with 90+ luc, u have annother 15% chance to proc it, it means clearly that u have alot more chance than someone without LUC to succeed, and personally at very low success rate most successfull enchant comes from LUC. I hope that was clear enough ITEMS TO GET LUC: Hat +3 LUC / 6 slot brooch +2 LUC / Venir 17+ +2 LUC / Insanity +2 LUC / Ruler ring +2 LUC / Truth seeker ring +2 LUC / Gods ring or dragon ring +3+ LUC / dragon neck earring +3 LUC / Nevit cloak of light +3 LUC or castle cloak for elite member +2 LUC / Dragon shirt +5-7 LUC depend stage and enchant / lvl 3 artifact +1 LUC / Greater emerald +3 LUC / Dark Beer +3 LUC / Nano pots +6 LUC / Brilliant rose +2 LUC / +15 LUC Dye / weapon augmenting +1-2+ LUC / Exalted passive +3 LUc / Fortune seeker passive +3 LUC / honey vit beer +3 LUC stage 3 / NPC buff at giran-aden church +1-3 LUC im probably missing some items but mostly those items will boost ur LUC.
  5. PlundersPlain #nerfe

    "Intended for balance" what balance exactly? people are making a little adena there to survive ingame and they call this balance? only the Ppl who pays 1000$+ in store monthly will pay, and get bored because everyone is gone
  6. Isle of soul - TOI - Plunderous Nerf

    @Juji @Hime Hello, with all my respect, we must Realise that korean updates are focused on their servers situations, They have many ppl in the lvl 115-120 Range In NCwest there's not even 20 players lvl 115, and alone in chronos only 4 people are 115, The average lvl in chronos is 109-111 at most, and 90% of the server is still below that lvl This update made the life harder for 99% of the players, and all the new xp spots, team play spots are made for 0,001% of the server, I Don't think it is what you guys aim for, by exemple Swamp of Screams before the update was crowded, people had to fight for their spots, Now please log in and check it by urself, all the pits are empty, no one can exp anymore, i am 110 almost 111, i have alot of gears, and i am unable to do anything from this new patch. So i don't imagine how the lowbies will even "play" decently. That's on top of all the nerfs. Im just trying to give feedbacks of the reality of server, not trying to cry or point fingers. Thxs for understanding this
  7. Hello NcTeam @Juji @Hime @PhoenixMitra Can we have clear explanation on what's happening please? IOS got nerfed to 180 minute max instead of 360 minute, will the Adena be doubled to compensante the loss? TOI recharge stone removed, annother Adena nerf even for the high lvl players New 115+ Zone but for who are they in the server? i am 111 and mobs are red and i do shit dmg,there are only 5 ppl in server lvl 114+ lol Plunderous Plain Adena nerfed, not in the patchnote, ninja nerf, We want clear explanation on NCWest plan to keep their players playing. /Discuss
  8. Why did Mammon magic staff page disapeared from website????
  9. @Hime Thanks for the update hope it brings alot of good things for players Thanks also for the new events! @Hime i also pmed you for something, if you can take 1 min to read it i would appreciate it thxs alot
  10. Tyrr Dreadnought PVP 1v1

    15 second angel touch in a 9 minute pvp, stop finding excuses for everything, my friend angel touched me and i told him not to, he did it because Elldo go that Paagrio buff from Domi during the pvp too, he left Combat Zone multiple times too, u can't rely everything on a 15 second angel touch, that's just poor excuses come on
  11. Tyrr Dreadnought PVP 1v1

    Didnt saved it, it was only 20 second long, totally not worth to show when i messed up skills,jewels etc , if i die in 20 second, and survive 9 min next game, u know that i just fked up in the first game
  12. Back in action! An arranged 1v1 vs Elldorith (114 Feoh Mystic Muse), when trashtalk and Hero shout war gets boring, we go on the field ! Thanks to Elldorith for the fight We did 1-1, First fight was 20 second, he 2 shotted me i wasn't rdy and didnt record it This is the best 1v1 i did since a long time, no 1 shooting, just pure gameplay and skills from both side! Good fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4COqYPi_cY
  13. Skill Cooldown Cap

  14. Abuse in SoS

    Camping those pools are wrong at first place, you'r playing an MMORPG, not hello kitty, if you don't like people griefing you, fighting for spots etc, dont expect this to be solved
  15. 1: Is this Dragon Breath version tradable? (if not, is the rate good to farm 40 opening box? or will i need to open 5k box for a stone?) 2: can we have a clear explanation of what's tradable and not in the reward list? 3: Please check Shilen soul crystal Restoriation exploit (some people got stage 8-9-10) from that exploit apparently. Check is urgently. 4: Thanks