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  1. First of all Hello @Hime and thanks for considering to make a poll and ask for feedback of the community. 1: As an old player on our server i can say that Farming Adena is Good on IOS 1/Neutral zone, and it gives the opportunity to lower geared toons to make some adena daily, i didn't say they will get rich or get into endgame in a minute but it gives a sense of achievement and making 1-2b/ day can make you improve step by step at ur level. 2: Lack of content and PvP and access to items: this is the only main thing i will complain about, Peoples are abusing 14 clan memb
  2. so much disrespect, if u want we make lvl 99 tyrrs with same items, and my fingers will still win im sure of that
  3. Jealous people everywhere , drop 50k $ too and come fight , my slow fingers will still be better trust me
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y4SEZXymEM Enjoy!
  5. @Hime Transfer that has been paid for this week will be normally done right?
  6. There was nothing on the transferred toon before i got locked, so it wasn't due to that first of all And second of all, show me where it's said you can't transfer toon with Adena on? you must transfer naked to be safe? Stop being pityful.
  7. @Hime @Juji As said i've sent a Ticket on Appealncsoft mail , because my storage toon got banned for no reason, it's only an account stocking the adena im farming since our toons are capped to 999Bilion it was the only way to store my adena. I bought a server transfer ticket on that account to bring some Adena on naia because i played there on a lvl 105 dagger, First of all the transfer transacation got flagged under review but was completed an hour later without problem. And right after that i saw that the account was locked for "suspicious activity" Did nothing wron
  8. @LIME @Hime @Juji With all the respect i have for producers and GM's i have a question Does Lime have a clue on what this game is about, and does he know how the game mechanics works? Has he ever played? It would not be helpful if you guys recruits people who don't have a clue about this game and have never played. so im Sceptic ! But Welcome anyways, hope to see more activity from GM's ingame/forums with him Good luck!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QJFX_zPZAI&ab_channel=LegendaryAndouille Siege-Zariche-Top Team pvp! Enjoy
  10. Hello @Hime Our servers has a problem i want you to maybe look into and solve it please There are several items worth 1 Trilion or more adena and we can't have a deal with someone for over a Trilion without trust because you simply can't hold more than 1 Tril on you'r bag, I've heard several scam issue where the guy just give 1 Tril over a 2 Trilion or more deal item. I would suggest to raise the cap to 10 Trilion to match the server need and the adena needed for some items! Trading such items with high value is a source of stress when you can't do it safely. Hope you understa
  11. @Hime @Juji Please give me a logic reason and helpful reason for removing the Exchange at NPC for +1 and +3 Artifact boxes Now i have to make my own +3 artifact clicking like a re tard to enchant my artifacts when there was an option to just trade them in a click Except for wasting our time, what was the purpose of that??
  12. Hello @Hime @Juji Our servers has heavy laag - DC for no reason - and the most horrible is Melee attack laag and latency There are illegal servers working better than our officials server and everyday you can hear on the chat that people complain and leaves Due to the heavy payToWin items only obtainable on store, Enchanting is broken Price on everything wen't crazy People can't gear up due to the lack of items , not even because they don't spend, just because items are not obtainable, which is a reason why price on endgame stuff wen't UP Can we have once a
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwdNUuS-DDA ggwp
  14. @Hime@Juji I bring up serious issues on forum as GM's respond on ticket to make posts on forums, And there's no GM to give 5 minute a day to give an answer to all their customers. This is a big big Disrespect for the whole community. Never listening, answering, or giving people what they ask for.
  15. @Hime @Juji i want to get you guys attention because after i've talked with many people who opened over 1000+ pantheon chest some of the items in reward list, even "low tier" drop doesn't drop at all, and there's literally none in the market. Items such as "Authority Ornament" this item is common and doesn't drop at all from the chest. "Dragon ring, earring,necklace +0" Has minimal rate and there wasn't any that dropped on 10 000+ chest either, previous event were giving +3 at a way better rate. i seriously think, that something is going wrong with the odds of the pr
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