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  1. jewel is EVA/Masia (Special is EVA) Armor its Paagrio/Tersi (special is paagrio)
  2. the game is finished since day one yet we're still here
  3. Take Atlas enchant scroll thzn go to Mentee manager, exchange the scroll for mentee coin, then use mentee foin for Timed zone passes 1 pass = 10 hero coin
  4. Cloak its not everything. difference from 18 is maybe 5% dmg i don't know why after so many years uguys still complain like the game was free... its like this for years now. Find a way to make adena ingame or spend money. simple
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPrKiQ9eKbg This is Grinman with Stage 2 Weapon, and Average top gear, so Feoh are Now Very Good in PVE. Ofcourse if you have wrong setup and Exalted gear u will feel like noob, the problem is you'r gear, not the claas anymore.
  6. We've heard this since 10 years yet you still play the game. if u don't like the model of their store and price, nothing stop you to leave, Yes to play L2 on official server u need a big wallet, and once you have enough gear u can start farming adena weekly
  7. there is no "Walls" in L2, if someone have All gear and a Stage 1 he will do more dmg than someone with a Stage 3 and only Mid upgrade elsewhere. +20% dmg from a weapon to annother is the same as upgrading 20% dmg elsewhere, collection, tomes, whatever else that exist to boost ur damage Weapon is a minor thing in L2 , the time of armor/weapon/jewels only was 10 years ago
  8. i will give you the answer u need to hear. A Stage 2 Weapon compared to a Stage 1 only difference is the Weapon PATK, The Element (999), Except this two aspect there is literally no difference. the price difference Though is like Huge, a stage 2 is atleast 3,5Tril++ for any weapons, a stage 1 is barely 500b for dualdagger. so for 3 TRILION u only get maybe 15-20% patk and 500 extra element, does that benefit you? surely yes, is it the best investment for you at this point for 3 Trilion + ? surely NOT ! That 3 Trilion ++ invested elsewhere in gears, (Artifacts Red balance +10) Agathions greater +3+ / Top grade jewels brooch lvl 5+ / Elmore cloak +15+ / +10 Circlet / Etc Etc etc the list goes on, are able to Benefit u ALOT more for the same amount of money Spent!!! U have to see the cost/benefit of every items ingame and invest Steadly from the cheapest upgrade to the most expensive! That was my Advice for you and for everyone in general.
  9. Any claas in this game Are Total garbage if they don't Crit, No crit = No damage. Feoh was capped at 30% so they were 30% effective. Now they can reach close to 100% if not 100% with crit rate items, they are going to make constant Damage.
  10. Kara Talisman is All the 3 Advanced talisman Combined in one. So it does not stack with other advanced talisman which is logic.
  11. Fire part u need to go plant every 25 min 3 Divine fire, u get point for Source of fire too. u can level it that way i never sit in the afk zone and my source is level 2, the afk zone is only if you don't XP then u can lvl it faster there.
  12. we have 20% extra XP, ur not happy?
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