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  1. One question @Juji @Hime Why ncoin for European are 100€ for 8000 ncoin And the price is 100$ for the US or any country using $ , i mean its totally obvious that it should be the same price for everyone and not this crap difference between currency 100$ is about 80€, Theres no black friday Sale for EU country One more reason to quit
  2. you are totally right, 110 is like the old 85 or 99, below that its not playing, they should make it 2-3x faster so ppl catch up even for 110-115 it should be faster, since content added is for 120+ which there is barely 30 ppl in chronos at that lvl, even me is still 117 and its impossible to XP without xp event u don't make any % without boosts.
  3. @Hime Hi, Just to let you'r team know, the guy who made up the price for the 50/50 Black friday box, didn't took into consideration the "BLACK FRIDAY" which is supposed to be GREAT deals, all items from dim merchant ARE minimum 2x above the Current market price for the items ingame. An exemple, in chronos 1 ncoin is 15Milion, it means you need 32 Ncoin for 1 black friday coin (50% chance),so 320 ncoin for 1 Crystal of dawn!! it means almost 5 bilion, ( current market price is 2 bilion) and so goes on with the rest of the list of items. Its not Realistic at all and it will be a
  4. For once GM's goes against Nova Will, We can celebrate
  5. FS is still alive on chronos as a clan i lead now
  6. As the title says, Will it be possible to get access to the Vitality maintain rune (7day) even tho my and other peoples country are blocked? I mean it's unfair when everyone don't have the same chance to get that reward. Im in Belgium and its not on the list
  7. So i stopped spending for sayha grace, and there's no adena/drops and NO xp too, it became a totally useless game without sayha grace. can't use shots, can't buff myself, can't XP, (0,0010) per mob at 74 is 100 000 mob to kill to lvl up ( killing 500 mob an hour without shouts, i'll need about 9 days to lvl up) with sayha grace and pots it takes 1 day with shots. I refuse to pay more for now. that's my own feedback between paying and freetoplay I was Race 1 since open of server with all booster on 24/7 , everything was Decent, but you literally need 500$/month minimum for that.
  8. Hello, So i am originally from live servers but i wanted to test L2Aden, managed to get Race 1 on Necromancer and tested the full potential of sayha grace and the little packs they gave from beginiing, i spent total 16k ncoin. Even tho i spent all that, i am seeing now, that i can't even sustain "farming" and buying spirit ore/soulshots with "Adena" and got to be forced to pay from "Store" the SS tickets, + counting the sayha grace + deluxe pack, the server just started and its already VERY costly, and this is just for "farming" not even gearing up. i am very sure that in2-3 mo
  9. @Hime Hello, Thanks for the free event and i hope the mermaid chest will drop something good because after opening thousands and thousands of suspicious chest and god knows how expensive it was, it was really not close to worth it with the rewarding (99% of pots)
  10. It's always the same for any events or anything they get removed wednesday morning, we all had time to take it, stop complaining like crybabies wtf
  11. First of all Hello @Hime and thanks for considering to make a poll and ask for feedback of the community. 1: As an old player on our server i can say that Farming Adena is Good on IOS 1/Neutral zone, and it gives the opportunity to lower geared toons to make some adena daily, i didn't say they will get rich or get into endgame in a minute but it gives a sense of achievement and making 1-2b/ day can make you improve step by step at ur level. 2: Lack of content and PvP and access to items: this is the only main thing i will complain about, Peoples are abusing 14 clan memb
  12. so much disrespect, if u want we make lvl 99 tyrrs with same items, and my fingers will still win im sure of that
  13. Jealous people everywhere , drop 50k $ too and come fight , my slow fingers will still be better trust me
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