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  1. Physical Skill Critical Damage: Which Items Have It?

    There's no artifact giving skill crit dmg in our game (yet) List of item giving p skill crit dmg; Dragon Ring+3: 15% Angel ring+6: 15% Fallen Angel ring+6: 15% Atlas earring: 5% Elmore cloak +15: 7% (+ augment 7,5%, can get it x2 so 15% max on augment + 7% = 22% total) Better to get skill power 15% on second aug though. Augmenting weapon; 20% maximum Special ability on weapon: 15% from kain stage 10, and annother 8% from lionel stage 10 Red Cat eye: lvl 3 = 4% lvl 4 = 7% lvl 5 = 12% Queen navari mask: at +5++ it start to give skill crit dmg 1%+ Radiant circlet of authority +5: 10% Ability point: 10% Aries Agathion charm: each lvl give 1%, maximum +10 Dual claas skill: Death = 5% maybe i forgot some but that's a good list of item already Note that adding Skill power/Skill critical rate is also very important in order to have a good balance and to get more DPS, only focusing on skill crit dmg is pointless if you crit only 1 out of 3-4 skill Adding correct skill crit rate on an archer by exemple will make you crit 1/2 skills atleast, which is way better than just focusing on skill crit dmg. Skill power works the same than skill crit dmg, it just affects both skills and when skill crit. aka getting 11% skill power artifact, paulina agathion, dragon earring, cloak augment, and more items i forgot

    it's a business but the business could be managed way better and get way more money if they would care just a little bit, a pay to win game without players is boring What does ppl do at the top if no one plays?? nothing! and we can clearly see that most of them are bored due to lack of competition, and even them stop investing bcz its pointless, They should really start helping everyone with drops/craft/farming, i mean real farming, no one can farm anything?? why would you play to watch a macro lvling you up? where's the fun? The achievement? its nowhere!! Adding ncoin to get adena is not "farming" this is boring, we, the community have so much idea to make this game better for everyone, but we can't do anything , this company dont give a damn about us all, get over it, i logged on the EU server from time to time and i can tell you that most player over there are happy bcz the "company" communicate and help peoples. anyways
  3. more stable scroll = more cloaks overenchanted = ppl don't spend enough normal scrolls :)))
  4. Cloak enchant rates

    Lf Real cloak enchant success rate ! whoever give me infos about it will get paid in game
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    @Hime It's also the perfect time to give us Cloak promo please, many people are home now and are needing a cloak to pve/pvp efficiently. people been begging for it, do something please ...
  6. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    You are doing something wrong on ur archer if u think feoh are better nowadays First of all ur archer need full DEX dyes and everything that can boost his DEX to boost skill critical rate, and then also focus on Skill critical dmg (angel ring, dragon ring) bow with skill crit dmg augment and SA, radiant circlet, a Feoh is good but the damage equally geared on both character, the archer will be better, any archer with some gear is very good in pve, also in endgame its the best claas for pve/pvp Just fix you'r archer because it is a very good claas
  7. VIP 7 500 euro?

    yes you need 500+ euro, don't mind to buy that much , servers are dead, better play on live servers
  8. Item Restoration Policy

    this system was meant to be use because of an ERROR. because error is human, not for people to enchant it and say "oh well i'll get it back"
  9. The server cant go heavy at 3000 online for the simple reason that when you look at party matching there are already "2900"+ active people at every time of the day and the server is always on "Normal" mode except for sieges and weekends. that 2900+ active on pt matching is not the active only players on the whole servers, so there's always 3000+ online players in the server and still the server is normal and not heavy. i still believe heavy is 5000. and Normal 3000.
  10. Item Restoration Policy

    This restoration policy should'nt even exist at all There are Enchant scroll/Tickets you can all use to not break you'r weapon, Every person that is trying without that is obviously a Resoration system abuser because on his mind he knows that if he breaks it he gonna get it back This is just stupid, Error like this can't happen, we can all read and use the enchant system which is easy to understand.
  11. Server go Normal at 3000 online and Heavy at 5000 online.
  12. Archer0000 el nino 1st movie oly low items

    Time to start learning tactics and not just spam skills randomly and hope to win first good luck !
  13. promo problem for 3/4

    It's completely legit to Sell ncoin for adena ingame ...
  14. promo problem for 3/4

    Salty Salty Salty, Stop promoting RMT, let us legit players play and if i want to make market what's wrong with it? where do you get you'r information from ? You'r opinion doesn't worth anything, like most of ur posts, they are worthless
  15. promo problem for 3/4

    Let me give you a business lesson little kiddo About chronos: 1 Circlet scroll = 120-150M, lets say 150M base price. 1 Ncoin sells for 2M minimum, that means for 9600 ncoin u can get 19,2B pure adena easily selling to peoples ncoin. with 19,2B you can buy 128 Circlet scroll at 150M Each, With the 9600 pack you will get 50 Circlet Scroll + something like 10-15 circlet spirit stone maximum. Annother calcul, 9600NC/50 scroll = 192ncoin per scroll, i said earlier its 2M per ncoin minimum, it means that you'r buying a scroll for 384M EACH when u buy the 9600 pack, if u deduct the price of the circlet spirit stone it will be around 300M each still. Which is way way more than the actual market of circlet scrolls. You tell me that this promo target those who cannot farm scrolls? those who cannot farm will buy the circlet +5 Ready to use, and won't spend money to gambling enchanting and losing even more money. Now let me smoke those "very strong thing" and get ripped off because ur ignorant and don't know mathematics. PS: (CHRONOS MARKET) / i don't know what's the rate in Naia for scrolls, but on last event ncoin were selling for almost 3M each so its even worse to buy the pack there.