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  1. Daggers

    Daggers are doing alot of damage, with proper gears u can drop mana shield in a few hits. At endgame that mana shield is 2-3 hit
  2. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    Please stay on Topic and avoid Personal Accusation and Name shaming. Every other opinion is welcome
  3. Dear @Juji @Hime We wan't to come up to you'r attention about a big problem the servers are facing right now Due to the recent changes with PK systems, Peoples can't fight anymore to get into Dragons By exemple in Chronos 7/03/20 Clans were gathering up to go fight Dragons, and what happened was a complete mess, Neutrals came with annother Command channel and the "clicking war" Started. Whoever enter first win, This is not how it is intended to be played Neutrals now don't pvp and they just hope to farm everything, and the peoples who gather people to fight for dragons lost it because they didnt clicked first to enter Valakas. With the new PK system we can't just PK everyone to enter into dragons. This is now a major issue that has to be fixed on live servers. Baium Orfen Lilith Anakim are PVP zone, you have to fight for those raids, And Dragons is yet not a pvp zone and we can't do anything to fight Clans who put effort to gather people to play the game correctly are getting punished. Can we have GM thoughts on that topic please. Make Dragon a PVP zone! or Enable multiple CC to enter into dragons. The biggest pve event in server now is completely broken ! we need a fix
  4. @Hime Very big thanks for the additional week, it was needed for sure! good decision After this promo try to relax on sales please, ppl need to get to work to spend some more a Free event around the corner to bring joy around would be nice ^^
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    @Hime Hello, good evening The event page for artifacts will be up soon? Thanks!
  6. New Player here with alot of Money to waste

    if you want to enjoy the game with its full potential and can play/spend alot You can pm me on Chronos server for full advices on ur claas, gear, items you will need And if you wanna pvp we have that for you also.
  7. BUG ADENA MOB - In-GameTerrain Exploits

    is it a new trend to report every aspect of the game that gives adenas? Jealous people are dangerous, stay away from these toxic players!
  8. So you want people to stand there dieing 1 shot instead of protecting themselves going onto "stone" mode? This is just tactic, and a part of the game. you should accept it and Stone urself too when needed
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    The PK Debuff should be cleared when u turn back white honestly , this will keep casual pkers going, and will prevent ppl from massive pking griefing the fair way would be to debuff and block a pker when he pked more than 3-4 ppl in less than 10 min, im not a PKer but when someone try to take the mobs in my spot and don't wanna move away, ITS purely logical that i will PK him so he actually move somewhere else, some ppl don't wanna understand simple things sometime and they have to be pked.
  10. Restore Item

    My eyes bleeding, are you guys really that nuts and greedy to even talk bout that? If on purpose you break you'r weapon thinking u will be "restored" then i hope ur not getting anything back, this system was implemented for misstakes purposes and not abuses like some ppl want to do. "Oh ill enchant my +20 wepon with a normal scroll and they will restore me if i fail woohoo" Cmonnnnnnnnnnnnn
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Okay and a last question, does the packs provides hero coin also? it is not mentioned on the web page
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Hello @Hime @Juji Can you please give us a way to get Radiant Rind upgrade stone and Noble leather upgrade stone to upgrades our Dragon shirts? There are no ways ingame like circlets to change them like in dim merchant (it applies on korea and EU) We are all stuck with the first stage dragon shirt, Adding it to the event will be a very good idea for most players, Please take it into consideration, the market is flooded by dragon scrolls and no one can use it
  13. Increase of bot activity

    They are using Nostromo for the archer super fast killing part
  14. REQUIRED: rework on castle sieges

    Watched sunday siege, MS don't want to let anyone in the server have fun anymore for sure Controls all castle, and bring 1-2 party to annhiliate any enemys that try to come play and have fun After that siege MS will cry for no competition, and ppl detagg, drop war but they won't realise they bring that situation, i saw 30-35 ppl on schuttgard, was ready to pvp the owners of that castle, And poof, MrMind lvl 114 1st in ranking came and 1 shooted everybody before the pvp even started, Who will participate siege after that? Nobody, that's not what they want, but that's what they are getting by doing that
  15. Nova vs MS nova drop war

    This is so true, when they wanted to exp they all detagged to xp in peace, without any pvp, Now they are crying because other clans don't wanna pvp ... You won't get what you always want, That situation won't change anytime soon, they have to bring more dragon weapons/blood sword to fight all those lvl 3's weapon. Atleast pvping at lvl 100-105 range won't get u 1 shooted all time