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  1. Hello I know that necro atm arent in the best best spot. But I still believe that cdl will be overpowered and powerspike for farming. Isn't better to go necro than sorcerer at classic?? I mean I love both classic and sorcerer has that variety with aoe but I believe ain't that big difference between those two. And necro should be beast at pvping
  2. Poharean

    Gludio to giran

    WTT items/arena from gludio to giran. Recently left from gludio server and since the transfer arent possible atm I am looking to trade some adena or even items from gludio to giran thanks in advance
  3. Hello thank you for your reply my fellow lineage friend. I do get the part that summoner classes would be overpowered even broken that's why I never asked for Lower beast ss price. It would damage the balance between classes so I could not agree more with your opinion. All I want to discuss is if it would be good to invest your hard work adena over shots for leveling purposes
  4. I am st gludio myself too. It's TRUE that there are many Spanish based clans out there. But there are a decent amount of clans that they focus on English speaking audience. Like myself I prefer to be on an international clan that it is on English language based. So I joined one and i never had the problem.
  5. Hello my friends. I don't want to complain about anything just having a question. Is it even viable for a DA to farm with beast SS ?? I know the ss are kinda overpriced and to top that the panther use 2x per hit. I know that panther's damage is kinda OP I won't hide behind my finger but I just want to hear your opinions too. Is it worth to invest adena for the shots or just keep doing that without those?? Since the price is high and I don't believe they will fix it in the near future.
  6. I do appreciate the feedback thank you
  7. Hello everyone I am looking forward to make a dark avenger. Since atm I am level 30 I wanna make a question. Is it true that the panther does crappy damage even with ss ?? I heard soloing is nightmare even with pp box because the damage is way low. I know it's tank blah blah whatever I am asking If the panther does decent damage. Some insight will be very useful. Thanks in advance and sorry About my poor English
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