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  1. Yes probably the day after the 26th around 9 am
  2. @Hime @Juji Could the patch notes for Saviors be posted before it goes live? Like a week early, perhaps?
  3. That's a pretty good idea! Why don't you make the buffs from that NPC last for an hour including songs/dances/cov/prophecies? Also,have in-game GMs who will sell you any item (and custom items) you want for a price. /end sarcasm/ The jump from 'normal' lineage to 'illegal server' lineage is not far
  4. If they policed in-game like they police the forums we wouldn't behaving this conversation
  5. I've had more posts deleted than posts not deleted. I definitely noticed lol.
  6. NCWest/NCSoft doesn't care about NA classic. it's blatantly obvious.
  7. I can confirm if you criticize "he who shall not be named" you can get your forum account suspended
  8. qtpi

    Gludio Castle Siege

    There must be .... Sum Ting Wong
  9. qtpi

    Clan Hall Auctions

    Hime, will auctions last 2 weeks like it says on the forum or two days like the NPC says?
  10. zzzz go away jaja.. always exxagerating down ur zerg size and exxagerating up your enemies side. It is nauseating.
  11. Evidently it's against the Code of Conduct to be call out NCSoft employees for moderating the forums better than moderating in-game.
  12. If you are actually watching TV while siege, I hope you are on the opponents side, because you will get picked off very easily. But Degus is 100% correct. This is not a matter of whining; rather it's just another example of NCSofts alleged incompetence. Now, we don't actually know when the siege will be, so it is merely speculation. But so far every argument against the OP's complaint has been essentially "we aren't american" or "we dont like sports".... Not a good argument.
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