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  1. Level cap

    U stopped playing and u say ppl dont leave. If u are checking forums than u can see that shit ton of players left.
  2. Level cap

    First of all im not crying. I don't care. Second of all, nobody knew that update is gonna come this fast because there arent that many 70+ third of all, if there is a level cap then there is a possibility to catch up to cp players if there is not cap then there is no chance to catch up simply because cp's farm and take the only spots that allow u to go over 70. As far as i see u are the one who is crying. Get a psychologist
  3. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    Ayyyyyy great news. Also pretty much solves the lvl cap problem. For now at least. Rune syatem sounds intriguing.
  4. Rate Class

    Make a summoner. U can solo with it without box since it has quite a bit self buffs. Make paladin if u want to play in party aswell. As i said u can solo with paladin np but it deals no dmg, so best way with paladin is to do aoe pt farm.
  5. Two recipe drop

    Not sure. But i think u can buy these whole weapons for cry.
  6. A few questions from the new player

    Dude to drop sb in an hour would be wayyyy to lucky. I at best drop 1 keymat per hour. Gz on scythe tho
  7. Level cap

    It's not 74. There already is lvl 76 and they can pull it to lvl 78-80. That's a big deal. If u think that 4 lvl doesn't mean much then idk what to tell u.
  8. A few questions from the new player

    Fair enough. Funnt how in older versions of l2 u would get the cat at lvl 52 i think.
  9. help me with these

    It was always like this. Actually in this version u can see more stats then u used to see in older versions.
  10. Banned accounts for no reason

    And thus the discussion has ended with all the points cleared.
  11. Rate Class

    Yea u can solo without box, because stun is op. Uses almost no mana and is 7s stun so u just hit rocks all the time. But it's veeeeery slow. That's why i decided to go da when i hit 40. Panther does some nice dmg.
  12. help me with these

    The stat is hidden. There is a bunch of hidden stats.
  13. Bots bots bots

    If it couldve been done easily, they would have done it. I wish that @Juji would release info on how many accounts have been banned since the launch of the server. Pretty sure they ban majority of them but it's hard to fight them when there are bots creating accounts and creating new bots
  14. New here

    Hehe. Sarly u are wrong. Xping later is even slower. But u get some dailies that give u xp in this server after lvl 35. I don't use those super xp scrolls since they only give xo and put u into sp crisis. But it depends on a class.
  15. What is the level cap?

    As far as i know kariks exist.