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  1. Hello. I used to play classic after launch, but i ended up quitting because of the lack of time. I see that the game now has auto hunt function so I am thinking of restarting. I have a lvl 52 pp with all books and a DA with some items that i will abandon now. I don't really wanna spend any money on the game so i was thinking to play support, and since i could use my sls +8 i thought i wanna go with sws. But is it any good? Is it usefull? Or is noone playing in teams anymore? Also what do i do with mats i have on my dwarf?xD nobody seems to buy anything. Thanks for help in advance!
  2. pendants?

    So the only way to upgrade pendants is with varnish from cash shop? or am i wrong? Also are those varnish tradeable? or are they bound?
  3. Lineage II Classic: Saviors Coming February 27

    Anyone know if sa is gonna be there?
  4. Does it get better at lvl 40+?

    I think important thing to note if its ur first classic ar dailies. At 35 u get ur ai daily for xp at 40 u get aden dungeon (small chance to drop dw haste also c armors weapons jewelry) at 45 u get fom daily for xp at 46 2nd aden dungeon. After lvl 40 game is mostly daily quests and if u have some time to grind, cruma is empty mowt of the time.
  5. Spellbook Quest (Another Wish)

    It's never too late to just reroll to wc. Honestly pp or se is mostly box char. If u r not 50+ then i suggest to reroll. Wc gets all the stuff a bit later, but to lvl char to lvl 56 especially with current event is gonna be much easier then getting dw and haste. U will only lack bers and bb bs buffs, but for an active or semi active player wc is more fun. It has decent utility skills and is very comfortable when it comes to pvp.
  6. Well im not saying there is no bot problem, but i haven't seen a game that wouldnt have bot problem
  7. Took the pill just now. Don't get me wrong. I suppose i did sound rude but that wasn't my intent. Now look, most of the illegal servers fight bot problem manually. Most of illegal servers are stuck on one or two chronicles so it's easy to work out the system. Here the games is gonna get updated and new cheats and exploits are gonna come out. U can't fight bots that creates bots manually because u will bankrupt. Another thing is the demand for rmt. It's like drugs. If there is a demand there is gonna be a supply. Look at it from an rmtr perspective. 1kk is minimum 10 usd atm. Heck. I never had an account that would be worth thousands in a couple of months, and im playing solo. That just proves that they are fighting bots plenty effectivelly. Tbh i don't remember the last game where gold value would be this high. The ridiculous adena drop rates make it so that server burns most of adena. U say u are 60+? Nice. Im lower and yet i don't really see that many bots. Most of the bots i saw have been banned. I. Actually befriended those who had the managers looking and responding only to see how longg they would last and they didin't last long.
  8. Dont even know if its worth even playing

    Gratz on getting ur acc back @Warsmith Recently xigncode seems to be making a lot of mistakes like this. Hopefully they will improve it as they promised in the newsletter
  9. They don't ban manually ... Stop using bot
  10. Srsly dude? U care that some random dude is quitting the game? Do u realise how many ppl quit daily? Everyone knows what's wrong with the game. Jesus Christ, if u are playing than u know about everything he was crying in here by experience. What do u expect gms to do better? Thousands of bots have been banned, the rates are made to fight bots. Friggin new games are unable to fight bots, u think this old game, and this server ,which by the way is a side project, could have no bots? Stop playing at ob and move ur ass to higher zones and u will see less bots.
  11. Nobody forced u to neither play nor pay. This is not a job. Don't play if u don't like it.
  12. Dude. I responded out of courtesy. Nobody cares that u quit. There is tons of ppl quitting daily why do u think u are a special case? If u are quitting just quit. I am gonna keep on playing and it's annoying to see post like these. Leave forum to people who are playing and just quit. Whatevrr
  13. Everyone knows about bots. Nobody cares that u quit. No point in crying in a new thread.
  14. WTF is wrong with servers again?

    Not again. They are still fighting the ddos
  15. Acc get banned?

    Wow nice. Never knew that. Thanks for info mate