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  1. Validus/torfe bug

    All this bug time and it was not fixed, why? Other Chronicles that I know as C4, C5, IL, Hellbound has not that bug. But okay, I'm almost leaving server .. My friends are one by one leaving. Server was made for Players ... why doesnt they fix things like players asked for? Is it not simple?
  2. Epic solution to botting

    We have 2 kinf of players about bot... it's simple. who defends bots, is bot user. who hates bots is regular player ....so you can find bot users very faster. ------ active drop ofr mobs / debuff with no captcha success would be p/m def = 0 / p/m atk = 0 1º time catpcha fail = 10min debuff 2º time = 20 min 3º time 24h 4º week 5º month it could work
  3. Aden server is DYING HARDCORE

    NCSoft should to take off spirishots/soulshot from l2classic for some days to teach players how to farm without ss. Or maybe NCSoft should respaw some NPC to give ss for free for all players "casual" and nolife players, free GK for all and increase exp rate to 15x. then players "perhaps" get more happy. I'm (Phantom Summoner lv47 / box PP44) farm in cruma krators without beastshots or soulshot .. its no problem, maybe kill a little bit slow, but till its l2classic way. Bots are the problem. NCSoft must fix bot .
  4. SpiritShot / BlessedSpiritshot slot active

    Okay SpiritShot window is okay, it's just working in a diferent way! Thank you.. Close topic
  5. Validus/torfe bug

    Theres no description on Validus/torf about they ignore summons and hit summoners. It would be fixed , no description not necessary ignore summons. And is not all cruma mobs, this happens only with Validus/Torf. Very Good Spot to farm, but we can't do it because of that. +1 for fix it!
  6. Hi, We have automatic slot for SpiritShot / BlessedSpiritShot, but if I have both types, spiritshot and blessedspiritshot I can not choose which one I want to use. I usually use SpiritShot for farm, If I have BlessedSpiritshot in my bag, it's gets active automatically and i cant use spiritshot. So when I'm farm with SpiritShot and have to PVP, I have no BlessedSpiritshots and it's not good. ( lineage2 English ) lol Please fix it. "Beast" Regards 8)) H3R3G3
  7. Song of Invocation / Song of Water

    up Song of invocation = P/M critical -5% ou resist dark Attack ? Song of Invocation 1 buff 66 0 140000 0 - All party members' chance to be hit by P. Critical Atk./ M. Critical Atk. - 5% for 5 min. MP Consumption is additionally increased if the skill is used while song/ dance effect is in place. At the moment, our songs on gludio NA server gives dark resist

    Lineage classic its about CP Party or Party Random farm, It's not for solo player. Look for some clan faster, dont wast your time farming solo Or you can farm with 2 or 3 friends or random ppl, with no ss use, AOE party or single target, but with no ss. Forgoten Temple and Ant Nest has adena buffed, mobs 2x lot of exp lot of adena you can farm there with top no grade 190k cost.

    In NA classic you dont drop when you die from mob. So, no drop from bots. Killing pets its no problem, Problem is full party BOT with tank healers buffers. Last night I reported party bot, warlord StunShot from TeamUSA + SE + WC all full top D burning soulshot with perfect full assist. KS all the time and no answers when I called them. We have to keep reporting, last day GM banned lots of bots, Cruma Crater is free from bots. THX NCSoft ... thats what we want ... ........

    His 54 lvl crafter. We so arhd adena, exp ... it makes me though, is he bot use? We log, we farm , we do AOE party, CP/CLAN even randon, and till no adena no gear no exp. And crafter 54 ? how is it possible? bot bot bot Server full bot, I made post report with photos, and it was deleted. Last night I had to ks bots in forgoten templo, they are stronger CP bot ... its ver awful to play this game! illegal server has bann system, and this official dont have nothing to protect us from bot. Why? In Cruma, full CP elemental summoner wc spoil EE, Full CP, Full assist on krators porta excuro ... lots of prof blod, karmian fulldrop C .. just for 1 player bot. and why? If some private open a new world classic low rate, we gonna have a massive migration from official to private. Low adena drop its no problem, low exp its not.. I love it. Problem is bot... some plays use full CP bot to farm adena, then log main buy SS top Gear and go farm PVP ... its not fair. PLS ADN .. stop with this.. block ban ... do somethig.. . gludio is losing players ....
  11. I'm seriously thinking about to quit l2 official server because of bots Adena bot and players bot Why does adminis dont do nothing ? I bought some stuffs to enjoy server, but now it's no longer fun because of bots.