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  1. The macro is still slow ...
  2. Macro progression is too slow in auto-hunting.
  3. " World Olympiad matches will start in November and heroes will be announced on December 1 " You assume these servers will still be populated in December, without any actual fixes? That is some wishful thinking. -Mobs are still spawning in out of reach places, like tree tops and rocks. -Elemental Summoners are still OP and easy to bot, and are cleaning newbie zones of mobs making it difficult for new players to xp. -Ruins of Agony is nothing but 3rd party program bots farming adena. Still see the same bots there from months ago even after multiple reports. How about we just get a pro-active GM on servers a few days a week, eh? That would save this game.
  4. No halloween events? Book still worthless in npc? When will they reverse it?