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  1. Skill "Tree of Life" Aore Cardinal

    The "tree of life" skill of Aore Cardinal needs to be improved, as it currently does not serve for various situations, examples: low hp, then is destroyed by weak monsters is not immune to debuffs like stun and this nullifies its healing and debuff removal effects the healer Aore Eva's Saint has her tree improved, in the case of Aore Cardinal it could remain the same only with the following changes: be immune to debuffs have more hp (receiving hp bonus from owner) have more defense (receiving defense bonus from the owner) it could still be destroyed normally, unlike the "Tree of Sephiroth" this would update the skill and improve its use in the game
  2. Zureil vs LordSpoyl . . . 12 Secs

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4OMc3Z60Rw free points or feed? :v gf " King of Kings "
  3. first no error is fixed with another error the first mistake was not to fix the problem of other players forcing some of the AFK macro to be pk second mistake was to withdraw the penalty causing the following: players who chase others / players who don't like specific clans can kill the will without penalty let's say your clan is at war, but you want to experiment: before you left the clan to come back later and everything is fine, today even without a clan you are still being chased I could give several other examples, but it all boils down to: who has more strength decides who plays very easy for big alliances to order hunts for players who are trying to level up to fight against them anyway ... my solution to this problem would be PVE zones with no PVP allowed (zone restriction) except for those with active WAR
  4. MS fails Zariche's defense and loses 10b

    about me despite not being in any cp I always do what I can against those who stand in my way that is the case of MS, I have videos of several pvps and registered sieges, I fight MS since I joined the Innecircle and against Truffle since I entered the Ephemeral in the server Zaken (today Ashura after the merge) all because I do not agree with the conduct and methods of these players and in Chronos whenever I saw some initiative against MS I supported and I continue to support, I was a member of LB / OG and I am currently in FS, but because I am a support I can only use 100% of my ability with a well-equipped group and on the other hand I am not willing to lose my freedom to accept rules of some clans after all nobody helped me to get where I am, for a stand alone I think I give enough headache to MS
  5. by iVirtual + #TeamNova The video is self-explanatory, but the whole form of crying is free and accepted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq_IYL-SbCg please let your crying below
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btkteoOluPk history of Etina and how their actions ended up awakening the fafurion, with scenes of trailers and of instances
  7. Siege 4.28.19 - Nova PoV

    a good example to understand MS behavior: as well as dogs that like to bark when they are stuck to show they are ferocious and when they are loose they are meek the MS likes to demonstrate strength, but in fact they are very fragile, this I demonstrate in several videos
  8. Healer 106 LF CP

    my focus is PvP but no problem to PvE and some sieges Main Healer 106 (Aore Cardinal) / Dual Tank 105 (Phoenix Knight) Dark Weap+12 (HP) / Dark Robe +10 portuguese or english (basic) speak GMT -3 about time mail me in Chronos

    the day arrived and what happened was as follows, DH lost Aden and the same MS with all its members can not help, I'll be in Chronos siege to make MS lose Aden too, you have 1 week to prepare Mr. Forum Warrior
  10. Chronos Castle seige

    I see things a little more ahead and since I am neither MS nor Renovation I can give an exempt opinion is natural of any clan / ally seek domination, fun is not the goal itself, but the process when some ally gets big enough to keep in check this makes new players want to be part of it, increasing inequality (after all everyone wants to be on the winning side and over time I've seen many players change sides to maintain their status) when to the specific Chronos I have no doubt that there are enough players to bring down the MS, the problem is that they fight each other but let's say a great alliance happens and overthrow the MS, and then? Will the server split again? after some time of reign another covenant would have to arise to repeat the precess? the problem in itself is the great centralization 1 a strong clan appears - 2 this clan takes power - 3 players wanting status / loot seek to join that clan - 4 the server is dominated - 5 players who are not of the alliance dominant dissatisfied with this get together and take power I have seen this cycle repeat itself several times, there is no right or wrong side all clans have a share of players misconduct in the game, with no exceptions in relation to siege of Chronos both me and other players like Renovation we stopped participating in sieges (something I realized), MS can have all the castles, let them lose 2 hours alone in the end even if they win they will lose, because the game will not be fun, if someone want to stay 2 hours serving of punching bag for the fun of the MS okay I like the sieges, but under current conditions it is unfair, I finally showed the cycle, the problems and the solution would be players divided into smaller clans where most castles would have some pvp, but this only lasts until one side lose and seek allies to help and the cycle repeats itself
  11. vídeo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT11T16ZNnU I did my part, now I hope they post some video with me, that's if they ever won some do not cry, this is the reality you have to accept it #BestHealer I love all my fans
  12. Ty for Cake MS #JustUniteTeam

    I would like to thank the members of MS for being kind and left a spot reserved for my group, left the drops and Cake too, we love you, video below:
  13. Hi, my suggestion regarding this quest is as follows: that all mobs of giant cave and hellbound can give the items, because for classes of support like tank, healer and iss it is more difficult to be able to do them without help, then for example in giant cave a healer / tank / iss could make the quest of part 3 exalted together with the faction in the lower part with party, as it is more common classes of damage to do the quest of the 10k with macro I believe this would help a lot, players with damage would still be able to do with macro and the supports could go in group in the lower part especially in relation to giant cave, because even the mobs of the high part are not so easy to defeat
  14. THE GODS!!

    is not today that THE GODS make these videos that look like movie trailer, are really fun indeed even though I'm not in any of the clans I like watching the circus catch fire very closely *--* I do not participate in the drama in the forum, but this time I was summoned because they quoted my nick, a consequence of being famous :3 anyone can notice that new members of #TeamNova are equivalent to 3 MS partys or more, I think it will be a bit difficult for Truffle's friends
  15. Healer lf CP

    PvP or PvE cp sieges/xp/factions/instances about me: lvl 103, Dark Robe +10, lv3 brooch jewells, languages english or portuguese pm in game or mail to iVirtual