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  1. @DonnieBlunt " A new rune system is on the way and it will allow players to modify their weapons to be more powerful. Using a rune will add a special ability to Grade-D weapons or better. "
  2. @StanxFZ Do you see oly in this update? @Wellanx Maybe they are making it with part 1, 2 etc
  3. @Qwald Archers are criting already your change for 40 crit rate will dont do anything good, If you want escape meele warrior just place speed in weepon they will not get you. Why daggers need to place crit rate runes in weapon if they have good crit rate or arhcers the same, they will place speed rune.
  4. @Qwald Balance is when mage class will come and starting nuke you and when you are near him you are almost dead, that crit rate is for balancing, 40 is too low, hammers had focus in SA (risk focus)
  5. @Manjakas 61lvl destro here, buy c grade pag sword or karik horn (both weapon 6kk) and start farming in cruma tower from lvl 40-54 monster have blunt weapon weaknes but pag sword will do more crit, i picked karik horn because of hammer crush skill. What you have on box accounts? pp+bd would be good
  6. 40 crit rate bonus max? LoL... Stupid idea
  7. Wedu

    BackStab bug

    classic: Attacks the enemy's unprotected back with 1273 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a dagger to be equipped. Over-hit. Critical. orfen: Attacks the enemy's unprotected back with 1107 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a dagger or dual dagger to be equipped. Over-hit, critical hit and half-kill are possible. @Wellanx
  8. Remember that you need to have managiver in you meele pt if you want to make trains
  9. WL+WC or PP+EE+spoil + potencial dd destro with pole or single target if needed
  10. Wedu


    sucks at PVE, good on pvp
  11. As for the SB it does not matter what level only what they give and how much they are needed, if there is a large group of people who wants to hunt this SB the price for it grows the same with EWD and EWC, more people are with D grade weapons and because instances exists more people also have scrole C grade. If there is a lot of something with little interest the price will go down. It's good that company is making money but it is no good if they poor in game support.
  12. Classic is not for you I see. I farmed on spider quest to get 3200 adena to at last get my top non grade weapon. If you want somthing you need to work for it
  13. Pls dont bring drop item from players, there will be so much hate and cry because of this, peaople stuning others with treins on their back or giving bleed. This is stupid idea.
  14. Tonight **** tryed use on me report option and i had to write some number just because i was passing by and killed some mobs. This is how players abuse report option.
  15. ONLINE GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We NEED GM! We need PURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I think it works fine as a artisan+ golem i get yesterday 2 full drops and tonight 5 full drops
  17. you can allways run from giran to dv
  18. pk system is broken, people come on spot ks mobs and you cant do anything. I hope the teleport event will end after this week.
  19. then dont play it if you dont want low accacury... play destro he have good accacury.
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