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  1. I know how you feel and I understand that addiction, I literally forced myself about an hour ago to throw about 30mil of gear on the ground and log out - there is no comming back from losing that gear at my level and this will stop me logging in again.
  2. Gludio Castle Siege

    After this I'm not going to comment any further because you obviously have a bee up your ass over something. Go take a look what factual means, then go observe everything regarding the first siege date and the superbowl, now put what you learn from the previous 2 steps together and you then have a factual observation that there are enough of the American playerbase displaying such an entitled attitude so as they conform to my statement. This is completely different from the racist and xenophobic comments rampant in game. I assume from your statement " Why is bashing races and religions objectionable but bashing countries is okay?" you saw my now mod deleted post backing some guy for action on IG racism and have decided to go deep sea forum diving to quote me on something that is neither racist or xenophobic and try make it out to be - because what, your that mad that I would suggest something should be done? You don't want to be held accountable for your IG racism or something? I don't get it, why are you so fraught that you would go dig that quote out if not as a defence for your behaviour? Curious.
  3. Gludio Castle Siege

    Factual observation of behaviour versus irrational hate because of creed. Your welcome.
  4. Reading these forums is the hardest thing in L2 history.
  5. Had to share my failure....

    You appear to be an SE, most curious.
  6. Newbie questions

    Forgotten temple one of the side rooms water side, it spawns ritmal swordsman, undine lakin, lizardmen scouts, about 8 mobs in total iirc, has small room off end with 2 more, once clear there is time to pull mobs from the main corridoor room if nobody is is exping there. Elven scout, buffs are out of party EE buffs(lol) haste pot, vamp stew, cursed maingauche, elven jewl set, manticore set.
  7. Newbie questions

    1. Bots are always going to be a thing, it's not as rampant as some drama queens claiming they can't even find a mob to kill in hours, as levels grow bots decrease, worst is up to about 35 zones. 2. Check time zones, Aden and Gludio are quieter servers though. 3. Don't see why not I'm playing an hour-ish a day and doing half a level mid 30's with no VIP currently active. 4. Talk to the guide NPC or whatever hes called at spawn point, get the blue gem, talk again and you get a few SS, follow quest chain and you'll get a weapon, armour, last part of the quest which is about level 17 is repeatable 3 times for 1K SS and 100 HP pots each turn in or something like that off top of my head. 1-20 is a doddle really. Super important: Box a buffer, don't be that guy that wants classic to be all about finding random parties back in the day, especially joining late on, you will categorically need a buffer, or if your main is a buffer, box a DPS char or you are going to suffer and quit really fast.
  8. You didn't do it on time though, you did it 2 seconds late, if the server crashed it crashed, it was a terrible idea to wait til the last second, did you confuse L2 with ebay???

    3 is a drag even for a wizard, box an SE imo for heals/buffs/mana, PK is solid enough DPS to get to 40 in a reasonable time frame.
  10. Check existing names

    I actually know a few from Teon back then playing, is there anyone in particular or clan that you are after? I might know of.
  11. Check existing names

    Go make a new character and put the name as their name, will tell you if taken or avail.
  12. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    This thread is whining in it's purest, the "I do like sports so I'm going to flail around calling a games company incompetent and invite people to disagree but when they do just call them mouth breathers because of potentially releasing content on a bad day for me" etc is a great arguement? It's ridiculous entitlement is what it is, Tbh, I'm clearly not alone in thinking NCsoft should be focused on delivering content and certainly not checking if content release dates are going to clash with Decayed's grannies birthday lunch. To reiterate because I think you missed the point entirely, the arguement is NCsoft is a games company running a niche service for a few thousand, out of that demographic quite a lot aren't going to watch superbowl because a) it's not their thing and PC games are b) it's not a thing in their respective country c) they are going to rationally adult and pick which one they prefer spending their leisure time doing.
  13. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    I had 500million population from somewhere ha, even so 66% is the majority. That's what it boils down to that very very few players are going to have to make a choice between a game and the game, this is further watered down by the fact that L2C NA playerbase is far from 100% NA players
  14. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    I hope your being ironic.
  15. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    The wonderful logic is you thinking a games company should schedule content around a sporting event this is just another topic with someone (you) whining because you can't have something your way and have a go at NCsoft for it, make your choice video game or sporting event, not hard! Maybe think outside the box bro, put your TV near your PC and do both, that's if you can multitask anyway - I see that your apparently only able to "nose breathe." do both, profit.