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  1. XP System for WYNN!

    hi there, since i'm wynn on main class, how can i make it work without going on melee attack??? the pets dont attack sorry for the "newbish" question, but sincerely, i could use some help in this. tyvm
  2. This. P.S. ***REWARDS**
  3. What are you listening to right now?

  4. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    Its good news that the "producer" wrote a direct letter to the community, concerning the "blast from the past" and the "future". What concerns me though is this: WHY did he wrote that letter? What's his purpose? Trully, it's encouraging to know that the servers still have future BUT... you people don't hear a thing... Most players left, and what is going on, regarding the events, is that in the end of the day, we need money to play. 2-3 free events for all players with low possibilities to win the great item though, as with the p2w, but mostly, P2W. People have left from live servers, gone to classic, then left from there, and i dont say that out of my mind, i see the server status, now and then. So, how LineageII, a game we all love, since we are still playing, is going to revive itself? Most people do quit from the very 1st day since they cant even get close the high-gear people, not even close to be able to suit up after level 85. As it concerns me, i would like a more precise letter about the server are going to be ALIVE again and in the situation they are now. FFS, we cant even make a daily pt. NO PPL AROUND!!! OPEN UR EYES!!!! Thank u for ur time and i hope for better days...
  5. Libra, how does reawakening work ?

    do u also know, if i reawaken my dual class, that have dyes, will i have after reawakening or do i have to remove them so i dont lost all of them?
  6. Hello there, i was wondering IF and WHEN the Rudolf Agathion is gonna be implented in the L2Store again and if there is any other similar/better permanent agathion than that! Thank you!
  7. Live Server FUTURE Events

    Good morning Hime, I dont mean to offence any1 in here. I asked a question and I wanted an answer. Thank u for ur reply and I will find and post what I read just to answer ur question (where I read that).
  8. I read somewhere that there will be no event in Live Server in which mobs will drop items FOR the event (a.k.a. non p2w event), something that doesn't stand for Classic servers as well. I wanna ask simply if that is true and if yes, what is the future of the Live server players? Only donators and in the meantime the Live Players will support the economic assistance that Classic server needs? What about the players that dont wanna p2w and DO want to enjoy IG free events? @Juji @Hime
  9. About Fishing

    Before the update with the baits, i remember that in every 400m of baits we had 200m profit. has any1 tested with the new ones? more or less?
  10. agree. thats why i should have said "farm event". something u have to work for... so the game could have a better meaning (to me at least) than killing mobs and raising factions all the time... no fun in it...
  11. the points is, if its p2w im not gonna join it as i havent done this far. i only care for normal events with medium/good rewards. as the previous ones with the coins and the chrono weapons. thats why im asking. cause im bored of waiting some actual event to take place... only p2w events are happening most of the time...
  12. vote my idea for an ideal macro usage

    well, as i am one of the "afk macro looper botting crowd", @Draecke, i have to tell u that it is a game and it is supposed to be fun for EVERYONE. not some random active guys, like you, who have nothing else to do in their lives OR they get profit out of it (supposingly speaking). if u get offended of what im saying, drink a soda, cause its true and u know it. if macro loop ends permanently, L2 is dead. the L2 market is DEAD, everything will be dead. there will be no fun even for you that u stay hours and hours in front of ur PC and strike the F keys watching ur pixel do staff (the true meaning of l2 game). and i can take it a bit further if u like, cause as it seems im the only one that understands the moves a company. did it ever cross ur mind that live servers aren't so "live" any more? and in the middle of that "crisis", macro get off (by mistake i wanna believe) and 3 classic servers Arise. so, no more money from the idea of taking L2 a bit further -but getting the more profit as we can- {company policy} and... hooray!!! NEW SERVERS and overcrowded!!! do u see the picture of it or do i have to explain even more? in the end, for u, the macro is bad, cause u have already spent too many hours to do what u wanna do in this game. for others, for me as well, we raise our toons with almost "LEGAL" ways, cause yes afk isnt allowed, yet it exists. so we can all have the fun that the remainings of L2 has to offer. So, with limited macro use, guess who is NOT gonna have fun anymore??? and im not talking for "RIGHT NOW", but after, days, months, years. Cheers and good morning! Have fun y'all!