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  1. Client goes OFF

  2. Client goes OFF

    any ideas? @Juji @Hime
  3. Client goes OFF

    i did it too, it repaired, but the problem persists...
  4. Cant log...

    same here @Juji @Hime
  5. Client goes OFF

    ty for ur reply friend but it didnt work... i also reinstalled launcher but didnt work either. i can normally log from my desktop... but my laptop is what i use more and for some reason now i cant... since i got the dc on all my 3 clients... any other suggestion that may help? thnx in advance!!
  6. Client goes OFF

    The Launcher goes, i press Start, game's launching and... Game window closed! Any ideas about this?
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

    Is this for real? How could I verify that? The server settings I mean
  8. ISS dominator.

    Well, the first class I even started at official servers was the dominator. He was bleeping cool and useful as it concerned clan farm or pvp. Now it's one of the most useless class. He doesn't even get the trio sonatas ffs... Are there any plans for this class or is it going to be "useless/deleted" as all the other ones?
  9. Error in Log in?

    I get this text in log in screen and then the client is closing: Log In <0> The client will be closed. Continue? (0) any ideas?
  10. XP System for WYNN!

    hi there, since i'm wynn on main class, how can i make it work without going on melee attack??? the pets dont attack sorry for the "newbish" question, but sincerely, i could use some help in this. tyvm
  11. This. P.S. ***REWARDS**
  12. What are you listening to right now?

  13. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    Its good news that the "producer" wrote a direct letter to the community, concerning the "blast from the past" and the "future". What concerns me though is this: WHY did he wrote that letter? What's his purpose? Trully, it's encouraging to know that the servers still have future BUT... you people don't hear a thing... Most players left, and what is going on, regarding the events, is that in the end of the day, we need money to play. 2-3 free events for all players with low possibilities to win the great item though, as with the p2w, but mostly, P2W. People have left from live servers, gone to classic, then left from there, and i dont say that out of my mind, i see the server status, now and then. So, how LineageII, a game we all love, since we are still playing, is going to revive itself? Most people do quit from the very 1st day since they cant even get close the high-gear people, not even close to be able to suit up after level 85. As it concerns me, i would like a more precise letter about the server are going to be ALIVE again and in the situation they are now. FFS, we cant even make a daily pt. NO PPL AROUND!!! OPEN UR EYES!!!! Thank u for ur time and i hope for better days...
  14. Libra, how does reawakening work ?

    do u also know, if i reawaken my dual class, that have dyes, will i have after reawakening or do i have to remove them so i dont lost all of them?