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  1. Hi peeps, Could some1 tell me how can we get Star Sing and what is the chance of getting it? Thnx in advance
  2. Hey peeps, I wanna lvl up an enchanter but i dont rly know which ia best to lvl up... Spoiler or crafter? Any opinions and why...? Thnx in advance!
  3. First of all, thank you for the "free" event. Second of all, whats the point of doing a free event since anyone CANNOT win!? Yesterday, before the update, i opened more than 1200 bags, not even bother counting the snake cards, and i only picked 7 Lineage 2 cards? Seriously now? And as if that wasnt enough, with so many cards, the rewards were just crap? Seriously, why do you bother programming and planning such events? So you can tell the people "here are your free events"!? "free to play"! Come on now, this is just ridiculous. GJ!
  4. So, Letter Event rewards summary, with 12 toons farming, without considering the nerf: 1x rune stone 1x royal white save ticket 1x bewr 1x essence of time 1x sayha talisman stg 6 1day 59x bear 940x ear 163x gear 166x ewr 64x silenite 62x elcyum crystal 125x freya charisma potions Looking for more rewards just for checking the "free" event!
  5. Well, after the L2Store event i think that the Letter event got nerfed. Maybe its my opinion, but as a player that posesses 4 PCs and i pretty much farm every free event, in the 1st 2 weeks i got better drops. Not mentioning that the High Rewards never come to the table.
  6. Hi people, I might be the only one that im asking but... Are there any changes done to the "auto pick up"? We have this Letter Event now and what i see around are long range DDs that 1shot mobs. These people, how dafak do they pickup? Thnx in advance! ?
  7. Hi, now that the Red Libra event is up, can i, somehow, change my Dual Class to main class? Thnx in advance!
  8. + on that. I'd like an answer too.!!! @Juji @Hime
  9. Hello all, I was wondering, has any1 gotten any good rewards from the free event or is it just me that i've receives a few silenites, enchant scrolls and ss/pots? The only serious one i got is a sayha's talisman for 1 day that it didnt even give the active skills...
  10. Also, for those who managed to have 1 of the 2 mentees graduated, and since there are no rewarda for 1/2, how will it work for them?
  11. Hi peeps, I read, at the preliminary Tales Untold patch notes, that the Mentee Fostering Quest in which we obtain mentee coins for atlas eareings or other staff, will be deleted. So, ubless its just me with the question mark over my head, how do we obtain Mentee Coins since it will be deleted? Through email? Thnx in advance!
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