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  1. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    there are epics inside....just for 30 days....
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    no its not. server went down at 14.00 now its 16.34...thats exactlx 2 hours and 34 minutes...
  3. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    Sadly enough you can write here what u want. I think this Hime or Juji not even reading this. For the game updates, NCsoft follows the Korean Japan version, that's how they created and refined the classic. It's kind of not the fault of them, because they tell them to make those update. For the bots but we can absolutely blame NCsoft for the laziness. I did my class change quest on 2 chars and i swear i not even saw 1 real players in all the zones, but thousands of elven summoner bots. I still cant understand why they take no action again this massive flood of bots. Im writing so many tickets to the support but wtf im a gamer and not someone 24/7 write support tickets....why we have gamemasters and NCsoft workers..... @Hime @Juji i talked to you in the MDT and u said your the wrong person for bot problems but hell can you not do something for us and talk to the people from NCsoft who banning acc ? You just need to run across all areas from lvl 0 - 60 and the only thing u will see are bots.
  4. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    yeah kind of sad since they have not even have the guts to talk to us in the forum, i mean everyone know the servers are flooded with bots and they not even care to answer some questions in the forum. Is there a reason you ignore us @Hime @Juji ? Does the money people spend in your game is not enough to make a fair and bot free server ?
  5. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    i really was shocked doing myclass change quest. i think i saw not 1 real player in any of the zones i did my quest. thousends of elven summoner bots and small bot groups with dwarf orc and dark elf. its just unbelivible that is official server. but since they not answer any question or consern about bots, i dont think it will change. i just lvl now with rb groups so i dont have to see the bots in the lvl areas. high lvl areas 50 are still bot free or i havent saw any so long. but i think that will last not long until they reach this point too, since they not get banned. i mean if there are 100 elven summoner in 1 region, there is something wrong and i should consider them as bots but seems like ncsoft dont care, dont want to care or just think they are real players....i dont know.
  6. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    @Juji @Hime you dont add anything to the game, you dont ban bots. So i cant even do my class change quest because every area is filled with bots. Instead, you just put some more pay2win items in the shop, so that players have no need to farm or do anything in the game ? Why not sell character boost to lvl80 ? So people need not to lvl and not to farm just buy all from you ingame shop !
  7. Full of bots

    they dont care.
  8. Is the game worth coming back to

    Maybe they will add soon a item in cash shop so you dont get dc
  9. They will add soon a item in the shop to increase the drop more from this dungeon. Like the Ncsoft way is.
  10. Maybe they think this 3k elven summoner bots are real players ? the population of giran server now down under 5k with a static 3.5k -4k at all hours. so i would say about half or more are bots, just a shame that this publisher is doing nothing. but implement a pay2win item in the ingame shop that was done fast.
  11. Bots in spider nest. / Server Aden.

    Or for example cruma swamp...im sorry but there are like 250 bots farming 24/7 so @PhoenixMitra, why you want always the player, do the work? i did like 20 tickets with hundreds of bot names and what now? still 200+ bots in cruma. do you not think its time that the game publisher has to do something? just do me a favor and log into the game and run to cruma swamp and gordon flower garden on giran server and you know what u find there ? hundreds or better thousands of elven summoner bots. Adding pay to win items in the shop, that was really fast done but making the server bot free or even try to make it bot free sounds like a struggle....
  12. The Rumours were true !~No more bots~!

    That was quite a good one @Hime @Juji i hope you can laugh also. i just tried the foran flower garden on giran server, same like cruma swamp....i would say over 200 bots maybe 300 but hey i hope you like what you offer the paying player base.
  13. Warlock - tips

  14. Blind Support? LF fair play

    My english is not really the best but I have no clue what you're talking about. Use google translate in your language - > english
  15. I got the same error message after a month and its a ip block on the side of ncsoft. Use a VPN and u can log in normally. After 2 days talking with the support, they lifted the IP ban for whatever reason.....i still don't know why they blocked it, maybe its a provider problem. i don't know. But what i mentioned earlier, just use a vpn program and you can log in normal.