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  1. Whats coming up?

    More p2win like the dragon pendant less forum pressence from community managers (well its nearly to 0 so i dont know ) more bots ( tried yesterday again cruma swamp, not 1 real player but around 150 elven bots) 5 elven bots for 1 mob and in some areas from cruma swamp there even more fighting for 1 mob. Gludio gk and dion gk you see the scripting bots every second. But hey its f2p enjoy it. good work ncsoft.
  2. They wont do anything.
  3. You have understand it. But hey you could spend some more $$ in the shop.
  4. Dragon pendants event details

    of course not. do you think ncsoft will stop selling them in the shop ? every new player needs the chance to take part in the pay2win shop. so i dont think they will stop selling it.
  5. Classic Server Population.

    i logged today in and what i see ? every town is filled with scripting elemental bots, running and lvl down on the same spots every few seconds. Cruma swamp filled with over 150 bots of elemntal summoners. Yeah im sure you see a lot of people.
  6. Classic Server Population.

    dont panic, the next one coming soon
  7. Live from Giran cruma swamp

    yep true everything is ok.
  8. Live from Giran cruma swamp

    Giran server : 10 minutes i watched now gludio gk, every few seconds coming a new elven bot running on a script on the same pos and porting away. And thats how the chat looks when you port in a new town.
  9. Live from Giran cruma swamp

    Party matching full with adena sellers. Adena selling privat shops around the gk. Adena selling spammers in white chat and privat messages....how can you miss all those and say you have a team that logging into the game ?
  10. Live from Giran cruma swamp

    i was around 1 min in cruma swamp and saw over 100 - 150 bots. but the numbers dont lie https://playl2.eu/?full ti lost over 1.4k and giran has also quite a bit less. yesterday evening at 20.00 there was like 4.4 or something, sadly the game loosing more and more but with that engagment and sadly 0 interest from Nscoft side its not wonder. They just constant lie about the server since start, they not even responding in the forum to so many topics / replys and postings its just sad to see how they dealing with customers. i was really defending Ncsoft at the start and provide the support with so many tickets with hundreds of bot reports and pictures i manually did in hours and hours. But the only thing you get are automated answers with the same 2 or 3 lines in every ticket and it doesnt change anything because if you look at the picture above, for gods sake if there would be anyone logging into the game how they say how can you miss and ignore those bots in every location on the server. its not that they hide they just scripting to lvl down in the towns, they bot everywhere so why is it so hard to do anything ?
  11. Im so excited to show you how alive the Giran server is, with so many new players playing in cruma swamp. They all summoners, maybe they know something we dont know. There are not bots everyone is a real player and Ncsoft doing a great job. Because they have a team logging into the game and banning bots. And im really happy that we get so many Infos and have this active conversations with Ncsoft staffs. Feels good man. https://ibb.co/vvsM4wN
  12. Hime is an Inactive Member?

    yep they do the best what they can, ignore everything and ruin everything with p2win lets go more items are on the way.
  13. Classic 3.0 (kamael) update KR

    Well you cant blame those directly, if you want to stay competetive on higher lvl u need this stuff. Im happy skelth have those items ingame and u can get all for free.
  14. +1 quit list

    Im not quite sure from what event you talking, the event is that u get 4 pendants for free and dragon pendant will stay ingame forever. So the problem with the pendant will not get away after the "event" is over. And yeah the servers took quite a nice kick, ti is over 1k lower and the giran server got lower too. Just a matter of time but since Ncsoft absolute dont care and they milked enough money they will just close the servers or they will continue like this....with no support in forum, no community manager answer question, adding more p2win stuff to get much money out of it as possible. Happy hunting and spending $ .
  15. Till when the Community managers gonna be SILENT

    Maybe....well not even a single word since last weeks downtime. That service they provide is just unbelivible.