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  1. get out your mastercard or paypal and join the pay2win event. easy money
  2. get a cursed maingauche if possible and join rb farming, then after 40 you can lvl with your pet easy.
  3. there is store in giran selling ss but for a new player they way to expensive. atfer 40 you can summone the shots yourself. just wait after 40 before buy them.
  4. Dude just easy, Spend thousend dollars on the new event --> get the talisman to lvl 10 and sell it for adena. Easy or ? thats how they want to do it, be happy .
  5. Wow classic coming soon, atleast its a company that care for his game, with working events and no pay2win shit and banning bots. On the other side we have Ncsoft. Give a fu** for his players, no GMs, whole server full with bots, pay2win event after pay2win event, adding +16 a b / s weapons, boss jewels just to cash grab more money. Why should you farm bosses? Just add some real money. L2 was really nice but Ncsoft was able to ruin the game 2 times on the same way. Sadly they dont answer to any of those topics because in the end what will they tell ? Yes your right, we are liers
  6. And now what u want to tell us ? This is how Ncsoft wants the game, p2win wtith bots. they even removed the bot report button because they give a shit what u think. In the end people with spend thousend of dollars in this pay2win shit. Can you remember what @Juji said at the live stream ? THERE ARE NOT PAY 2 WIN ITEMS IN THE SHOP and baem 1 p2win after another. Wait for wow classic the onyl advice i can give you, because there will come more botting and more p2win every month. I would lovely see what @Juji or @Hime say to this but like always they dont care and dont respond to a
  7. Dagger mmds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq5oXN29I7s sadly i cant find the titan video...damn that was some crazy shit lol
  8. well for that i was really suprised that they reduced the cast time and increased the range. But thats Korea, i remember some videos from a titan on jap or Korea cant remember....he was at 35k hp and dealt like 10k damage. During pvp he was taking agro from rb to heal himself....same goes for the phantom ranger and hist fatal counter. How can you implement such a skill. Cdl for example sucks in pvp but its the same mechanic.
  9. wait for dagger 1 hitting you with 15k damage. maybe get 1 shot by a dark elf archer with fatal counter. maybe get feared nonstop from a tank 2 hittet from orc in frency
  10. i want that arbalester but im not sure if he can win again other archers. he has no lethal shot, no death sting no 79 aoe. well we will see when they come.
  11. Wait for WOW classic, at least they dont cash grab all your money to play the game and the game is real classic. the l2classic is far far away from even beeing called classic. +16 weapons, Boss jewels, dragon pendants ---> all p2win and im sure soon the brooches coming again p2win from the shop and after that the +10 capes are coming also from the shop and so on and so on.
  12. dude they dont care, Korea gives the updates and ncsoft west just follow the exact same rout. massive bots massive p2win thats how lineage 2 classic is in Korea. People want lineage 2 essence ? yeah more bots more pay2win. Look this @Juji after the l2 classic stream THERE WONT BE ANY PAY2WIN ITEMS IN THE SHOP and baem pay2win all the way. They wont change anything. Just use your energy anywhere else because have you seen this lier to talk in any Thread about pay2win or bots ? not 1.
  13. Maybe try to get under the section lineage 2 ? i got the same problem but i was on the wrong page and after i switched all worked fine. if you click the button on the message after you start the old launcher, it will get you to the nc launcher page, dont download that. On the top of screen click games ->> lineage 2 --> download and you get the correct download. i have no idea who came up with that but thats just lol....hope it worked for you
  14. How the titel say. @Juji @Hime are there any plans for this update in the near future ?
  15. do you remove the won items ? kinda not fair if they keep them.
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