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  1. Good afternoon (using google translate) Previously, we had 6 buff melody, so NCsoft on its own modified, and joined two melody in one, ie, it was precisely the melody that increases atack speed and casting speed, before, each gave a certain percentage and merging the two, the percentage were also unified, creating an equivalent percentage. The problem is precisely this, NCsoft makes the changes and does not seek to reflect on this. Previously, before turning GOD, we had many buff, each buff had a function only, so the abilities to cancel buff from the mages and some other class, ev
  2. How to attract novice players if NCsoft was unable to combat users using banned programs? And that today, these users have simply become the bosses of the servers they are, have they created their powerful clans? In the same Freya, you realize that most heroes simply do not chat in hero chat, that's why, they're chars set up to just pick up the statu of hero, and this, no one can deny. Because it can attract new players if Ncsoft creates so many items that it destroys every argument of the player's ability, the items today is who commands the games. Player wants to: 1 - To be able
  3. God, did they balance the class? Wrong, they made the Feoh gods, making them extremely superior in everything, with that skill that is always activated that absorbs 95% damage, Sigel Knight were great for PVE, but are weak for PVP, even more that his skills mostly limits him , can not use certain skills when it activates some, making the annoying char to control, because it is full of can not, can not do that. Summoner is not weak, he is a DD made for 1 verse 1 and ready, it is not to withstand several attacks at once. Summoner easily throws Sigel, throws Iss easily, he only has difficulty wit
  4. I think summoner is too appealing ... A class that invokes animals with extra abilities, NCsoft needs to know how to balance things. Well, the Summoner only takes advantage of Feoh, Othel and Archer, Feoh and Archer because they have damage in very freaky areas, and Othel, due to their ability to release very much Half Kill, but in view of other classes that give low damage or medians, Summoner takes a tremendous advantage, not to mention that it is a class that attacks one at a time. If a Summoner uses items that decreases demage, and critical demage, and by having ability to deal damage with
  5. Summoner and Tyrrs weak? Where these classes are weak, of course, they are not at odds against a certain class for example. But, use as an argument that in the Olympics are seen more Sigel / Feoh / Iss / Archer / Othel and Eviscerator? Depends, Eviscerator is a class that belongs to the universe of Tyrr Warrior for example. Feoh today is the class to beat, after he has gained a skill that is active all the time, where he consumes only mana and absorbs 95% of the damage. Wynn Summoner is a class that deals damage, a class that invokes two strong animals, which these animals have distinct a
  6. As we all know, before the upgrade, we had 6 buff races called melody. Well, after this update, NCsoft with its intelligence merged two melody making only one, then of 6 passed to 4 buff tune. Well, I've noticed that NCsoft, and its creators seem like when it creates something, a skill for some character or class, it seems they do not test, or they analyze how that will work over time. Well, I'm talking about the ability to remove buff, the skills that cancel buff. Let's face it, it's a very damaging skill to the game. I do not know if NCsoft tests them on mass pvp, or with the fully loaded bu
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