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  1. Good afternoon (using google translate) Previously, we had 6 buff melody, so NCsoft on its own modified, and joined two melody in one, ie, it was precisely the melody that increases atack speed and casting speed, before, each gave a certain percentage and merging the two, the percentage were also unified, creating an equivalent percentage. The problem is precisely this, NCsoft makes the changes and does not seek to reflect on this. Previously, before turning GOD, we had many buff, each buff had a function only, so the abilities to cancel buff from the mages and some other class, even made sense. But today, it does not make sense anymore, because, all those buff, have been redirected and turned into 6, each buff, or each skill does more than one function, that is, improves the character in various aspects. So, I see no further sense to exist buff cancel abilities, you see, Feoh is one of the direct damage class that causes one of the highest damage of the game, it's a class that has been improved with aura that absorbs 95% is a class that has FEAR, SLEEP, STUN, ability to keep the enemy suspended in the air, while Feoh hits, ability to teleport and remove target, and with this aura that absorbs 95% combined with various items that the game has been creating , and thus giving even more advantages to the class with high damage, to the detriment of class that does not damage any or low. I think it's time to remove the buff skills from the game, because today everything got squeezed, it's just 4 melody buff, and every time the Feoh, Iss and the Lancer Tyrr of the cancel, always eliminate the buff that increases atack speed and casting speed, removing these buff, the player is weakened, as the casting will also fall to invoke the...And worse, I do not see NCsoft creating items that increases defense against buff canceling abilities, the same Sigel, before this change, one of his UD gave protection, no longer exists. NCsoft needs to revise this ability, or at least weaken it, or cause it to disable the enemy buff for a few seconds, today, the amount of buff is too small, and that in the Olympics counts for a lot.
  2. How to attract novice players if NCsoft was unable to combat users using banned programs? And that today, these users have simply become the bosses of the servers they are, have they created their powerful clans? In the same Freya, you realize that most heroes simply do not chat in hero chat, that's why, they're chars set up to just pick up the statu of hero, and this, no one can deny. Because it can attract new players if Ncsoft creates so many items that it destroys every argument of the player's ability, the items today is who commands the games. Player wants to: 1 - To be able to create its clan and its alliance and to be able to dispute castle siege, but this was destroyed when the dominant clan of the Freya for example, owns all the castles, as it animates the town? There is no way, you arrive on Sunday, and you no longer have that good feeling, waiting to count the minutes to invade a castle and make a beautiful Siege, because the ruling clan owns everything, install their clan support to catch all that the castle produces. 2 - You go to the COC and have no chance with anyone, because there is always a Hero there, using his equipment and everything, which he could not even with effort. 3 - Formerly the ads was: Looking for player for clan, for PVP / PVE, and that's it, but that changed, now only looking for PVE player, that's a shame, Lineage 2 PVP is praised. 4 - How to cheer up with a game, where the ruling clan virtually dominates every Big Boss, and so they decide the price of items, expensive jewels, expensive weapons, expensive everything. You're going to kill mobs to shoot, and drops 1 adena, that's in lvl 99 area, ridiculous that. Formerly you killed Boss and drop weapons, drop items, this does not happen. Summarizing everything, NCsoft itself is guilty, does not create rules, does not investigate castles, does not prohibit the use of certain intenses in the Olympics or COC, does not seek to make the game attractive. They want to fill up the game store for items to sell, but forget that this makes the stronger ones even stronger. Therefore, I think that all Big Boss, like dragons, should all become Instances, for everyone to have the right to kill the Boss, to have access to the jewels and so on. To inspect or find a way to prevent a clan like Max from owning all the castles in the game, for example. Although they deny it.
  3. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    God, did they balance the class? Wrong, they made the Feoh gods, making them extremely superior in everything, with that skill that is always activated that absorbs 95% damage, Sigel Knight were great for PVE, but are weak for PVP, even more that his skills mostly limits him , can not use certain skills when it activates some, making the annoying char to control, because it is full of can not, can not do that. Summoner is not weak, he is a DD made for 1 verse 1 and ready, it is not to withstand several attacks at once. Summoner easily throws Sigel, throws Iss easily, he only has difficulty with DD that have a lot of skill in efficient area damage like the Archer for example. Because the Mark are absurd, and the Tyrr Warrior, not all are bad, there are some that stand out.
  4. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    I think summoner is too appealing ... A class that invokes animals with extra abilities, NCsoft needs to know how to balance things. Well, the Summoner only takes advantage of Feoh, Othel and Archer, Feoh and Archer because they have damage in very freaky areas, and Othel, due to their ability to release very much Half Kill, but in view of other classes that give low damage or medians, Summoner takes a tremendous advantage, not to mention that it is a class that attacks one at a time. If a Summoner uses items that decreases demage, and critical demage, and by having ability to deal damage with the pet, it becomes a strong class, not to mention that ability to reflect damage, does not affect summoner, since it is a class that deals with debuff.
  5. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    Summoner and Tyrrs weak? Where these classes are weak, of course, they are not at odds against a certain class for example. But, use as an argument that in the Olympics are seen more Sigel / Feoh / Iss / Archer / Othel and Eviscerator? Depends, Eviscerator is a class that belongs to the universe of Tyrr Warrior for example. Feoh today is the class to beat, after he has gained a skill that is active all the time, where he consumes only mana and absorbs 95% of the damage. Wynn Summoner is a class that deals damage, a class that invokes two strong animals, which these animals have distinct abilities, has a skill that leaves them immune to damage for a few seconds, is a class full of interesting abilities. Wynn Summoner loses more to class than possess many skills of area, like Archer and Feoh for example. The guy there complains that Summoner only has the markings, as if this ability were weak, it's a very powerful ability, and they disappear, where do they go? Even Sigel Knight who still have cubes to remove debuff, is not able to remove Mark easily, these Mark have low reuse, do a huge damage, I have seen a recent Summoner hit 4 Mark followed in an enemy, and burned all CP and half of HP's face. It's a class that basically fights through debuff. For example, only class facing the Wynn Summoner is high damage class, because low damage class like Sigel, Iss and with moderate damage like Healer that can heal, and even the Tyrr Warrior, would have difficulty gaining from a Summoner, however, if you increase the physical defense of the Wynn Summoner and your M. Defense, you can increase his resistance to class with high damage, and increase their disparity against class with low damage... Remembering that Feoh was modified, he gained this alteration in his skill, just so that Feoh could withstand the damage of Othel and Archer, class with high damage, and in doing so, other classes like Sigel, Iss, Healer, Tyrr and even Summoner, they stayed behind against Feoh, so NCsoft has to know how to balance.
  6. As we all know, before the upgrade, we had 6 buff races called melody. Well, after this update, NCsoft with its intelligence merged two melody making only one, then of 6 passed to 4 buff tune. Well, I've noticed that NCsoft, and its creators seem like when it creates something, a skill for some character or class, it seems they do not test, or they analyze how that will work over time. Well, I'm talking about the ability to remove buff, the skills that cancel buff. Let's face it, it's a very damaging skill to the game. I do not know if NCsoft tests them on mass pvp, or with the fully loaded buff face. However, this ability becomes very strong inside the Olympics, where, we get 4 melody and a harminia, in all, 5 buff. Ncsoft urgently needs to re-evaluate many skills of many class, already come tank lose fight in the Olympics because the Tyrr Dreadnought simply used his skill called Dreadful Roar that cancels a buff per attack. A perfect skill for a mass fight, but for PVP it's an incredibly appealing ability. In the skill description, he says he cancels one buff at a time, but does not say he has a chance, but he cancels it and that's it. This time NCSoft review a lot. For if it merges the buff like that, to be able to make things more organized, it needs to review the skills of these class, like Tyrr Dreadnought, Feohs, Iss, class that have buff remove skill. Well, whether you like it or not, it's a very strong skill, which needs to be reviewed. Also I know, that the game always had this ability, before the GOD, the magicians soceres and spellsinger had, but, the skill failed too, mainly because there were buff that gave some protection to cancel atack. And in this update, there is nothing, there is no buff that protects against cancel, nothing, any skill, and even then, NCsoft made a point of making 6 buff in 4, giving even more chance for these classes to get along.If we look at the passive skills of all classes, we have natural protection for: Hold, Sleep, Paralysis, Mental Attack, Poison, Bleed and Stun, interesting, but we do not have natural pretection to not be knocked over and lie down while the debuff is there , we have no protection from being lifted, which is a Feoh ability, and we have no protection for CANCEL. In my opinion, no skill should be 100%, and the CANCEL, at least Dreadnought is 100% and his stun is also 100%, and he is alone in it. Then it's time for NCsoft to review the passive skills and add more natural protection, against cancel, against throwing skill and so on. Well, you can not create a game, depending on the item, and even if it depends on the item, there is no boss jewelery, or an item that protects against canceling, even the Tank protection of faith skill that had protection for example in this update , lost, got protection to stun and hold, seriously that the Hold is so more appealing than cancel NCsoft, it can be, for a castle siege, siege of the dimensional, or a pvp 7 vs 7, but for Olympics , is not so advantageous so, let's face it. Then review the cancel, because all classes that have this ability to cancel, already has many advantages, Feoh already of the absurd damage and has ability to absorb 95% of the damage, which left them superior even to the archers and dagger, the Tyrr Dreadnough in addition to P. high, HP high, 100% stun, Iss does not run out of buff ever, it is the buff itself ... Must review, increase mana consumption, or remove this ability, or decrease its effectiveness, increase your delay, I do not know, review this, because in the Olympics, this skill is extraordinarily appealing.