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  1. well sure there is lag attack speed kinda fixed.... but still there is delay to movements... and when you press a skill to do so... there is delay.. well.... i wanna congratz all developent team for still having a game up from 2011? dunno when started.. i joined 2014 /mybirthday then i did 2 years break then started for real did some breaks 2 3 months... still playing the game.. nothink better to do i ilike lineage 2 ... well i kinda dont like the auto macro feaure but i use it... i dont like the new feuture legit bot system? you know when i mean... i prefer to heave healthy game w
  2. just delete this event... its getting annoing to most of us! i guess they have cameras inside this instance and records every bsoe or deaths for the developers to watch and laugh of us it will be a funny event someone said.... no offence to Juji your doing amazing work thanks for your support, but overall we are not happy most of us with this event...
  3. wynn 103 lvl playing over 3 years with some small payment ncoins to sell stuff to get adena to buy some gear... i cant afford bloody weapons +6 or bloody armor +10 wtf this is NOT an instance for 100 lvl normal players... thats the best i can do.... https://imgur.com/a/kKKW2UY
  4. what about fishing baits....? now it seems harder to catch powerfull fish or its just me? if it profitable now days ""fishing"" or not? i buy some baits with 160kk and made back only 90 powerfull fish +quest reward
  5. looking good i hope i will be lucky to get an antharas weapon lel
  6. cant wait for the merge so items gets more low prices... + more activity i hope i hope the merge will come soon, and see more activity also the event is nice but the best event i saw so far was carrots
  7. it will be nice to merge servers hard to find healers to do stuff so a merge should help .... Or at least give some kind of adena or permenant gear to players and omg this drop rate of items really sucks k95 party me wynn 101lvl with my iss 100 lvl 0 drop items !!! 3 times come on !!!! after that change with the modify scrools.... all instances are bleeped up even fortuna..... all 0 drop rate well it feels bad
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