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  1. He means if in 1 hour you make 300.000 adena,you have to multiply the quantity for 0.7.
  2. I forgot some people can't be reasoned with. I don't like being treated like a clown but if you do...hey,props,at least you're enjoying the game. Btw to watch football you're paying for a TV service,right? What if when you wanted to watch a match the service was down or they had problems screwing you over? Wouldn't you be mad? Are you just gonna get over it or move on? Do you even know what constructive criticism is?
  3. Of course,you aren't botting/buying adena and you aren't a no-lifer. If you aren't any of those things,why would you keep playing a game designed to be a wallet-battle(these servers at least)?
  4. Destructive criticism doesn't change things,this is crying. Constructive criticism changes things,which these posts are. This is not crying,this is wanting to change something horrendous to something playable for people who can't give their lives to the game or who want to play legit,honestly. People like you calling these guys crybabies I can only imagine what you're doing... is it bot or rmt? Maybe no-lifer? Which one?
  5. Game is a circus and the admins are treating us like its clowns.
  6. NcSoft is a Korean company,they never cared about the West and never will. NcWest is the team "managing" these servers,even though they always need permission from Korea to do any changes. What a joke of a company!
  7. This is how they want it to be. It won't change. Either get used to it or leave
  8. They don't care guys. NcSoft doesn't care about the West. NcWest team can't do anything without Korea's permission,and if you know how Koreans handle their own servers you can pretty much guess how this is going to end... OH YEEE BABY P2W INCOMING ! And ofc,Bots will just keep growing. ENJOY!
  9. This server is a circus and you're one of the clowns defending it!
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