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  1. Nope, I know at least eight people who have used 30+ stabilized enchants and didn't gain a single level. I believe the correct statement is those players who got between +2 -- +4 are extremely lucky.
  2. @seth1 I had the same problem on two computers. The first computer, I had to keep deleting and repairing until it fixed itself. The second I sent myself the file because I wasn't going to waste 30 mins again. Also, I found out if the file was deleted you could still run the game.
  3. @Rollie That is not for classic but the regular server.
  4. @HimeSo I don't understand the server went down for maintenance and should have no illegitimate traffic, correct? How could I not log in directly after they come up? This is crazy.
  5. @outlaw When you buy SS from the L2 Store it's called mysterious soulshots. It has a weight of 0 no bonus damage same as regular soulshot https://ibb.co/GkfqjMG https://ibb.co/GkfqjMG
  6. @Hime As others mentioned we appreciate any information you all can give. The question I have is I've only been able to login 1 day in a week. I have a rune, fishing pole, VIP Status wasting away. What your saying is this might not be fixed tomorrow and I could continue to have issues logging in? The answer is to give us an angel cat blessing(s) that lasts 1 hr (30% exp vs my rune 50%)? What if I can't login to receive my angel cat blessing(s)? The final answer is to contact customer support?
  7. @Nicod3musYeah, that same guy was one of the first to get +10 tarbar, too. I'd someone knows something and they are enchanting things like crazy
  8. @LukstasYou mean like everyone rolling a Necro or WL right now? Perma range stun and gloom cdl
  9. See pictures for weapons. D-grade Weapon Exchange C-grade Weapon Exchange
  10. @outlaw Yes, it is, but you can only have one of the three dances up at once
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