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  1. cloaks are on chronos & xfer would be dependent on which cloak, rather they were bought on chronos ofc. PM me for details on forums or ingame on chronos
  2. Fooz

    WTS +15 / +18 cloaks

    bump -- price changed
  3. any type.. (random augments) PM for details Also selling +18 PvP Cloak
  4. New prices: 160b Ferios +18 160b Pve + 18 Ferios / Aden / PVE +15 = 52-60b obo mail / PM Fooz iSmurf or Eyess ingame for details. also selling +18 PvP Cloak
  5. many people don't realize thisl (they reserve the right to own your itens anytime they want)
  6. Fooz

    7v7 ~ Nova & MS

    i was thinking the same thing jajaja
  7. /care he need to rent a new toon, none left like TheRedRaven jajaja
  8. try harder next time fragile, rethink your life goals LOL.
  9. anything in inventory can go poof smart guy you spend more time with mouth open & swiping than actually playing the game, doubt you'd know much random butthurt kid
  10. welcome to l2 code errors, AHAHAHAAH "HE BROKE IT, " HE BROKE IT" so precious
  11. zureil opened his mouth, got denied then went afk from protecting his clam to write qq tickets to nc #confirmed
  12. Fooz

    7v7 ~ Nova & MS

    (No dragon weps / No brooch BR/ hero UD) brought to you by MOLOKO Productions @Dustpag https://www.youtube.com/user/fafius
  13. Truffle (emo fluffybutters) & Rown (Most useless afk dragon wep) left chronos bc he lost his 101/105 raid farm. Last ditch effort to try and to fail to take field raids from max. AJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Is this real life ?
  14. despite 14+ ms, another gainak won for nova as usual. jaja
  15. never going to happen. lol l2 is a game you grind and get rewarded with xp. not loot
  16. lol silly j0nsnow how is the minivan?
  17. truffle doing what he does best, kiting by trees while his pt deadz x]
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