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  1. I think marathon with patience with bots everywhere ? hard farm books with non-stop ON bots for example at Ivory crater ?
  2. From dungeon is a chance for Spellbook chest - i get from it DW but spent also many many hours at Ivory crater.
  3. I am just trying find some way to make less bots on server. And want hear more ideas ...
  4. Also i wrote can be 1 window free - if u want more windows, u have to buy VIP (Premium Account) I know about Innova. But i am talking about new one from NCsoft. RU version with Azbuka? No thanks.
  5. Or maybe 1 free window and other must pay if from same PC
  6. Hello all I would like to ask comunnity if u think that if we will pay monthly (like on old official servers) can help againts bots? This situation on server with so huge amounts of bots is crazy and lot of people loosing patience and start leaving server.
  7. Hello all, its there any pool about pay monthly? (if not pay, u can not play) maybe can help little bit from bots... or maybe start new server with monthly pay ... i am for sure for it and buy very good antibot system from this money if possible - some server on Adr... forum not supported? gl and hf and lot of patience with bots
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